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  1. Loki, great job. Handcarve I assume. What sort of action does that thing have???? Tony
  2. A book, c'mon Billy I'm thinking DVD. You're a photogenic sort of guy, LOL Tony
  3. My past few surf rods have been with BMNAG's (Double foot) or BYAG (Single Foot). They have held up to alot of abuse and they rook Maaahvelous! Tony
  4. Ralph, I'm by no means an expert, having only done 1 besides a diamond, but at a NERBS gathering I watched Billy40 make a bunch of passes and then pack, then make a bunch more passes, then pack, etc. I found it to be much easierthis way as the threads weren't moving around as much. I'm sure you'll get a lot more well informed replies, lol. Good wraps and Merry Christmas Tony
  5. I'm in, that fish is ginormous, LOL. Seriously, based on what little of the fish that I can see I'm guessing 34" about 15#. Merry christmas all Tony
  6. Darter, couldn't you scan the image, in this case the page with the sketch and then cut and paste just the sketch as another image. For example, sketch1_060710 for the sketch for July 10 2006 and then insert it into the document? Or at least have a record of the sketches as an appendix??? Tony
  7. Mine is attached to the board. The entire motor/board assy is hinged.
  8. I have a similar Sears lathe, my girlfriends grandfathers. He had it set up with the motor behind the lathe mounted to a board that was on hinges. Basically the weight of the motor becomes the tensioner. I might have an extra motor, not sure if it works, but I can check. Tony
  9. Charlie, I'm in, Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas Tony
  10. Tortolla is in the British Virgin Islands supposed to be really nice. My GF has been there, but not me yet, LOL
  11. I guess I'll start, I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity Tony
  12. Alright I'm in, first one, I'm scared, LOL.
  13. If it's well after the holidays I could be up to it
  14. Aww man, I cant stand RR, but Giada is smokin. She could make a few mistakes in the kitchen, I'm not sure I'd notice. LOL
  15. First starve yourself all day. then - Raw Clams & Shrimp Coctail - Baked Clams - Zuppa de Pesche (pasta w/clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari,scallops, fish) - Fried Shrimp, Fried Scallops, Fried Calamari, Smelts, Bacala, Olive Salad. - Desert, espresso Take a nap then open presents at midnight Over the years the menu has changed slightly, we have had blue claw crabs, Lobster tails, mussels in a red sauce over toasted italian bread, and I'm sure other things that elude me at the moment. God now I'm hungry Tony
  16. Here's a question for you guys/girls. What kind of action can you expect from a particular typs of swimmer? I normally us Danny's or Darters and they each have a very distinct action. I have found that a Danny produces a tight wiggle, while a Darter gives a larger Zig-Zag type action. So what could I expect from other types of swimmers? Danny - Tight wiggle Darter - Sweeping Zig-Zag Pikie - Conrad - Round Nosed Metal Lip (RM Smith, Tattoos Tackle, etc) - Floyd Roman Nike - A-40 - Coyboy - I'm sure there are more, feel free to add any. Just curious., I got into some good action the other day and was very productive with a Danny, it got me wondering If I would have had the same success with other types of swimmers. Thanks Tony
  17. Cool, thanks Numbskull. Tony
  18. Wetsuit'nMTK, a tight snake or a larger "wiggle"?
  19. I'm in, thanks for the opportunity, and Merry Christmas Tony
  20. We fished Boca Rio Nosara, didn't have too much luck but there was a local with a LARGE snook, had to be 36". Talk about a bumpy ride down to the river, yikes. Tony
  21. Alright, I ve seen this done both ways, I'm wondering if there is a right/wrong way to hook a pork rind on a bucktail. On a red/White pork rind some people have the Red side facing upwards ( same direction as the eye), while others have the Red side facing the bottom (away from the eye). Now for you wisea$$es who think this is one of those polls to try to keep me from looking like an idiot and just asking "how should I hook my pork rind?" I use all white rind and the white side faces up, and down, LOL.
  22. Playa Nosara, Yeah, it's gorgeous. We rented a cottage at Harbor Reef had a private path to the Pacific. Bring a surf rod if you can, we had a ball catching jacks from the beach. We were there 2 years ago so my memories a little fuzzy, but I'm sure I can remember some stuff. Here's a pic of a sunset from the beach
  23. Can't drink beer while holding your rod???, LOL
  24. HPD, I've had no luck locating that issue. I've got before and after, and I distinctly remember reading the article, but no luck so far. Sorry Tony
  25. HPD, there was an article about making ferrules in rodmaker mag a couple of years ago. Let me see if I can find my copy. It might be of some use. Tony