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  1. I have something similar, Flambeau Maximizer. Works well
  2. Pretty much what I was going to add
  3. Sorry Tim, thought I had cut/pasted around any links. Happy Belated Birthday!
  4. This was posted on a rodbuilding site. Having Technical Problems Date: March 25, 2020 01:31PM Please be advised our web hosting and ERP provider is currently experiencing difficulties. As a result, our website is not available, and we are not able to access account information or take orders. We are working with our provider right now to correct this as soon as possible and will let you know when things are back up and running. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to have this resolved shortly. Regards. Team Mud Hole Custom Tackle
  5. Sigh, OK if I have to...
  6. A million years ago, when I was young, OK it was only 30ish years ago, I used to buy pre-tied teasers from Smith Point Bait and Tackle. I'm not sure why I remember this but the rig was a swivel on top and clip on the bottom (duo-lock if I remember correctly). The teaser was a red gill that was tied on the tag end of the knot from the swivel. I don't remember the knot, I wish I still had one around. If anyone knows Craig maybe he might remember.
  7. Always use a leader with braid. As strong as braid is, it pops pretty easy once it gets chafed. 30-36" is a good length. In rocky areas I use 60# Jinkai, it makes handling fish much safer on your hands as well. I do not use a swivel, many do. I prefer to tie leader to braid with a slim beauty knot. Other good knots are the FG, Alberto or Albright. If you want to use a clip I tie a Uni knot, or a palomar. If you want to tie your leader to the lure I prefer a loop knot like the Rapala knot.
  8. I received the reel today, looks great. Thank you Redfish12 and SOL. Please close the thread.
  9. Not thrilled with the belly hook, but I might run it without it. For the price I might pick a few up and test them.
  10. I can do Paypal, or check. I'm not in an hurry and I'm not set up for Venmo. LMK what works better for you.
  11. Man, it looks great. I guess I can't pass it up. I don't need the rod, I've got a blank I want to build. How do you want to handle payment?
  12. If I can see some pics that would be great.
  13. Looking to buy a lefty Tranx 300.