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  1. Dan, Question, when you get a large Striper and hook up deep into a fly of this size. What's the chance of catching something like a 9 1/2" long fly with two hooks and you end up hooking a Striper where the bottom/end hook ends up really deep into the Striper. Especially if you use barbed hooks where the change of damaging a Striper is a real concern ? HT
  2. Drew C. You don't have to tell me how short it is, trust me. The wife and I love the center of the Cape. If you and the wife what a great place to eat try the Del Mar Bar & Bistro in Chatham. HT
  3. Curious as I just purchased a set of 2/0 Ahrex PR 378 hooks at the Bear's Den. I understand that Ted has questions about how well they stand up and he sent back his orders after looking at them but I'd like to know if someone has actually purchased, tied, and hooked decent sized fish for themselves without them just "thinking" they might not work well ?? I'm really curious to hear actually Stripers setting and hooking on a decent size fish ? I would think that Stripers just south of the Cape would have seen decent sized Stripers by now. Willing to share on a Striper using these hooks ?? There's been a lot of video action going on, especially for Gunnar, though I suspect his videos may have some impact due to him possibly getting cash sales and helping to them design his hook and flies. Though they do seem a little on the light side for there size I love the potential design of the flies. The Ahrex hook sharp edge is considerably higher above the eye height, though not similar to the OMTD hook Ted is pushing. Also love the straight length for allowing the use of more dubbing fly wing and also the straight edge of the hook which allows you to make a rattles very easily. The only thing I see as an issue for the design of rattles is using the rattles made out of glass for these small rattles. Back a couple of years ago I made them out of stainless but didn't get a chance to use them and became ill. I made up some new stainless ones made just to fit the right size for Ahrex flies and plan on flying up to give them a chance this summer. New size will now be smaller for the Ahrex 2/0 Anyway, I'm anxious to hear more about this style of hooks. HT
  4. Hell I should have know better. Having just died in this late January and now with a quick comeback I would have figured that out by now Wicked, but then again the Aphasia problem is still aways away from help and it takes about a year of work so I'm more than a half of year left to go. What the hell, at least I can communicate a little bit and have a little fun with it while I listen to these crazy forums. Hell some of them are typed worse than my own forums now a-days even with half of my brain. Jeff, do you still contact monthlys with the Rhody Fly Rodders ? Having been ill a bit I haven't been to a group in close to two years. Hope they still have a good group out there. HT
  5. Think Jeff is talking about the north middle side of Cape Cod. Lots of sand and a good place for a bright-er fly. HT
  6. Recently a friend and I had a PM regarding synthetic material and making up different samples for blending material with multiple colors. There are so many ways of doing these types of material and I love watching videos by Gunnar Brammer though to be honest I have a lot of different ideas for creating flies and I don't use his specifics designs but I just love to watch all his YouTubes. Made up a simple sample for showing how wig synthetics are done by me. You may like doing this or not but for me it works just fine. 1) Three types of wig samples. For these I leave smooth and do not crimp the wig like some I did from the previous post. 2) Based on what I want to end up with I try to preset the each amount based on the colors. 3) When pulling out hair I try to pull as little hair as I can. I put down a piece of wax kitchen paper or a piece of parchment paper on my table. 4) I make a length of about 12" of hair and don't worry about trying to keep all the same lengths. The pieces you cut off overall end up being a very nice piece of hair with a length that looks quite natural. I've found that pushing down on my sheet of hair and paper tightly against the edge of Plastering Knife works quite well. I cut down at the middle of the hair (~6" long) 5) With the plaster knife held in place I then use adhesive liquid (Tear Mender) down a small amount along the knife edge. Wait about a minute, push done another lot of hair to keep from pulling up when I remove the knife and then move the knife over just a little further on the middle and do the same thing a second time. (first application) 6) Tear Mender is a great use as it is easy to pull off with your hands when still partly wet and not get it stick all over you skin. Estimate about 10 minutes. Once it starts to harden up you can start trying to roll your sheet of with your fingers. Roll it up and you can feel when it starts to setup. Paper doesn't stick to wax paper. Push them with rolling your fingers until you get them as tight as you can and then leave it set overnight. 7) After that you can cut it in half for two finished wig hairs ready for flying. 8) Finished result. HT
  7. Don't worry...if I can figure it out like this one im sure you'll just ace it
  8. Curious for anyone that has already caught Albies/Stripers using Albie Whores I get the impression that these types of flies don't stand up particularly well considering them easily falling apart for the amount of work to tie them up? At least what I've heard from others in the past. HT
  9. This is an option that you can get from Bear's Den, Taunton MA
  10. I only wish I had "Too Much Time" on myself Oakie, could use a nice cranky, cantankerous, and disagreeable forum generated by you to make me feel much better. Of course a Lagunitas out with you would go so much better as well. Don't think I've had one for close to a year now. Not sure I'm going to be ready by early June .........................................
  11. duplicate
  12. So as a similar reference for the use of a UV resins / epoxys machine, me being the wacky person I am, tried something different and I made my UV battery flashlight to a heavy UV fly holder. I know It's corny and wasn't going to show it but what the hell you can laugh anyway . Ends up with plenty of UV light to make them cure up in very short time. HT
  13. Looks great to me..... Great start ! HT
  14. Puppet, Lots of options for cheap money. HT