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  1. I'm in thanks for the shot guys Tony
  2. Slayer, great job. The rods look fantastic, and the kids must be thrilled. Tony
  3. Rick, we definately get triggers in LI, with the water so warm it wouldnt surprise me if you saw them in Maine.
  4. Hey guys, I have seen the modifications that have been done with the older style korkers, changing the studs with nuts and bolts. Has anyone tried to modify the newer korkers, the ones with the straps (K-5000)? Thanks Tony
  5. I'm with Spig, Bass. Cause even on a bad day you can say you had a Bass in your hand
  6. Jay, try to stay out of the bigger water until you get more comfortable with they Yak and the area. Gardiners Bay and Peconic bay can get rough quick. I'd start in the more sheltered areas first. Shinnecock Bay or NW Creek over by Barcelona Neck, whatever it is called now, could be a good shot. Access Barcelona through Sag Harbor GC. It's a nice sheltered cove. There's many areas you could get to. Cedar Point, Jessups Neck, etc. Good Luck Tony
  7. Mike, I decided to go with BMNAG' s for thr butt guide and the next one then change over to BYAG's the rest of the way out. The reel I'm gonna use is a Nautil 6500. Hopefully the 8's pan out if not I'll switch to 10's. I'll let you know how they work out. Tony
  8. Mike, I'm building an L as we speak, that was cut approx 6" off the butt. I am laying out the guides now. I am starting with a 30 and was thinking of ending up with 8's. with luck I hope to finish laying out and test cast this week. I'll post what I end up with. Tony
  9. It's not that the weight of the water that drags you down, it's the water combined with the current that will not allow you to get on top. Besides using alot more energy than necessary to try to swim, because you are now fighting your water filled waders, the current is dragging you downstream.
  10. I would probably go with the 1201L. I have the M and I don't like it for poppers, especially pencils and bombers. I normally go with my 1321L for poppers and bmbers. The M is great for bucktails and heavy wind days though. JMO, I'm sure others will chime in. Tony
  11. I'm in, thanks Z. Tony
  12. There's a tarpon????
  13. Tammy, if airfare is included, count me in. LOL
  14. In one sitting, maybe 2-3 lbs, LOL. We caught a bunch in SC a few years back, had them filleted, froze them in ziploc bags filled with water and ate them all winter. They were fantastic. We had a couple of 5-7 lbers in the mix. I guess I should go back and do it again. Tony
  15. Just got it, listening as we speak. Like it alot, any hints???? Tony ps - is this pass along solely through the board or are outsiders allowed? LOL
  16. A couple of things that I have tried over the years. For a quick fix turn them inside out and spray with Febreeze. Much tougher with bootfoot waders, but it can be done turn them inside out up to the boot and hang them from the suspenders. Basically the inside of the wader is on the outside and the boot is hanging upside down, to drain any excess water out of them. I have also soaked them in a diluted soultion of simple green/water or greased lightning/water and let them dry inside out. Yeah the outside stays wet for a bit and can sometimes get a little funky, but then I just put them back on and get'em wet again. I have also used woolite and water on my neoprene waders/wetsuits. I was told in a surf shop that is basically what wetsuit shampoo is, just cheaper. Well, I hope you guys think I'm not too anal regarding stinky waders, LOL Tony
  17. Hey guys, the GF and I are going to Cape may for the weekend of May 13-15. Without burning any spots are there any places I can get to with the surf rod/fly rod to play around a little?? Figure I'll try to kill a couple of hours while the other half is still in bed. I'm not too familiar with the area. I think I was last there with the parents 20 or so years ago. Thanks Tony
  18. Thanks guys, I'll let you know how I made out Tony
  19. Bob, could you send me the info also? Thanks Tony
  20. Lu, looks sweet. Fish'em up Tony
  21. Mike, I just found out that I have to work this weekend, so I will not be able to attend. Have a good time. Maybe next year, in the winter!!! LOL Tony
  22. Hey guys, I found this lure in an old building at work a couple of years ago. The body of the lure is 7.5" long, with the lip the total length is about 8.25" long. The eyes are plastic and are nailed on. Here are a few pics. Any help would be great. Thanks Tony
  23. Spring, I had the same issue with my Dodge Dakota. Just read thru the manual. It's a pain, but no big deal. Tony
  24. Thanks for the info.
  25. Mike, you still got room on the 29th? Trying to figure out my work schedule. Thanks Tony