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  1. The handle itself I believe but not collar and sideplate stay 2 pieces iirc.
  2. I have chunked Raritan bay a lot and he is right. 90% of the time you are going to throw 6 ounces or less. The only time I felt a need to step up to a true heaver was if I wanted to throw heads with a lot of meat on them or in a storm out front. Maybe also consider the daiwa ballistic rods just to throw another in the mix. Also I have an ST and like it a lot although I'm not a fan of the handle collar and handles side body not being one piece. For that price I feel like it should be. Can get a ton a distance with an akios and use thr money you save for a very nice rod like some that have been mentioned
  3. Sorry that 700 is firm.. it's a hell of a deal for this reel in this color and size and the condition it is in. I'm not selling this to pay bills so I'll hold out for 700.. thank you for your interest.
  4. Sorry for the delay I'm not getting the email notifications
  5. I can do 675 pickup and 700 shipped. It retails for over 950 new and it's obviously very clean. Also comes with box and bag.
  6. It is still available but not looking for trades. Thanks though.
  7. Please close due to lack of interest.. Will repost at a later time after try other venues. Thanks
  8. Final price drop to 700 before removing to sell elsewhere
  9. Price drop to 750, shipped. Great deal for a great, clean reel.
  10. Reel also comes loaded with 50lbs seaguar kanzen braid. Let me know if any other pics are needed.
  11. Just moved down south and won't have much need for a sealed reel. I am the original owner. Included are reel original box, cards , sticker , and bag. Looking for $800.00 shipped to your door. Reel is mechanically 9.5 out of 10 and only saying that cause it's not brand new anymore. Cosmetically it's between an 8.5 and a 9 I would guess with only minor wear. I'll upload as many pics as I can so you can see ever angle
  12. The braid was something I brought when dicks had a ridiculous sale. It's seaguar kainzen. I had a ton leftover from what I brought . I'm sure if I switch braids it would work better but now that I moved to NC I'm not plugging lime I did in Jersey. I seem to hold bottom much easier using mono due to the stretch. I'm using conventionals and I'm sure I'll load one rod with a different braid once the sharks show up just to get more line on the reel. Currently using the Alberto knot for mono to mono just cause it's easy to tie. But might give the Albright a try also because it's similar and slightly smaller. Thanks all for the recommendations.
  13. I usually chunk using braid but since I moved just recently I've been running into issues with the braid just breaking after soaking a bit. I usually tie an fg knot and I check it before each cast but lately I'll go to reel in or set the hook and it breaks with little to no pressure. So gonna make the switch to mono and was wonder if an fg knot works just as well or should I consider a different knot for mono to shock?.. I only asked here cause I know most of you guys use mono for distance
  14. Tommy that sounds great..i won't be officially moving till mid April but I will be definitely looking you up
  15. Yeah I would definitely have someone from the area build the blank for me otherwise I'd have to deal with shipping . Plus having someone familiar with the type of fishing ill be doing build the rod seems to make the most sense