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  1. Thats sweet, great job. Tony
  2. The Stone Church in Newmarket, Gawd that brings back some memories. Saw lots of good acts there. Definately try Talkhouse in Amagansett, I missed this year, maybe I can make the next one. Tony
  3. I just ordered a copy from another online site. I couldn't find it in the SOL store, but it could have been me. PM me if you want the site. Maybe by then I will find it here. I will not post another site if it compete's with the store here. Tony
  4. Greeny, You would normally use a mono or flourocarbon leader. You could either tie the leader direct to the mono using the Alberto Knot, Uni to Uni Knot, albright knot or some similar knot, or tie the leader to a swivel which is attached to the braid. The leader then could be attached to a snap or tie direct to the lure with the leader.
  5. Chief, I said the same thing to my girlfriend this morning. Must be his winter coat. LOL It was cool watching how nervous he was with the gator, not that I would be any more collected.
  6. Guys, most of the commercial boats that come through Shinnecock inlet pull up their downriggers as they clear the back of the inlet. During rough seas they normally finish the turn and then pull them up. The commercial dock is only 50 yards or so from the back of the inlet. It sucks, but with the amount of wather that comes in and out of that inlet with tide, I don't expect the diesel to be around too long, unfortunately I don't think they could contain a spill there. Tony
  7. Andrus Big Eyes or Andrus Jetty Casters. Weight is site and tide dependent, usually use white pork rind as a trailer. Tony
  8. I've used alconite guides on my last 2 surf rods without any problem. I used the BMNAG and I really think they look great and perform well. Tony
  9. Sudsy, are you still adding 3 in 1 oil to the mix? Or are you using the corrosion block straight???? I agree with one of your prior posts as far as packing the reel, it really does get stiff and I had some issues with the anti-reverse dog getting stuck and it not locking in. Thanks Tony
  10. I'm in, Thanks guys Tony
  11. 333

    I concur 42
  12. I think that Tidemaster got it right except that the 67 is 5oz and the 87 is 6oz. I found that on a retail site that I can't find anymore Tony
  13. Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you!
  14. Don't eat the yellow snow!!!!
  15. I picked up a set of the aquaskinz black thunder gloves earlier this fall 'cause my hands were all cut up and I love'em. Casting is great now, no more cuts and makes grabbing the leader or cinching up knots nice without worrying slicing up my hands. Tony
  16. I'm In East Hampton, Long Island, NY Thanks for the shot Tony
  17. Good News Spig, Tony
  18. I throw my wetsuit and neoprene waders in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with 1/4 cup woolite and then let them hand to dry. Works great. I have also soaked them in Simple Green and water. I have been using the new lemon scented simple green it gives them a nice fresh scent. Tony
  19. Winch, Nah, Willis was on Different Strokes. Remember "What chou Talkin bout Willis???" LOL
  20. I was fishing a Gibbs Canal Pencil Popper yesterday, and after catching my last fish the belly grommet popped out of the plug. It was just hanging on the eye of the treble hook. I pushed it back in, but I think it'll probably come back out. Are these usually epoxied in or are they just pushed into place? Does it make a difference?? Thanks, Tony
  21. Thanks Winch! I glued it back in, and used it yesterday to land a couple of fish. Tony
  22. I started using them this year and I think that they're great. Much better than the others. Tony
  23. What part of Mexico???
  24. Salt, I figured that it should have been epoxied, just wanted to double check. I hope to starrt building plugs this winter so this is stuff I should know anyway. Thanks Tony
  25. I've been there five or six in the past two weeks and I saw no sign of it being closed. Last time being Monday night, I left about 10:30pm Tony