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  1. +1 Mike. I'm old and I know I benefit with a good stretching out on occasion as well
  2. +2, Can't listen since Kirk he joined the morning team. Not a great fan of Callahan but Kirk was unbearable. Many mornings on the way to work I'd try to tune it but couldn't make it past the five minute mark. Toucher & Rich are like a couple of prepubescent teenage boys seemingly laughing at what amounts to fart jokes all the time. Sickening. Morning commutes now have me listening to jazz on XM radio. I'm much more relaxed when I get to work. HT (Anyone for bringing back John Denis ?)
  3. I think their database is out of index (screwed up). If you look at the home landing page they list the last 5 comments to be listed, which are all in November. When you select "view all" you can't find anything newer than 10/18. Someone should tell them something's not right...... or maybe they want it that way? HT
  4. Wanted to respond but I can't access the site.... just get a "Loading" message over and over ? Try again later.
  5. As usual, wife had to tell me as I never remember HT
  6. Brett, The Serum Tip System works well but personally I haven't had the best of luck with the quality of the Serum. I've used my line only 2 years, maybe a total of 3 weeks per year and I've had issues with loops coming apart or the shrink tube overlay on the loops becoming frayed as well as cracking right to the core on my intermediate tip, which I fish most frequently. Another in our TH group also purchased a Serum this year and is now having issues with his loops as well. I'd look into their warranty prior to purchasing. Personally I wouldn't recommend this line though it is a nice casting line. HT
  7. Brian, At our place of work we purchase all kinds of metals. Some have had significant tariffs of late. Recently I received a quote for an alloy that I also had just quoted prior to the tariffs being put in place and the pricing was outrageously higher than my previous quote request. I called the supplier to inquire as I know that what I was quoting was produced by a domestic manufacturer. He laughed and said the domestic suppliers aren't stupid and have begun raising their prices to bring them just a little shy of what a tariff material would be. Insuring they get the business but also gleaning plenty of extra profit to boot. That all gets passed on to the consumer. HT
  8. Thanks for clarifying. Seeing the second photo I made an incorrect assumption. Can I ask what knot you use? and rather than use glue have you tried bonding together with shrink tubing and a heat gun ? HT
  9. Hello Flysully, Hope you both are doing well !! Not sure what dragon tails are made from but you might want to consider some of the ethnic (RastAfri) synthetic hair options. For the cheap price I'm probably going to purchase some of the following to play around with. If I do I'd be happy to send some along as it appears there's more than enough for many many flies. HT Marley Braid Dread Braid
  10. Esa, The inherent strength in any fly line is the braided (or mono) fly line core. I would think you would want to find a way to bond/tie the cores together first as it appears you are relying on the thread overlaps for a small portion of the "frey" on either end of the bond to provide you with holding power. I'd be curious if you made this splice 10 times and tested them where would the failure occur ? It may work for you but I couldn't be comfortable with that type of splice. HT
  11. Umpqua U-Series U504 Fly Tying Hooks
  12. Thanks didn't realize that and good to know. Wondering if filling the tunnel with a polyurethane product (liquidfusion) might be an option?
  13. Jabster. Why is the heat a problem I am other than your issue with fly foils? What happens to the foils as I haven't had an issue with the Tufflye UV epoxy and foils. Not really a lot of heat generated. HT