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  1. Our last trip to the Osa was in 2017.  We flew into Puerto Jimenez, rented a vehicle and drove to Drake Bay.  It wasn't a terrible drive, slow, bumpy, lots of hills, but I was fine with it.  I did overhear other people complaining about the drive, but I thought it was fine, definitely more challenging than what is considered normal in the states.  If I remember correctly there were 4 river crossings.  The first 3 weren't much, that last one was much more than I expected.  The agent at the rental car told me how to take the crossing, but I wasn't 100% on the instructions so I pulled off to the side for a few minutes and looked it over.  Fortunately a dirt bike came down the road.  I watched him get about 1/3 of the way across, saw how high the water was on his tires and followed his trail/wake, LOL.

  2. Dec 4 2006, remember the date because it was my birthday.  I get a call from a friend and tells me to get to the beach, huge blitz.  I'm at work, my boss pulls in I tell him about the call.  He says isn't today your birthday?  Good Luck.  I run home grab my stuff which I had put away for the year.  I get to the beach at 10 am I drive about half a mile and pull up to one end of the blitzing fish.  Caught a few blues, the blitz went West.  I stayed where I was until 5pm and had fish pretty much every cast.   My friend who was fishing elsewhere, pulled up around 1pm and stayed until the end. All keepers a few over the 40" limit which back then was the bonus fish.  Biggest was about 30-35#.  I couldn't even guess how many fish I caught.  All caught on Swim Shads, bucktails and Large Danny Plugs.  Until that day I had never caught a fish on the swim shads (though I didn't fish them much) I used every one I had with me.  I went back the next  morning, had a few keeper sized fish, then  BOOM it was over.  It was like someone flipped a switch.



    Funny side note.  On my way home I called my wife and she asked what I wanted to do for my birthday dinner.  I said I'll grab some chinese food, big birthday dinner, LOL.  I picked up the food drove back to the house, and I'm sitting in the driveway when my phone rings and my wife asks where I am.  I said I'm in the driveway, I stiffened up and can't get out of the truck, give me a few minutes, LOL.

  3. 31 mins ago, BrianBM said:

    J&H almost certainly has it.


    I was there today, and bought a small spinning reel for this summer's fluke. There is absolutely no shortage of anything that this customer could see. Every space in every rod rack was full, no space to be seen on a shelf, not an empty hanger. Harry was there, Josh was there, and business was booming. They now carry Black Hole, and I put a Calcutta 400 on a Challenger 761 MH, just to see. The rod is rated 3-6; it felt fine to me with 8 oz., 10 was do-able, and at 12 I'd want a different stick. Kilsong likes the lighter Challengers for Challenger Bank fluke; de gustibus non disputandem. I suspect he's slow-lift jigging, with the rod pointed straight at the jig a lot of the time.


    J&H was busy. The gun store next door was jammed. You'd've thought that the world's last boxes of ammo were on sale there.

    Didn't get to spend any time at the adult store? LOL