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  1. Eastendlu, I would really appreciate getting together and seeing how this is done. I've been reading through posts and looking at pics for a few months now and want to give it a go. I'm in East Hampton, so a trip to the North Fork is just a boat ride away. Tony
  2. Flukin, I think I just added my location, regardless, I am on the east end of LI. Thanks for the offer though. Tony
  3. Does anyone make a drag upgrade for penn 704/706 reels. The reels are older and the drag washers should be replaced soon. Are there any other options???? Thanks Tony
  4. If it's not too late count me in. Tony
  5. Tomasas, I'm curious to know which concept guides you used. Did you go single foot or did you use the BMNAG guides? Thanks Tony
  6. I tried my GSB 120 1M and didn't like it for eels. It was way too stiff, and I couldn't feel the rod load. I ended up slinging a couple of eels off the hook. I ended up using my 132 1L not too bad but a little long although I liked the action. I have a 120 1L that I am going to build. I remember an article from Noreast Saltwater ( couple of years ago) where the author built an eel rod on a 120 1L with a foot off the butt. I am contemplating this (need to find the article first). Tony
  7. I have to throw in my $.02. The lack of stretch of braided line and the fact that many people are using a higher test line (30# or 50# braid as opposed to 20# mono) combined with a tighter drag setting at some point is going to end up with a broken rod. Until reading some of the other replies I had never given any thought to lack of stretch "on the cast" and the faft that the drag setting might need to be tighter just to avoid spinng the spool during the cast. Again just my $.02 Tony
  8. I have two 704's that I have converted to bailess. The only problem that I have encountered is that every once in a while the line (power pro) will try to get up between the roller and the plate that the roller is bolted into. Anyone else encounter this??? I have tightened it, but I am reluctant to tighten it too much and put pressure on the roller. Thanks Tony
  9. I have used Janns Netcraft, Custom Tackle Supply, Summer Moon and Anglers Workshop in the past. I know that Janns, Summer Moon and Anglers have print catalogs as well as online info, not too sure about CTS though, although they are fantastic to deal with. Good Luck Tony
  10. Mike, there are a couple of places to rent Yaks on the East End. Amagansett Beach and Bicycle (Next to Brents Deli) Main Beach Surf and Sport in Wainscott Kayak at Springs General Store in Springs I remember one of the gas stations in Montauk having yaks available last year, just as you get into the village (empire gas ??????? Maybe) You might want to check Plaza Sports in the village as well, I know that they rent Bikes. I'm bound to be out near there within the next week or so, I'll give it a look. Tony