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  1. Squimpish hair has a fur like craft fur thats pretty long. Check out their website. HT
  2. Hey Steve, Nice to hear that you're getting along and you appear to be staying positive throughout all this. Here's hoping you get a chance to get out with Peter and doing a little Striper fishing this season. The flies you sent me have prompted me to start tying up a bunch of Pink Wonders (just got a new batch of hot pink material). Hopefully for use in the near future. My spring pilgrimage to the Cape had to be cancelled but hopefully I'll get there before the doldrums of summer set in. Take care, HT
  3. Hey Fly I didn't think you were calling me out and you were just having a little fun. I've had a lot of bad chit go down on my family of late and even if you were to call me out I don't think it would bother me one way or another. Life's way to short. HT That you dunking ? I've dreamed of it when I used to play but I found it a win if I could just touch the net some days
  4. One out of two ain't bad, I'm wearing a mask.
  5. Ha, I'll bring my troll you bring yours Sure, call out away, that's what make America America !!
  6. Give him a break. He shares plenty and who says we / he should share everything? Sometimes it's nice to hold some things close to the vest to protect your supply for the future or that which might give you a competitive advantage. After all he's a captain and earns his living doing this stuff. I appreciate when he does offer to share and run with what I can get. Up to us to innovate the rest on our own. HT
  7. Cleaning my den tonight and came across a letter and some sample flies given to me by Steve Schullery who posted here quite often. Steve loved to promote the color pink for Striper flies and gave me the flies in the photo. The Pink Wonder. Checked his profile and he hasn't been on the board since January. Anyone have contact with Steve ? or know how he's doing. I know he had some health issues and just hoping he's okay. HT
  8. According to our local tv station (MA) April was the most windy month on record since they started keepimg that type of data....brutal.
  9. Tim, Agree with Al Goldberg. Don't wait. This week was the 5 year anniversary of my bypass surgery. Had it at 62. I had no symptoms at all. Routine physical had the Dr. questioning things sounding a little different. Sent to the cardiologist and he wasn't sure so he did an echo. Still not sure but maybe saw something so then a stress test echo. Something amiss so sent me to Boston for contrast angiography (contrast w/dye). Woke up and they said good news no stent but bad news I couldn't leave the hospital as I had one artery at least 90% blocked and another in the 80% range. At the time I was playing B-Ball with an over 60 group 3 mornings a week from one to two hours at a time with no symptoms. (yes we ran). Had I not had the bypass surgery for sure one morning I would have been dead on the gym floor. Like myself, do the surgery BEFORE you have any heart damage ! If you haven't had an angiography get one done. To my understanding echo ultrasounds don't show the calcification portion of the blockage only the plaque portion. This is something you don't want to mess with so think of your family. Also, the operation was not that big a deal. Really not much pain and the biggest issue I had was constipation from the damn opioids. I stopped taking them on day 3 after the surgery and got by on Tylenol and OTC pain meds. Just my $02. Wish you all the best of luck and health, HT ps: Don't waste time with small town hospitals..... head into Boston or the like to give yourself the best shot at a good doctor & staff.
  10. this light? Mine did not come with batteries. Slacktide, Agreed if the one you selected stated battery and charger I'd complain and/or send it back for a refund. However if you want to purchase one independently then I don't think the Vape battery is the right battery unless those Vape devices are larger than a good size stogie I have two of these lights, identical but listed with different names/manufacturers but suspect made by the same Chinese company. Both have the same battery and you should be looking for an 18650 Lithium Ion battery (rechargeable). A quick Google search for this number turns up plenty of places to purchase. per: \ HT
  11. Hasn't changed as far as I know. Been the same for quite awhile. HT
  12. Joe, Website issue is my fault. Something I need to fix but thing have been extremely hectic the last few months. I can PM you Mike's email if you don't have it any longer..... apologies for the confusion. HT
  13. NJ, Plenty of places to find dispenser bottles but the least expensive I've found is US Plastics. These 2 oz bottles are the same size as the smaller Solarez bottles and plenty cheap. For dispenser caps basically the same, plenty of places and sizes depending on what you want to dispense. I purchased some of these for dispensing liquid fusion in larger amounts. You can also go to eBay or Amazon for caps/tips sold directly by Solarez. Two types at the same price but I like the stainless tip with the screw on cap since press on caps sometimes come off in transportation to FF destinations. Best I've found from Solarez. Solarez also makes the following. If you want to purchase generic caps for "luer lock" tips then these are pretty cheap at $.67 each. You have to purchase tips separately. When it comes to tips you can purchase a select pack with different size tips to experiment with volumes. You can get all plastic or stainless steel. The key to purchasing these bottles and caps is to make sure the screw threads match. The 2 oz bottles typically come as 20/410 threads so you need a corresponding cap thread for compatibility. The larger 4 oz bottles (Solarez's largest bottle) are 24/410 screw threads. Hope this helps. HT
  14. NJ, You don't want to put Solarez in those bottles. The reason you might be having difficulty is due to the fact that they are opaque and more than likely some UV light is getting through the bottle and your resin is curing right in the container. Probably getting thicker by the day. You need black bottles. I purchased some awhile back. Will see if I can find the info and post. HT
  15. Fluke, Not sure if you have access to a machine shop or have any friends who have friends who might have access to any kind of toolroom equipment but if me I'd make up a bracket that would allow this to be adjustable and not start drilling holes in your main support. More than likely you'll drill mounting holes in your support bar, find it not to your liking and wish you never had done it, or possibly turn it into swiss cheese with multiple attempts...... been there done that. Something like this is easy to whip up in 6061-T6 aluminum plate you can purchase from McMaster Carr for reasonable money. A few stainless Allen cap screws and you're got some leeway to adjust as you see fit. Make them a little longer (greater spacing, and you can add more adjust-ability. HT