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    Fish all year round from trout,halibut,salmon specially stripe bass day n night
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    Camping,fishing, rviing
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    partially retired and fish

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  1. ugly stick
  2. you know you're old when you need binoculars to see what a young can see long ways. Have to use GPS so I don't miss my exits.
  3. predator rods are good rods they were use as a muskie rod. can't beat the price.
  4. those smaller fish would go ballistic just to shake the lure off all the time.
  5. That's what I say when you order from china. How can they sell the same product here in USA and they can't survive at a higher cost.
  6. you won't have any time except wanting to sleep , you'll be up changing diapers but congratulations!!
  7. I have a 13 footer 3 piece rod with folding big guide free shipping for $450.00
  8. there's some cheap and expensive waders out there. I myself use a chest waders made by simms.
  9. working at Dick's sporting goods
  10. currently I think they cut back on workers and products like combo fishing rods are made in china
  11. you can never win even if you bring all the lures you want the fish will bite on a lure that you didn't carry or have.
  12. plugging for hours at night tend to hurt your shoulder the longer you fish specially without a single bite. I usually carry sp's, darter, top water and some buck tails along 11 ft. rod 1/2 to 3 oz
  13. throw the rod back and keep the sea weeds for salad. better for you.
  14. don't bring someone that can't keep a secret when fishing.
  15. from fresh water to saltwater fishing you will experience a lot more skunk days, the main thing is to enjoy your day fishing either you catch fish or not.. talking to fisherman and watching fish a spot is another way to find spot.