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  1. Tim, wasn't Stripersniper a member here years ago? Neil???? from Mass or NH.
  2. tpoliti

    Braid Color

    Wow, the orange looks good. What reels are those? Liking the smaller one.
  3. I have used TA clips for years, never had an issue. I do prefer a loop knot when fishing a bucktail.
  4. Yankee, wish I had one for you. You might want to post this in the hunting/shooting stuff forum as well. https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/forum/98-hunting-and-shooting-stuff/ Good Luck
  5. After tons of research I decided to go with Mickey Thompson Baja Boss on my 2018 Tundra. Ride great, no noise.
  6. I've been using the slim beauty or the Uni-Uni. This looks easier and quicker.
  7. Looks like a nice simple knot. Gotta play around with it.
  8. 3 snappers is ridiculous though.
  9. Donnmar CP212 "Big Game" Hook Sharpener
  10. Don't think I can post a link, but try Jignpop. The site says limited stock
  11. They're great when he can stay on topic. He gets so excited he sometimes wanders, LOL. It's pretty funny. Always enjoy listening to Bill.
  12. Mitchman, if you wouldn't mind passing on the contact info for Captain Jesus, that would be great. Might try to get a day on the boat. When you were there did you hit Marieta island?? Wife wants to do a trip, not sure if we want to hit hidden beach or not. still doing research. Thanks, Tony
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