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  1. I didn't know the 1-10-1 rule. I hope I never have to use it.
  2. As a fly fisherman, I've been saying this for over a decade. NOAA data shows that Northeast Coast (southern tip of NJ to Canada) has the strongest winds in the country. Add increasing climate chaos and we can expect it to get worse year-over-year.
  3. It's been confirmed by science that the younger generation suffers from outdoor deficit disorder. Too much screen time, not enough time outdoors. They lack the outdoor experiences that lead to an understanding of how dangerous natural forces can be. It's a good time to post the Rule of 50 (in addition to JimP's statement): If someone is in 50 °F (10 °C) water for 50 minutes, he/she has a 50 percent better chance of survival if wearing a life jacket.
  4. Sad but true.
  5. I largely practice C&R because I believe the fishery is worth more than the meat. I do keep 1-3 fish a year. I only take them if I know the meat is not going to be wasted. If you have a bleeder on your hands, it's dead or will be in a few minutes. You can say something like, "Crabs gotta eat!" and toss it into the ocean or you can bring it home. Read up on valid scientific studies about Monroe Saxtalis and develop your own code.
  6. Is anyone out targeting cod?
  7. You want someone like Authur. Thinks small practice, at least 10 years of experience, understanding of investments, tax, and estate planning. Having a CFP or CFA designation helps. Ask them about their investment philosophy, investment strategies, and what tax strategies they employ. If they shy away from even rudimentary tax or legal questions, find someone else. Most are trained to sell. A fee-only financial planner is a good idea, but this model never caught on because people are willfully ignorant. Good luck. It's a field mired by gross incompetence and thievery.
  8. This is a good idea, theory.
  9. Without natural forage, they become aggressive panhandlers.
  10. Florida law enforcement involved with Kraft's case were huge Tampa Bay fans. Getting Brady to Tampa was part of the plea bargaining deal.
  11. I was wondering why the birds were going nutto at low tide.
  12. I agree with you on the winter flounder. I have posted before about how, as a kid, I could use a drop line and a seaworm on any bridge and take home a few winter flounder. When that stopped, I asked the two old-timers on my street what happened. They both had the same response, "draggers". The fishery has never fully recovered to the days, but it has recovered to the point where a lot of rec anglers are targeting winter flounder in greater Boston. I agree that this change will have a negative impact on both the rebounding recreational cod and winter flounder fisheries. I bristle when after a good year of flounder/fluke fishing commercial limits are expanded for commercial fishermen. We know the consequences, rec fishing in the same and following years will suffer. Flounder is a sacrificial lamb to keep commercial fishermen happy when other stocks are low. We all know that recreational fishermen do not have a voice. I would love to hear politicians speak to recreational fishermen like they speak when they are in Gloucester or New Bedford. Until then, we'll keep posting like this. Regarding why people don't sue the state: I'd guess it would be a very big undertaking with little chance of success.
  13. Partially true. They are getting vaxed because POTUS directed all states and territories to do so. All the governors I am aware of were mandating that schools fully reopen without providing teachers with vaccinations. If I were a teacher I would be outraged. It is difficult enough dealing with administration, emotional parents, and politicians for a job with low pay that requires a masters degree. Now you want me to put my life on the line? No thank you.
  14. Totally frustrating. You should call some of the sites in your grandmother's town for availability. I've heard that some of the lesser-known vaccination sites have cancellations and they are happy to fill the slot if you catch them at the right time. BTW, teachers have been included because federal and state governments realize how important they are to society and want them, and all students, back in the classroom.
  15. Yes. Comments have to be considered. If the state puts forth a change, the state has thought about it and thinks the change is worthwhile. So while they do not have to give them much consideration, they do have to consider them. Any oversight board would want to know what the comments were. Yes. "A public hearing is required if: - violation of the regulations is punishable by fine or imprisonment; or - a statute requires the hearing; or - there is a constitutional right to a hearing." This requires some homework.