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  1. thats good I hotdogs with catchup are the devils food. anyone who does that is over the age of 14 should be drawn and quartered.
  2. i seem to remember there were no fish in rhode island just pissy tourists and traffic. I am going through my gear now getting it ready for the salt and hopefuly I can get out there soon. if i have a Ma salt water licence do i still need a RI one?
  3. what is this scup thing you are talking about?
  4. I have all my spots marked on my super secret map, so secret I cant even figure out where I put it. Stewie yeah it has been a while. my guess is you guys would walk right past me if I stopped by I have lost about 1/3 of my previous weight and gone with a beard now a very grizzly Adams look.
  5. to those of you who remember me. it has been a while since I came on. and fished in the salt for that matter. I am really hoping to get out some more this year both with my heavy gear and my fly rod.
  6. hey all good to see the regulars are still at it. I still do my best to hit the gym or the road 5-6 days a week. I have kept the weight off with barely any fluctuation. I do need to work harder or at least my doctor thinks so. he wants me to lose another 15-20. I think I could possibly lose 10 more comfortably but only at the cost of the pizza and Chinese on the weekends. The telling will be this Friday I have an appointment with the Va. to have my left shoulder checked out. There is a constant nagging sometimes sharp pain which has limited my push-ups and bench/shoulder press. I did the bloodwork last week. So I will find out how all my lvls are.
  7. I have become a fan of farm fresh eggs. I have 6 chickens now. I like them all differnt ways. over easy on toast is a morming staple. I love the Portugues way with steak and fries. that was my dinner last night. I also love an omlet done in a cast iron pan started on the stove top then finished with cheese in the oven on broil.
  8. who care get a charcoal grill the food tastes better
  9. I think in her case it was a bit of both. She was to blame because she gave him access and knew he was crazy but unless missed something she did try to get him help. to little and to late but it was there. my issue is not with parents who try and fail because there is no support system out there. it are those that are for lack of a better explination "not my Johny" parents. these are the parents when overwelming evidence is presented they say it is not my kid this teacher has it out for my kid. I remember 3 cases when I was younger and wilder that my parent instead of saying not my kid forced me to face the music. they stood with me but in all three cases they made sure there was punishment even on the first offence when the neighbor was more then willing to let things go. I ended up repairing the damage done and paying for it out of my own pocket. (paying back my parents).
  10. looking forward to going this year.
  11. For the past 30 years I have carried a pocket knife all through high school I cared it every day. I still carry one today and have used it more times than I can remember when something needed to be cut but no one else had a knife. I work in the office of a rather large manufacturing plant in Ma. so I get 2 different reaction those from the people who manufacture and assemble the stuff don't even blink an eye those in the office have on more than one occasion asked me why I carry a weapon. to them I ask what weapon they are referring because their stupid cake knife is 9 inches longer than the blade I carry. We live in a mixed up world now that thinks random searches will stop violence instead of old fashion parental responsibility. I blame the time out.
  12. Funny how Dude comes on and attacks the original post was about an attention Wh*re but of course it was about a woman so he fakes insult (or worse he beleives that an attention Wh*re means a woman who sleeps around instead of someone seeking attention)
  13. Last week driving down the road 2 women are running side by side on the street. They just stay side by side. Worse part of this is the sidewalk is clear and can accommodate both easy. I run and often have to run in the street because there are no sidewalk when a car approaches I do my best to get off the road. I also run facing traffic so I can see oncoming cars unlike many that I do see running and walking with traffic.
  14. I am a big fan of plasma. I think the color is true. LCD is older technology and not worth it in my opinion think computer monitor. and LED I had one and got rid of it I thought the colors were just to harsh.
  15. Danm I was hoping for some pics then I remembered this was a fishing site. sex is so much more fun when you can remember it.