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  1. Great video of Enrico tying one of his most famous patterns. Years ago when I was a member of the Salty Flyrodders of NY some of us used to go over to his shop in Queens. He was always happy to help us with any questions we had. BTW, that's an outrageous custom made vise he has there. Perry
  2. My friends and I have caught many a gator Blue (when they were more prevalent) on this pattern. Must have in the box.
  3. Here are an assortment. 2nd and 3rd ones from the top were tied by Glen Mickelson.
  4. Search Ben Whalley on YouTube. He just recently had a Zoom video I was a part of. He does a great SBS on this technique. I thought it was sick! Opens up a whole lot of new possibilities. Good luck. Perry
  5. Great video! Really enjoy:hooked:ed it
  6. Sorry guys. Hit the wrong button on the phone. Anyway Albacized, did the same thing with my NV. Only diff is I had the company do it. Used it on some big fish over last couple of years. Which is how long I've had it. No issues inc/ warranty. Fantastic reel
  7. I presently have a custom made Diamondback 11wt 3-pc and I had an 8wt also. They have the beautiful green blank. I don't remember the name of it but it's not the drk gray backwater blank. They both cast excellent and I loved them. However, I do have to agree with the three pc breaking. The 8wt was unfortunately short lived (maybe a couple years or more). Tip broke and company had been bought by Cortland. Couldn't find a replacement off their shelves. They replaced it with their Stu Apte rod at that time. Didn't care for it and sold it. However the 11wt is an unreal rod to fish with! Yes it's a little on the heavy side but I'm a tile and marble setter so I don't have a problem. Anyway, originally I tried the backwater and didn't care for it as I did the former. IMO for the price, I only purchase TFO rods now. From saltwater single, TH, and even spey rods. I find their action to work best with my casting style. They also have a no ? asked return policy. $25 gets you a new rod. I've had and cast them all. Don't see a need to spend $600-$800 on a new rod. Just MHO Perry
  8. I second the E Branch of the Croton River. Great trout stream! It's been over ten years since I fished it, but it produced some sizeable browns and rainbows for me. Caddis flies of all phases at appropriate times worked the best. My favorite was always the dry fly presentation during the summer dusk into evening. Perry
  9. I have countless reels like the rest of you. Abel, Nautiless, Ari-Hart(trout), and Islander. Even owned one of the Penn fly reels (sold). My first choice is the Islander. I have the old school type. 2- #2's and 1- #3. I've played with many different species of fish, here in the NE-USA, Mexico, and Venezuela. Including some rather large and also very quick. Not once has any of the Islander reels let me down. They're easy to take apart and maintain. Once I sent one of the #2's to be tuned-up. Customer service was impeccable and didn't cost much. Best of all, can't beat the sound of an older reel screaming as your quarry makes a run for it. If you could ever find one for sale (very hard) buy it in a heartbeat! I would never part with mine. I'll hand them down to one of my kids. Good luck with your choice. Perry
  10. Jonny beautiful fleyes! Question, I noticed the tube had some type of metallic dust on it. Is that there to aid in keeping material in place and did you put it there or it came like that? Thanks, Perry
  11. A lot of peeps that fish here in the NE of the USA have emphasized the fact that these nasty buggers are an important part of a fish's diet. Flatliner- that's a nice pattern. You've given me some new ideas on how I can try and imitate. Here's a pic to give an example of their coloration.
  12. From the album Mantis shrimp

  13. NICE Jab-Man! Do you dip them in the Hennessy after you tye them?
  14. Those big boys mangled your fleyes! Jabster have the pike spawned yet?