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  1. Simple, Social Media ie: Forums, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, etc, etc. World wide instant access. In my local paper and plastered over multiple sites within 24 hrs........ small wonder.
  2. Some resources maybe.....not all They have their issues as well. Toxic red tide is making Floridians sick — and angry Red tides in the Gulf of Mexico and toxic blue-green algae in inland waters are killing animals and stoking outrage in South Florida. Lake Okeechobee has become a perfect petri dish for several strains of microorganisms in recent years, as a proliferation of farmland and towns has spilled nitrogen and phosphorous-based fertilizers into the watershed. The toxic stew was supercharged when Hurricane Irma forced a flood of additional polluted runoff into the lake. Cyanobacteria lapped up the extra nutrients, reproducing exponentially in Florida’s punishing summer heat. The algae produce a toxin that can not only choke animals but in humans cause headaches, sore throats, vomiting, diarrhea and pneumonia. Long-term exposure to some algae blooms has been linked to liver cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's. But funding for large-scale fixes is scarce. And so much pollution has accumulated in the lake bottom, it would take decades for it to disperse, even if new pollution from sugar farms, dairies and other sources could be shut down.
  3. C.J. Search works great when used correctly. Actually my search shows me that on Feb 12th of last year you posted on SOL that you had already purchased an Echo Boost so not sure why you are looking for one now but non of my bees wax. So, here are some other links from SOL below for your browsing pleasure. Best way to search SOL that I've found is to put you search criteria into the Google search engine and concatenate with " + StripersOnline" . Easy Peasy. HT CJ.James I just bought the Echo boost salt #9 and orvis hyrdos size v, and I love both the rod and reel. If you have any questions about the reel, please feel free to reach out! Having said that that, I am still in search of a line. After test casting with a 6" 2/0 deceiver on my 8'6" 5wt, I know that 150 gr. can cast that big of a wind resistant fly. I am not as concerned anymore about what grain weight is needed to cast that large of a fly. What I am more concerned about is the wind. Now, I just need a line. question: Is it more beneficial to have a shorter, more powerful front taper (inherently larger diameter like the outbound short)? or is it better to have a taper like the bermuda tt to cut through with quicker line speed? I have no worries that I will be able to throw these bigger deceivers, I am more so worried about the trade winds. Any other line recs for baja? I am headed in late may, early june.
  4. Spot on Slip, unfortunately... A FF group I'm associated with who fish in and around the southern the RI shore have been scheduling spring group outings targeting the emergence of sand eels and this year post outing reports are mostly no fish caught no sign of any sand eels and no bait spotted. This year worse than ever. My interest is waning.....
  5. Can you hear me now?
  6. These fibers move nicely in the water. Rather than those sold for fly fishing try the Kankelon wig hair. Same stuff only loads less expensive. They all get knarly after a few hook-ups but they comb out easily enough. I have a mustache comb attached to my nipper keeper for just that reason
  7. Danny, use this link: also, as a screen snippet: HT
  8. Weldbond contact cement. Waterproof too.
  9. From a thread in the SOL Kayaking Forum. HT
  10. ...sure, as easy as getting Bernie Sanders to become a Republican
  11. Mark II is the name / design of one of Mike Oliver's TH rods. 12' 9" and a little faster than the Mark I and of the same length. I believe also available in a 14' version. HT
  12. Welcome Kevin, I'm by no means well educated on entire SW scene seeing I've only been at it a few weeks a year for the last 4 years but the combination of taking the family to the beach to coincide with good Striper fishing seems to be in conflict as the family probably wants to be at the beach mid-day when the weather is sunny and the water is warm which is contrast to better Striper fishing, best at night but still better at dusk and dawn when the water isn't too warm. Not to say you won't catch mid-day in the summer but you might have to temper your expectations somewhat. re: Kayak. I know on Cape Cod during peak season, (school gets out), you're not going to be able to park in any of the public places without a resident town sticker and would be relegated to those beaches/lots that allow out of towners for a fee. Even now, before peak season some of the guys we fished with got ticketed for parking in an empty lot before 5pm due to the resident requirement. Not sure if you can launch a kayak from a public beach on the cape but depending on the beach/town you may be able to. A large beach like Hardings in Chatham may allow that as there's two parking lots and plenty of beach/room. Also the state park, "South Cape Beach", in Mashpee may allow you to launch and if you don't mind a long long walk, you can head down to fish all the way down to the jetty at Waquoit Bay while the family enjoys the beach. Another option if you don't mind driving a little further might be Narragansett town beach in RI. Drop the family at the beach and a very short distance down the road you can kayak at the Narrow River, the mouth of which empties at the end of Narragansett town beach so the family can walk down to the mouth and meet up with you. All I can think of at the moment. HT
  13. I believe years of lighting without first putting water in the water jacket. Extreme expansion time and time again and I think a seam let go. RIP Kelly HT
  14. Tired... think it was that mushroom tea or the smoke from the Fisherman's ciiiigar...
  15. Now I feel so honored to have received one of the last half dozen teas from the wonderful Mike and his infamous brewing machine. Thankfully one of our band of TH'rs has brought along a brand new shiny stainless steel Kelly Kettle this year to keep the tradition alive for years to come!!