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  1. Accidentally reposted
  2. Heavy fog delays early boats saturday am.
  3. Thanks Skitter. It's all about knowing what you're doing and keeping at it. This year produce my personal best for LMB and stripers. What beats me is I fish less than ever this year.
  4. Almost mistaken one for the other until I felt sharp teeth pressed down very tightly on my jig.
  5. Only one big one hanging with the schoolies and blues. Caught on a shad head jig with walmart grub.
  6. The pond I fish at close to 4 feet below the norm. The water level has sunk to where it meets the thick underwater plants and the fish can't seem to find the bait.
  7. So true. I caught them sniffing my bait too. Advice: don't use 30 lb line =(.
  8. Awesome fish kenomike. I would love to catch one.
  9. I was using my new line 50lb slick 8 from power pro. It increased my cast drastically and it had power so I don't have to resort to 30 lb power pro. The jigs are homemade from a mold company. On white grubs from walmart. I caught 5 back to back missed the bite on the 6th cast. Then 3 more back to back. At first it was blues but I got lower in the water column and started getting bass.