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  1. Just sent my second pair back a couple of weeks ago. My main issue is leaking in the crotch, along with a slight leak around calf high. At least Cabela's is willing to replace/exchange/refund. As long as they are willing to replace them, I'll always have a new set of leaky waders. Tony
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum, if not please move it, but here's my question. Going to Isla Mujeres in March and thought I'd spend a couple of days in Isla Holbox as well. Has anyone fished any of these places?? Any info at all? Thanks Tony
  3. Definately visit Kenny at Tight Lines in Sag Harbor. As far as light tackle guides there are a couple in MTK and I think one on Shelter Island. At that time of year any of the ocean beaches have potential for fish. If you're looking at false albies Shinnecock Inlet is another possibility, also 20 minutes away. Tony
  4. 8 August, 6:30pm
  5. Definately make sure the crank is in the down position. The momentum of casting will rotate the crank to the down position and trip the bail. I went through this with a frienbd the other night. It seemed to have helped. Tony
  6. Charlie, sent you a PM with the info. This is really cool, Cause I never win anything either. I felt so lucky I actually went and bought a mega-millions ticket for tonight. I am thrilled I have the opportunity to give a review, hopefully I can catch some fish with it as well. BTW, that is not a reflection on how I think that the darter will perform, more of a comment on my proficiency, or lack thereof. Thanks again. Tony
  7. Angelo, I think that you would want some kind of grip just to increase the diameter of the blank. I recently built a 9' rod and I only used 1 layer of 1/16" cork tape and I'm not thrilled because the diameter is very small and I can feel the blank flex under the tape. I wish I would have doubled it up. Just my opinion Tony
  8. I'm in, I would be happy to post a review on SOL in this forum. My most memorable experience fishing darters was last year while I was fishing &^%%&**&^**&&& in Montauk. We, my friends and I had just fished sunset over by Scotts Hole. Not too much going on se we decided to make a move. My friends decided to fish eels and were rigging up at the truck while I tied on a black Tattoo darter. Two casts later I pull in a 20# bass and walk it back to the truck. Needless to say the boys were speachless since they hadn't even finished rigging up. I caught 2 or 3 more fish that night, so it was a good night. That 20# fish might have been my largest, although I might have caught a 25#, I'll have to check my notes. Thanks for the chance. Tony
  9. What the heck, 62.18 Tony
  10. I prefer to liveline a surfer Tony
  11. Mike, amazing job. Great job on the butt wrap. Tammy, good luck with the new stick, hope it fishes as well as it looks, although even if it fished half as good as it looks you'll still love it. Tony
  12. It's not that I'm scared of them, it's just all of a sudden there's this thing on your foot. It'll spook the he** out of you. And to top it off last time out I stepped on something and up out of the water comes what had to be a 2' skate. Needless to say I jumped, did my little "girly"' scream and went back to fishing. Oh well, it's always an experience.
  13. Gil, I only used foam on 2 rods and I didnot boil them. I used the epoxy method. Very Important - make sure you goop the epoxy well above where the grip starts to bind on the blank. You need to get the epoxy under the top part of the grip. If you don't the grip will act as a squeegee (sp) and wipe the epoxy off. Trust me it's a royal pain in the @$$, and one hell of a forearm workout. If you goop up the blank well you will find that the grip slides on fairly easily, then you can clean up the mess. I used rod bond and it worked very well, at least on the second rod, I think you can see where I wnet wrong with the first rod. Hope this answers your question. Tony
  14. Check any local golf courses, I know in Long Island, they are always looking for young kids. Private clubs that have caddies are even better. Big $$$ looping, plus it's not a bad way to spend a day. Tony
  15. According to NYSDEC they are still planning to reissue the plastic license card as sort of a vanity thing, but the license itself is the green valeron (sp.) material. As it was stated above, the license will be mailed in August. Tony
  16. ExChief, if you're on the St Georges side of the island and you have the opportunity stop by Swizzle Inn. Good Food, Good Drinks and great Entertainment. Ray Pasnen plays every night except Wednesday and he put on a fantastic show.
  17. Try calling or stopping in to a local taxidermist. I got my last bag of bucktail there.
  18. Nice Google eye!!! Plus you got a fishing partner.
  19. MDC, use a mono or flurocarbon leader and tie direct to the bucktail. I don't use a snap with a bucktail I've heard that a larger fish can leverage against the snap and twist it. I use a loop knot, it allows the bucktail to move a little more. For other plugs it's personal preference. I don't use snaps at all. Granted it's more inconvenient to tie knots any time I want to change lures, but I don't like hardware. I would guess there are alot more guys using snaps than not, but I have gotten comfortable without. To each his own, I guess. I hope this helped. Tony
  20. I would say its an M, only because I have the L and it gets a litle tip heavy over 1.25 oz. I could however be wrong. Tony
  21. Hey guys/girls, what size thread do you use for tying bucktails or teasers. I am changing hooks on my surf plugs and I am adding single hooks to the rear instead of trebles and I am going oto add some bucktail or feathers to the hook and I wad wondering what size thread to use. Thanks, Tony
  22. I built one on a GLB 841L, its great in the 1/2 - 1 oz range. She's a little light in the tip though. I have caught a few 7-8 lb weakfish with it though with no problems. It casts 1/2 oz fin-s fish and smaller swimmers fantastic though, just not alot of backbone. Tony
  23. Catskill John, I'm sure that more knowledgeable persons than me will get involved but I'll try to help anyway. 1. Spinning or conventional rod??? I'm not familiar with the blank, but I've seen it listed both ways. This will help determine which guides you will need. 2. On my Surf rods I have been using Fuji DPS Reel seats. 3. I underwrap my surf rods. I have been told that it is personal preference, but I hope it keeps the blank from getting scratched under the guide foot. 4. I do not recommend two ton epoxy as a finish. Get some flex coat, LS Supreme or aftcoat finish and you will be much happier with the results. I hope this helps. Tony
  24. Steve works out of Bob's Bait and Tackle in Amity Harbor, NY, or at least he did last year. Their # is 631.842.7573. Try there, maybe they can ship some to you. Tony
  25. I reasd on the **** site that they sell plug bodies, but you need to e-mail for availability. Not sure of price either. I am curious however. Tony