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  1. I think you're supposed to clean your fish before you roll them in bread crumbs......
  2. You're probably right. Had some organza ribbon hanging around the house and saw this YouTube tutorial....and... and. couldn't help myself. Bet they'd work well for shad more than Stripers. I'll give'm a go some night and if no luck save them for a river in South County RI that's a great place for shad and see what happens. You coming to the Cape again this year ? If so hope to catch up at the usual haunts. HT
  3. Yep, the Amazon truck has been stopping by almost daily. New sunscreen, wool socks, cap, fly line, etc, etc. All last minute and I've only had a year to prepare I'm bringing along my camera this year as well. With all the TH'rs we'll have this year I need to video chronicle everyone's casting style and then we can do a documentary .....
  4. Thx everyone for their input(s). I ended up ordering a SA Deep Water Express, 550 grain, to try this spring. Hopefully to be delivered before my vacation ! HT
  5. A little shrimp cocktail... possibly too bright but experimenting.......... HT
  6. Tuna, this is sadistic......you know you're giving me a big time inferiority complex don't you .
  7. Funny, I had completely forgotten the way they used to list phone numbers back in the day. Our local exchange was "castel" CA x-xxxx HT
  8. Thanks. Two things. The weight of the head/articulated portion of the fly and the rattle on the body as well. There's a small yet similar rattle in the head as I've been making my own rattles with very thin walled stainless tubing, which are actually lighter in weight than the large 5mm pyrex commercial rattles but are "crush" proof. The articulated portion is affixed using twisted mono which is very flexible, stays pretty straight and is easy to align with the hook as I can slip it onto the hook by splitting the twist with the hook point. Used this same method to affix the eyes using 5 minute epoxy. HT
  9. Trying my hand at a few squid flies for Cape Cod in a couple of weeks. Articulated head and double rattles, (1x in the head, 1x on the hook shank), on a 5/0, hook "skyward" configuration.
  10. Thanks Esa, you mention that the knot ended up being stronger than the tippet ring ? Assuming a 3mm Tippet ring? What pound test leader material ? One of the reasons I asked is I'm thinking of at least trying a two fly rig for this springs Striper fishing and I'm working on making my own tippet rings, not conventional in geometry, to easily add and remove a dropper setup when I want to experiment. Just finished laser cutting some samples and need to finish them up to try in a couple of weeks. Curious who else might be using droppers with tippet rings instead of tag ends. HT
  11. Betty, nice build! best of luck with it. re: two fly rig. ever try using tippet rings for this type of setup? I would thing they would allow a little more flexibility to add or discard the extra fly without having to tie in a new material to replace the ever depleting tag end of your setup. HT
  12. Woooohoo... C.Regailis Returns after a 4 yr hiatus !!! Nice to have you back! You tie those Squid-cicles in your profile pic ? HT
  13. Mike, Happy to help with the ceiling if you can find me a way to get to Birmingham HT PS: BTW, based on the customs number your rod fixture is heading across the Atlantic as of 21:24 last night (Flight depart United Kingdom London), let me know when it arrives.
  14. Bob, I'm in, as long as you bring the donuts and hot coffee, cinnamon rolls preferred