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  1. Will definitely keep this in mind.
  2. We looked into Isla Holbox a few years back, opted to do something else.
  3. Fishy, that is one of the areas that I was considering, also looking further south. South of Acapulco maybe? Got lots of time to do research, LOL
  4. I appreciate your responses to my questions as I am trying to find a better terminal connection with 60+ lb leader material
  5. Are the Double Palomar and Uni almost redundant? Or is there an application where you would use on over the other?
  6. Out of curiosity, what are the 6 knots?
  7. I always carry my reels in my carry on (backpack) spooled, never had a problem leaving the US. Twice I had to remove the spools and place them in my checked luggage for the return. Once was with a line of people behind me and I was trying to peel the line off of a conventional reel that a friend had asked me to bring back to the US for service. What a pain in the ass. Now I put all of my spools in a small reel bag and bury it in my luggage for the return trip.
  8. I just recently saw this. Need some time to test it, but it might be a great, quick knot to tie with mono-mono, or mono-flouro
  9. Tim, I like a loop knot when tying direct, but will you use that with a clip as well?
  10. I had an issue last march where a clinch knot pulled on a tuna I had fought for about 2.5 hours. It was fine until the capt tried to hand line to assist me on the rod. The knot pulled, I was sick. With thicker, stiffer leader material I guess it didn't cinch down enough. I don't like the improved Cinch with thicker line either, it doesn't lay right. I'm either going with the uni or the San Diego Jam knot
  11. I use my truck. Don't bother with the phone if I'm in the surf. On the boat, I'll keep it someplace dry.
  12. I've been using this stuff for years
  13. Cuts like butter when your hands have been wet and wrinkly for a while, lol
  14. I would like the following: F - 3" Hook File - 6 available @ $4.00 each- QTY 1 I - Rapala Super Line Scissors - 1 available @ $7.50 K - Mustad 6" Braid Cutter/Split Ring Pliers - 1 available @ $8.50 Thanks, Tony
  15. RIP John. Your talent and enthusiasm will be greatly missed
  16. I remember a store bought rig I had years ago that had the teaser tied on the swivel, but it was the same knot that had the longer end tied to it. I'll have to see if I have it in an old tackle box, but picture a palomar knot tied to the swivel with a long tag end and the teaser tied to that.
  17. Tim, I remember Habs and Tattoo doing a compilation back in the day, Hab-a-tat, or something like that. The first batch might be from them
  18. Tim, out of idle curiosity, why the restriction on the Recipe Forum?
  19. White Water 4th Annual Spring Cast Off
  20. Paypal sent
  21. I'll take one of the darker reds as well. $11 would be the new total?
  22. My mistake the tube on the bottom left looked different from the red/pink that is in the middle of the box. Could have been the lighting. No, just 1 red/pink
  23. 1 each of the following: Green Red Pink Yellow Thanks Tony
  24. Jam Band - Grace Potter Rock/Metal - Lzzy Hale - Halestorm