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  1. I've have an 18k Stella for sale here I'll trade reels if that's allowed .
  2. Reduced 800.00 Pick up 825.00 shipped Paypal
  3. Southeastern mass. 02764.
  4. I'll take it for 555.00 if it can be delivered by Thursday PM
  5. Reel reduced 825.00 pick up 850.00 shipped PP Rod sold (Ba Ba Buoy)
  6. ttt
  7. Item no longer available.
  8. I won't be near the canal for a few months.
  9. Where are you?
  10. Not looking for any trades,just thinning down on canal gear. I'm in Dighton.
  11. 25 to center of seat
  12. Used twice spooled with 55lb samauri includes box cover and papers. No shipping Located in S.E. Mass 875.00 cash. Also have Rainshadow SU1209 for 200.00 that pairs well with the reel.
  13. Reduced 625.00
  14. Only used at canal,last service 2016. Minor scratches no issues with reel smooth as a Stella should be. Box with papers and case spooled with 55lb Samari. 675.00 cash no shipping located in S.E. Mass
  15. I agree they screwed this up again. If Mayfield was their QB choice (wrong in my opinion) they should a taken Barkley #1 Mayfield would be available and still the wrong choice at #4. They took it a step further passing on Chubb who was #1 overall,selecting Ward #13.