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  1. 9 hours ago, RWP said:

    Typically I go with white if it's available, but I'm liking this orange too. Somewhere around 100 fish so far this year.


    Wow, the orange looks good.  What reels are those?  Liking the smaller one.

  2. 1 hour ago, Bob S. said:

    Went to several of his seminars over the years...he is a character with a very informative presentation and very entertaining

    They're great when he can stay on topic.  He gets so excited he sometimes wanders, LOL.  It's pretty funny.  Always enjoy listening to Bill.

  3. On 1/4/2022 at 9:16 AM, mitchman said:

    Thanks tpoliti, sounds good. Yea I'd imagine that BD has more info on the area although most of the fishing on that page is boat based. I actually was in Punta de Mita about 6 years and stayed at a small AirBNB and really enjoyed the quiet town (away from the four seasons). I chartered with Captain Jesus "Chuy" Gorrillas on his Super Panga(~30ft twin engine) who is based there. We caught yellowfin to 200lbs, a monster sail, mahi, and had shots at marlin. He also does inshore trips for roosters, groupers, jacks, snappers, etc too and I can give you his contact if you want it. I tried some surf fishing inside the point on the bayside and didn't catch anything although truth be told we didn't hit it that hard.. We borrowed some kayaks from the AirBNB and tried some yak fishing but it was slow other than blitz of mirco false albacore. Some larger center console/sport fishers were slow trolling a little further out with live bait. This time with the family in tow we'll be in Sayulita that is open coast so I'll be dealing with the pacific surf.

    Mitchman, if you wouldn't mind passing on the contact info for Captain Jesus, that would be great.  Might try to get a day on the boat.  When you were there did you hit Marieta island??  Wife wants to do a trip, not sure if we want to hit hidden beach or not.  still doing research.

    Thanks, Tony


  4. Our last trip to the Osa was in 2017.  We flew into Puerto Jimenez, rented a vehicle and drove to Drake Bay.  It wasn't a terrible drive, slow, bumpy, lots of hills, but I was fine with it.  I did overhear other people complaining about the drive, but I thought it was fine, definitely more challenging than what is considered normal in the states.  If I remember correctly there were 4 river crossings.  The first 3 weren't much, that last one was much more than I expected.  The agent at the rental car told me how to take the crossing, but I wasn't 100% on the instructions so I pulled off to the side for a few minutes and looked it over.  Fortunately a dirt bike came down the road.  I watched him get about 1/3 of the way across, saw how high the water was on his tires and followed his trail/wake, LOL.

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