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  1. 120 1L is a great versatile blank. It's my goto rod. I cannot comment on the M, having never used it.
  2. It took us about 4 hrs to get to Punta Allen. 2 hours to Tulum and then another 2 hours to drive 56km, which translates to approx 36 miles. Barely got the truck out of first gear, it was an amazing ride though. The scenery was unreal. Tony
  3. I was there in March. You can arrange a day trip that will pick you up in Cancun and bring you back. If I remember right they would leave about 5 am and you would get back like 8pm or something like that. We went for a few nights so we rented a car. It's a loooongggggg ride, tough driving, especially from Tulum South. I don't have any more info at the moment, but you could google up some info. The fishing wasn't great, 6 straight days of 25-30 mph wind, but it was fun. Tony
  4. I caught my first fish on a plug that i built, or at least finished, last week. It was a needlefish kit fron ******** that was painted red/white. The bass missed it the first time and came back and hit it again. It was too neat. Tony
  5. Billy, I like a foregrip on a plugging rod. Depending on the lure type I will slide my hand up on the foregrip, sometimes well above it to get a different action out of the plug, also alot of times I will run the braided line through my fingers to get ti tight on the reel so I like my hand as far away from the reel as possible. I would recommend a cork foregrip or I just did this on a rod and I like it cork tape with x-tube over it, it's really comfortable. Tony
  6. For a quick defunking spray 'em with febreeze, especially the inside, and let them air dry inside out. If you want to wash 'em and they are stocking foot wash them inside out in the washer with a little woolite, gentle cycle and hang them inside out to dry. If boot foot turn them inside out, as far as you can up to the boot and let them soak in a pail or tub with some water/woolite or water/simple green, lemon scented works well and hang them inside out to dry. Whenever possible after use hang them to dry inside out and the smell isn't too bad. Tony
  7. I like the Lami GSB 120 1M for my bucktailing rod. I've used it from 1 1/2 - 3 with no problems. Might be a bit pricey though. Tony
  8. Raza, for a wetsuit check out any of the local dive shops/surf shops. You might be able to get a good deal on a late season sale. Regarding, you brought too much stuff, you could've gotten away wit just bucktails/pork rind, on Saturday you're right, but now that the wind is down and the waters a little calmer, LOL it's nice to have more options, besides topwater plugs are alot of fun to watch. Wish I would have run into you and BC, who knows I might have, LOL. Tony
  9. I friend of mine just purchased a Lami XS 11 MS surf rod. I was wondering if anyone knows what blank it is built on? Thanks for any info. Tony
  10. AHHHH HAAAA, I had a feeling. Thanks guys Tony
  11. Rob, 1- I don't worry I fish White. 2- First time I been accused of that 3- Can't argue with that one 4- Yeah, but only downloading porn, hey wait a minute your post had to take longer than my poll! 5- Well sort of 6- With this group, not sure I expected one, LOL 7- 8- 9- 10-Ran out of image space I would have used the cool goateed dude!! Oh yeah, great response, thanks
  12. Charlie, if you're anywhere near Montauk in the near future let me know I can snag a couple of older golf course flagsticks from work that are a little over 1" OD. Tony
  13. I know a guy who is building rafters for his house out of hemlock, I can probably get some of the cut offs. Besides firewood can it be used for plugs??? Thanks for the help. Tony
  14. Mac, got a chance to meet you this year at the RISSA show, it was a pleasure. Best of luck to you and hopefully you'll show up again in the future. Tony
  15. My main rod is a GSB 132 1L. It casts like a rocket and handles fish great. I use my GSB 120 1M mainly under the light and in heavy winds with bucktails and try to use the 132 for damn near anything else. Tony
  16. Anything with a single hook. Blues are a PITA whe treble hooks are around. Cant tell you how many times a blue has taken a whole treble in his mouth and effectivly stapled the damn thing shut.
  17. White bucktail with white pork rind has done me in more than once
  18. John O I knew that one would come back to haunt me, LOL Seriously though, thay make all the difference in the world. I have used both the stockingfoot and bootfoot and they fit much more comfortably. Tony
  19. Well, I'm no giant 5'9", 200#. I have had issues as well, as far as getting chest waders to fit my chest/legs I apparently needed to be 6'4". I have found Cabelas carries a stout sized wader, couple of different styles, that have worked well for me. Normally I try to support the sites or my local B&T, but it seemed the only way to get comfortable waders. I'm sure others will chime in as well. Tony
  20. Where can you get bomber gear? I tried looking for them online and the most recent I can find is there 2004 line.
  21. Michael, you can put on in Napeague and head East until you reach Hither Hills, not sure if you can drive that, last time I tried there was a sign saying I couldn't go any further, could've been piping plover season though. After that you run into EH town beaches which is a different permit altogether. Even with the EH permit I don't think you can get East of Ditch. Hope this helps Tony
  22. For Bucktailing I prefer the GSB 1201M. I also have a GSB 1321L that is my all around rod. I like the 10' for under the light and for days like yesterday, 30+ MPH winds, you can really rip a cast into the wind. The shorter length makes it a little easier to handle in the rocks. Tony
  23. Thanks Husky, I was confused, not that that anything that doesn't happen daily. Tony
  24. You might want to test it first. By removing the center hook you could change how the plug sits/rides in the water. In some cases the center hook keeps the plug from rolling. Try one or two first and see how you like the action. Tony
  25. Drew, Great job explaining your method, and I always like pics. I do have a question however, in your description you mentioned a 1/16" hole that was drilled. In Huskys schematic he has a 5/16" hole. The drill bit in the pic looks bigger than I remember 1/16 being. Although it could look bigger because of the pic. Thanks alot, and once again great job. Tony