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  1. L-Dog

    Hello Trolls!

    Kids, work and life. Son home from college has been pushing me to fish more than I have been over the past few years so I figured I would check in.
  2. Hi Trolls! Have not posted here in a VERY long time. It was fun to read some of the old posts. Good times! Hope everyone is well! L-Dog
  3. Still have dreams about that day.....just epic!
  4. If they are still available I will take one too!
  5. it should be a crime for what they charge for lures these days. If you have the time make your own and they do not need to be wood. Use the search features of the site and you will find plenty of information.
  6. Booked a place in Avon during the MA school vacation starting 4/15. Was there last year in July and it was one of the best relaxing vacation I ever had.....cant wait to get back! We only brought a two rods and some gear last time and now I believe I know what I need to fish so my son and I are going to be fishing like mad men for the week! My 11yr old is going nuts and cannot wait to fish so if anyone has some tips to put him onto some fish please feel free to reply or PM me. I cannot wait to fish with my son on the beach!
  7. I agree I am TIRED of hearing that! That money could be used to pay for a small part the kids college fund or a nice trip with the family.
  8. Fed refund??? HA HA HA I have not seen one of those in YEARS!! I think I could buy a good amount of fishing gear with the amount i owe.
  9. willing to negotiate a little on the price....anyone?
  10. Sorry about the late reply but I think I need to officially re-open this. Here is basic info on the stove. For more information on the stove Google is your friend Brand: Lennox Model: Winslow P140 Fuel: Pellet Heating Capacity*: 900 to 2,000 square foot Maximum BTU Output: 37,800 BTU (4.5 lbs per hour) Minimum BTU Output: 15,120 BTU (1.8 lbs per hour) Blower: 150 CFM Hopper Capacity**: 55 lbs. Vent Pipe Diameter: 3" Pellet vent Width: 26.25" Front Height: 23 3/8" Rear Height: 19" Depth Into Fireplace: 15.25" Depth Onto Hearth: 14 3/8" Approximate Weight: 265 lbs Warranty: Limited Lifetime Electrical: Blower motor AC 120 Volts – 60 Hz
  11. Going to close this....off to the other sites.
  12. For Sale: Lennox pellet stove. it is a little dusty but never used and still on the skid it came on.Purchased this a year ago and paid $3000 willing to let it go for $2500....yes that is a $500 savings!!! All of the trim and accessories are still in the boxes. Pickup only in Northern Mass (Lowell). Oil prices are rising and this will save you tons of cash!
  13. L-Dog

    Pellet Stove

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