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    Fish all year round from trout,halibut,salmon specially stripe bass day n night
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    Camping,fishing, rviing
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    partially retired and fish

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  1. you paid her with a reel instead of cash
  2. this is a good reason to buy another one
  3. I've seen beaches out here in California pack , for what I heard someone got cited
  4. i use my vr50 with edge 11 1/2 1/2-3 20 lb braid the weight of the combo feels like a salmon rod
  5. I'll take the first and last picture offer 10.00 each JK nice lures, I have enough lures collected since the 70s
  6. same here in California , closed parks and beaches.
  7. Talented!!!
  8. this is what good companies do, give back some.
  9. resell it it's like wagyu meat
  10. grease the reel ,lookin at the picture you can see some rust
  11. after 40 yrs, of fishing always planned my day or evening trips, fishing have changed where a lot more fisherman out . Last 3 yrs. we had a cycle of smaller fish specially shakers. When fishing is slow I would go back to basic and fish till I find some fish. But sometimes just being out even not catching fish is a lot of fun and relaxing.
  12. This is part of the damage we have to deal with our addiction to fishing , casting those plugs and metals just to reach the fish with high tech light rods, the vibration that transfers to our arm and body , the quickest cure for all the pain is one good bump and you're good to go for another hour. It's that one more cast that messes with our head. But it feels good!!! Keep fishing it's our therapy.
  13. it's called rest. stretching will heal the soreness from casting and resting the shoulder will help heal .
  14. ray bans