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    Fish all year round from trout,halibut,salmon specially stripe bass day n night
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    Camping,fishing, rviing
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    partially retired and fish

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  1. that'll be a good excuse to buy another set up!!!
  2. I have one that I use for jigging macks and throwing spinners for salmon. for the money as long as you rinse it after each use in the salt its a pretty good reel.
  3. A balloon was used to catch smelt with some cut bait and later on someone caught a salmon in Pacifica pier in California and hell broke loose using bobbers in the late 60's
  4. I wear mine over my shoulder, lessen your load for night and day fishing , your shoulder will feel better
  5. if you're that worried move your family boat can be replace by insurance, be safe
  6. hang tough buddy keep your head up, just enjoy your time with you daughter. it's been a year now since I lost my best friend and my fishing buddy. Prayers to everyone.
  7. this will all hooks are not perfect
  8. I don't know where you are heading to in Alaska but I've always fished the Kenai for salmon and drive another hour for Halibut at Ninilchik first the view was spectacular live active volcanoes while traveling to our spot to fish, We fished for several hours trying to catch some barn door no luck so the captain brought us at this sector D spot on our last hour of fishing before coming in and it was on, never saw fishery this good. Every drop of your line was a fish, we were releasing fish 25 lber so we can get something better. to end the day we caught our limits for six an average of 40 lbers. . Now do your math 50 lb of fillets !!! Have fun.
  9. who takes there kids out fishing and spending time with them
  10. try using the number 4 mosquito hook
  11. I like trilene big game ., izoreline or pline chameleon
  12. no big difference