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  1. Not mentioned, and I'm far from an authority when it comes from fishing large flies, but how does your large flies "swim" in the water column? I personally have tied large flies on too small a hook and they just don't keel correctly when being stripped or in faster current. If they're turning sideways and not tracking they might not look natural.....a little lead wrapped around the hook bend might help to keep them keeled properly. HT
  2. Tim, I wouldn't wait... the obits are full of guys who wait. Go for a new lease on life. Don't let the typical male ego cloud the realities. I had quadruple bypass back in 2015 and still going strong. Like you found a problem before I had an "incident". Thank God my GP noticed something amiss. I've had plenty of surgeries and my knee and ankle surgery were no worse than the bypass....possibly no brain no pain but it wasn't bad at all. More discomfort from lying in the crappy hospital bed and bowel back up from the Oxy than the surgery itself. I refused the Oxy after a couple of days and only took Tylenol . Look into Boston Medical. Can't speak of them highly enough. Best hospital experience I've had. Don't wait. I had Dr Howard Laszar. Nurses couldn't say enough good things about him. https://www.bumc.bu.edu/cardiovascular-medicine/areas-of-expertise/cardiac-surgery/ Best wishes for a healthy outcome! HT
  3. Hello B. My son finally got a chance to go for cut throats in your neighborhood by hiring a guide for a day. Had great fishing until the seals showed up. He photo'd what was left of the flies he had the best luck with... didn't remember the name as the guide gave them to him. early on in the day. Can you ID these ? HT
  4. Peter, drom your post a few years ago....Warren Marshall, hell of a nice guy. Posted info 2018
  5. Tear Mender is great for some things and so-so for others. A nice "rubbery" adhesive that dries quickly, actually almost too quickly for my liking as working time is pretty limited. Tear Mender is my go to for prepping bulk materials that I purchase from the hair product manufacturers. Too often they come packaged in large bulk with just elastic bands and the next thing you know you have fibers, loose hairs, strands everywhere. I breakdown bunches of wig hair, tinsel, etc into workable handy bunches and cinch with a cable tie and then I saturate the end to hold it all together with Tear Mender. Cable ties can then be removed if preferred. Holds these bunches together nicely as I snip what I need when tying. Tear Mender darkens after a short while (per the following photo). If you are looking for a clear solution Tear Mender is not the best option. HT
  6. Covered last August. Refer to this SOL Post.
  7. SCORE!!!!!!
  8. Kinda like a Deceiver but with a custom brush..... much yet to learn. ~ 7" long on a 4/0 Long Shank Mustad. HT
  9. Trying to get back into fooling with custom brushes. This one a little too dense but good enough not to toss in the basket and will give it a try. May have to keel weight it a bit. ~ 7" Long. 4/0 Long shank Mustad & wig hair. HT
  10. Only time I've seen the loop on both ends is when it has been connected to a micro swivel. Other than that I find it confusing as well. HT
  11. Is Part 1 on line anywhere ?
  12. No hood...the worst discoloration is over the oven not near the cooktop as the cooktop is separate and on an island in the middle of the kitchen. Think the stains are from broiling. "The normal practice is to leave the oven door slightly ajar. This allows heat to escape and forces the broil element to stay on, rather than cycling off and on." Thus the stained ceiling.
  13. Thanks all, TSP, don't know about it but will surely get some education! Non water based stain cover, will do. Heard of both brands before Home Depot tomorrow. HT
  14. DIY / Homemade
  15. 2nd attempt with tubes... making some positive progress. HT