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  1. BB, Congrats. Lots of good things to look forward to this year. Tony
  2. NIB, that makes sense. I guess I never thought of it that way. I just assumed that most of the wright was the weight of the wood itself. Tony
  3. NIB, I have a couple of store bought pencils that sink, I assumed that there was something wrong with them. Is a sinking popper normal? I would have thought that it would float. I ahven't tried to build, yet, so by no means am I criticizing but I am curious. Thanks Tony
  4. Ed, any store/site that sells rod building supplies should carry, or at least be able to get a tip gauge. You can use this to measure the tube size of the rod, which are measured in 64ths of an inch. The ring size is measured in MM's. Hope this helps Tony
  5. Arne, I have a link to a site that has the genie clips. PM me if you want it. I don't like to post other retail sites. Tony
  6. Mike, I had always used the 1/8" tape until the rod I am working on now. I think I like the 1/16" better, it's not as spongy. I found that it was easier to apply as well, I seem to be cork tape challenged, oh well. I have never used anything but the adhesive tape that is on the back of the cork tape, it seems to hold well, never had it come lose. I have been told that some guys will put a light layer of epoxy underneath the cork tape, but I haven't found the need to. One recommendation, put a light coat of alcohol under the cork tape. It will give you a little time to slide the tape to set the seams, then once the alcohol evaporates the adhesive will hold it in place. You will want to put a little epoxy on the ends, under the tape, after you have wraped the cork tape, so it can't come loose and unravel. I hope this helps. Tony
  7. I too stick with the basic colors, white, yellow, blue, black, olive. I have on occasion found that after catching a bass or two that a color change was necessary to catch another fish. This past fall fishing on a dark night I caught 2 or 3 fish on a black darter then nothing. Fished for about 1/2 hour, then changed to a yellow darter, BAM 2 or 3 more fish, then nothing for about 20 min. switched to a Shad Rap, BAM another fish. So yes I feel color is important, but on the other hand maybe they were looking for something different. Had I switched to a black needle instead of a yellow darter on that first change I still might have caught fish, or maybe not. I think that color is one of the things that Bass key in on. JMO Tony
  8. Count me in, pleeeeeeeaseeeeeee. Tony
  9. Mike and Billy, you guys did a fantastic job walking us through buttwraps, and any other question that was asked for that matter. It was great to have the opportunity to talk to other builders of differing experience. The plugs that Neal (Neil???) brought were great. Thanks to all, especially Mike who opened his house for us all. Tony
  10. AAAAHHHHHH, Belikin, Now I really want to go back to Belize. I preferred the Belikin Premium, but the regular was great as well. And more importantly, inexpensive. Tony
  11. Rapt, what is the agenda for the shindig? What time are we starting and approx what time is the break up? Just trying to plan my travelling. Also, what do you want me to bring? Tony
  12. I'll take the door!! LOL Tony
  13. I have 2 stradics, a 4000 and an 8000 and I use braid on both. I have not encountered any problems with the braid. Tony
  14. I did pretty much the same thing as BC, except that I use the d-ring holster for a d-sized mag light. I use a telephone cord thinghy and attach it to my belt and clip the open jaws of the boga on the d-ring and close. It sits a little low, but easy access and it's secure. Tony
  15. Hey guys for the hell of it I'm thinking of building an inexpensive 9' 2pc rod as a travel rod (going to CR this spring). I realize that a 9' 2pc rod is a bit big but the fly rod that I am bringing is a 9' 2pc, so my rod tube will already be 4.5'. I was wondering if anyone has seen or used the following blanks: 1- Janns Sportsmans Series IM6 9' MH Fast Action - 1/2 - 2 1/2oz part# 296-211 2- Cabelas Fish Eagle II 9' H Fast Action - 1/2-2 oz part# HS-31-8105-906 3- Cabelas Salmon/Sthead Custom 9' MH Fast Action - 1/2-2oz part#HS-31-0836-906 Thanks for any opinions Tony
  16. Mike D. not disagreeing with you, but look at the quality of the tackle that Sports Authority would carry. Their stock is great if you're a beginning fisherman or taking a kid to get some tackle, but for a die hard surfcaster they didn't touch that niche, at least the one in Bohemia LI didn't. Sure they have some tins and some bucktails, but there selection of "surf plugs" was horrible. I support my local B&T as much as possible, but if he doesn't have what I'm looking for I'll order online. I mean I feel guilty when I have to get something at Freddies or Johnnies just to save myself the drive. JMO - I could be wrong Tony
  17. I was thinking of starting to log my fishing, I know I should have been doing it for years. Nevertheless, I was wondering what info does your log contain?? Has anyone made up a template for any of the computer programs??? Anyone willing to share??? Tony
  18. Every little bit of info helps. Thanks Tony
  19. Staktup, I have fished a GSB 1321L as my primary surf rod for the past 4 years and I'm a whopping 5'9" . I fish mostly Shinny-Montauk and love it. This summer I added a GSB 1201M and used it primarily for bucktails, it really paid off during a couple of the bigger storms for punching bucks through the wind. Tony
  20. It seems every damn catalog I get. and I get them all, LOL, has a pic of this reel. I've handled it in stores and am considering one. Has anyone actually used one? Likes/Dislikes? I realize that the reel isn't that old so durability is a question that probably can't be answered, yet. Just looking for another reel in the $150-200 range for a 9' rod. It will be spooled with braid. Right now I'm looking at either the Cabo PT 60 or the Penn Slammer 560. How about a little feedback from the gallery? Thanks Tony
  21. Erik, I use 50# PP on my surf rods, for my inshore rods I use 20# PP. I understand why you want the heavier line but 50# on a rod/reel that you would normally use 12 might be overlining the rod. I just checked the PP website and they do offer 30# and 40# as well. I would probably go for the 30#. Remember that you need to have some mono backing on the reel, so that will take up some room, so you might not have as much 50 on the spool as you would like. JMO, I could be wrong! Tony
  22. So now that we know that you guys use them, how do you tie them???? Dropper Loop?? Directly to a swivel or another method??? Tony
  23. If possible I'd like to come as well. I'm on LI, but it's only a ferry ride away. Thanks Tony
  24. I'm in. Thanks
  25. Hey guy's, I'm looking at getting in to plug building. I've read through the Lure Building FAQ, great info BTW, and since I've never used a lathe before are there any books that I can read, other sites to visit, that will give me some info regarding their use. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm probably going to get a couple of preformed bodies to start with and go through the assembly process a couple of times first before I make the investment in a lathe thanks, Tony