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  1. Thanks, for the comments everyone after the initial run the cobia surfaced briefly in the crest of a wave it took a few seconds to realize it was on the end of my line at least 150 yrds of off the beach if I had to guess how big probably in the 50lb+range.And yes the memory is still in my head, crowds were not that bad during weekdays considering the point was closed and yes I believe that was a spade fish.
  2. It has been over 20 years since my last attempt at fishing for cobia from the surf. I did hook one this time the first week but only had it on for a couple mins. 2nd week saw one taken from a boat about 150+yrds in front of where I was fishing, maybe next year? a few pics, from the trip.
  3. bummed out that we couldn't make it this spring,miss fishing and hanging out with you guys. going down to obx for a couple weeks hoping to catch the elusive cobia
  4. Did you save any of the tuna belly?(red drum candy)
  5. Under 30" on the grill or fried, have not seen any worms on the ones that I have kept
  6. Thanks hydraman I was hoping it could handle 8-10 oz weights with a chunk. is he happy with the price/performance ratio?
  7. What type of fish, weight and bait used?
  8. Yes, that's the one!
  9. Has anybody owned or fished with a st.croix avid 12' surf casting rod?
  10. My wife caught this 29'' black drum on a sibiki rig about three weeks ago north of avon
  11. have 2 of the 8' used mainly for light surf with cut bait, they have held up quite well.
  12. I'm in
  13. yeah,well,but what kind? what kind of shark? its a tiger shark ...a what
  14. here is a small sheepshead from the beach
  15. way to go erik,and in the secret spot I bet