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  1. Mike your lack of sleep is showing
  2. I see the argument on both sides.... no easy solution. But there has to be a balance somewhere but then again look at everything going on in this country these days.. no balance, no common sense, no resolutions. Spoke with a shell fisherman last spring while fishing Pleasant Bay. They're extremely concerned with the amount of seal excrement being deposited in the bay with the increasing seal population and the real threat of bacterial contamination of the shellfish beds and the impact it will have on that entire industry on the outer Cape. HT
  3. Damn that looks good. Stuffed tomatoes? What with ? Mussels look great too. You've got me drooling. Another of Dave's creations ? HT
  4. I think the site is still there.... there are blog posts under different categories. I've enjoyed some of his tying blog posts in particular on tying a squid fly. If you can remember what you were looking for try Boolean Google search "feathersandfluoro + " " topic searching for " as that's how I found the post on the squid fly. HT
  5. Sorry to hear Mike. Was hoping to get down while you're there but things aren't favorable at work either Hope you avoid any of the nasty weather. HT
  6. Red, Hear ya.... to be honest I never stretched it as they suggest and didn't have an issue. If by chance we meet up again this spring at the Cape I'll have a reel loaded with it and you can give it a whirl if you'd like. HT
  7. So I haven't tied a crease since those earlier in the thread but about 3 months ago I purchased a can of Flexseal Clear (quart can) with the intention of using it for coating crease flies. At the time I figured I'd store it in glass bottles rather than the can as once you open the can you can kiss the remainder goodbye if you don't use it in a reasonable amount of time. Seeing I occasionally like to imbibe in a Scotch and soda or gin and tonic I save a few of the glass bottles for the task. Bottle are air tight (for carbonation) and fairly thick. One quart of Flexseal filled 3 bottles nicely. They've been sitting in a closet all this time an finally took them out to test coat some foam. Made a couple of quick bodies and stuck them on a tooth pick to hold on my rotating drying wheel and coated last night. They tacked up nicely after about 4 hours and I was able to turn the wheel off to let sit overnight to cure. First impression is positive. Dries clear and glossy. A thin layer does add significant protection as with the un-coated foam I can scratch with minimal force with a finger nail and upset/tear the foam surface. Same test on the Flexseal bodies showed no sign of penetration. I tried to pick at the edges with my nail to separate the coating from the foam and no-go. Twisted the coated bodies a full 90° with no separation from the foam and no wrinkling of the coating. Going to add a second coat tonight to see how a second coat adheres to an undercoat, though thinking it might not be necessary. Of course catching fish will be the real test. Hopefully sometime during this fall run. HT
  8. OPST Lazar " Line. Photo: Kyle Shea. When it comes to skagit casting, we’ve long been fans of mono running lines, particularly when fishing light weight spey or switch rods. Nowadays there are a bunch of different options out there, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. However, a couple weeks ago we were joined by the OPST crew here at Alaska West. We had a chance to fish their new Lazar Line running line, and it’s pretty awesome. We were really impressed by it and here’s why.. It boosts. It’s called the Lazar Line for a reason. Due to a flatter cross section than most running lines, this stuff shoots far, really far, No memory. Unlike most mono running lines out there, the Lazar Line has virtually no memory. Simply spool it on, give it a good stretch before fishing it for the first time, and voila! No more coils. It comes in good sizes. Unlike most ‘spey specific’ running lines, the Lazar Line comes in more than your typical 20 and 30 lb. tests. Instead, it is available in 25, 30, 35, 40, and 50 lb. tests, allowing you to get the most out of your running line, which we think is pretty cool. It knots really well. No more big ugly loop knots. If tightened correctly, the Lazar Line actually ties extremely slim, but strong knots. See it for yourself from the Skagit Master himself. We really like the Lazar Line and would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers a mono running line on their spey or switch rod. For more information on the Lazar Line, or other cool products, check out OPST’s website. "
  9. Red, re: Running Line. Might want to look into the OPST Lazer Line. It gets great reviews. Mono cored. Purchased one to try on my TH and I like it for it's ability to shoot. Handling is not bad but different from some of the other runners the RIO Ridge running. Might be just what you are looking for. re: Basket: As with changing conditions and selection of line, flies, rods, think about changing your stripping basket as well. You like to build things so build a bigger deeper basket, or as they say across the pond, Line Tray. DIY is easy with an off the shelf wash basin. They typically come in two sizes, the smaller at 11 quarts and then a larger 18 quart version. I built the 18 quart for those off days when it's really howling. Haven't used it much but there when I want/need it. HT 18 quart / 11 quart / Cherry picking basket.
  10. Mike, I'm more intrigued by the fact that your posting at close to 3 AM in the morning HT
  11. Chris, Back in the day I used to put in in East Falmouth, what I believe was then Edward's Boat Yard, now Bosun's Boat Yard. The street adjacent to the boat yard has a ramp at the end I believed was marked as a public put-in but I may be wrong. This is the north end of Eel Pond / Waqoit Bay. HT
  12. 6061-T6 I'm assuming. Tensile in the Machiney Handbook if i wanted to , I wanted to take myself back to my roots and was nostalgic for ye old blacksmith shoppe and broke out the tools of my great great granddad. Back when men were men (and women, women), and the ocean was filled with fish and not plastic bags and straws. Those were the days.........
  13. Me as well. Fixed mine. Head over to Home Depot and purchase a piece of black pipe or a plumbing nipple about the same diameter. Tape it to the pipe tightly with electricians tape and only leave the damaged end exposed. With a soft faced hammer (mallet) made of leather or hard urethane you can easily work it back into position close to it original position without denting it, plenty good enough to put back on your rod. HT
  14. I believe they are close to the same thing. Water based Urethane adhesive. Just add a little water at a time and shake. Adjust to the viscosity that your liking. That's what I do. HT
  15. If you're looking for a dense bucktail fly why not try a "high-tie" style fly. More bucktail but with small bunches. HT