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  1. My deepest condolences to you and your family Tim.
  2. I use this stuff all the time, never had issues with it clogging.
  3. I catch and release
  4. I started using this last year on my boat. I used to use a small plastic container but they were all mixed up, id spend too much time searching for a specific weight.
  5. Nice plug, I'm in!!!!
  6. Thanks
  7. What is the model of the lathe???
  8. We Have a Winner! Congrats Hunter123, I will send you a PM to get your info. Hopefully you will continue the tradition of Keeping the Dream Alive
  9. Picking the winner on Monday.
  10. Thanks to Buckscorider for keeping the dream alive and donating the that awesome Scabelly plug. I was lucky enough to win and want to keep this good will gesture going! Up for grabs in the newest installment of Keeping the dream alive is a Striper Bites Popper made by Jeff Bajek. Just give me a "Lets keep the dream alive" for your chance to win this great plug. Hopefully the lucky winner will keep the dream alive and start a new giveaway. I forgot to add that I will pick a winner on April 1 2019.
  11. Thanks for the good news. I will start a new giveaway later today. Let’s see what goodies I have stashed away.
  12. Is there a difference between a flutter jig and a jig like the Daddy Mac Elite casting Jig?
  13. I'm in for the Scabelly
  14. I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity
  15. I think my problem is that Tasline 15LB shows a stated breaking strength of 23.8 (from the info on the website and I'll assume on the package) and when I sorted by Stated LB the Tasline shows up in the 24Lb category (by itself). But when you compare it to the actual strength, S/W line mass or diameter of Yozuri Super Braid Blue it is closer to the 15 than it is the 20, if that makes sense. I'm not sure why I'm so hung up on this I think I going to try the Yozuri Super Braid Blue in a few different applications, LOL. Once again, Thank You for all the work you have put in on this, now I have to learn to tie the FG, though I am pretty happy with the Slim Beauty.