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  1. The great thing about a kayak is you can go over boulder fields and get to knee deep water. Kayaks are stealth fishing craft. Most of my favorite fishing moments are while fishing from a kayak: Nantucket sleigh rides, having a school to yourself because boaters can't navigate the water you can; stripers so thick they hit your hull; and hooking a big one and trying to wrest it from the deep - a kayak only gives you so much leverage. Get a chart and study it. Go out at low tide to get a feel for the structure you will be fishing. Structure + rips are gold. Always have a PFD, a compass and a handheld VHF. Don't chase surface feeds across the harbor in a kayak. Stay away from channels when there is a lot of traffic. Just go and you'll find them sooner or later.
  2. Is this the same bridge where the LEO gave you trouble?
  3. I thought this photo was going to be the basis for the ditch troll license plate.
  4. Hey, Howell Raines, I am reporting you to our Humble Headed Tyrant for using vocabulary that requires a dictionary.
  5. I fished for winter flounder yesterday and got skunked. I wish they were more compliant like linesiders.
  6. OTW is a highly legitimate topic for posting and discussion. Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between, OTW is about fishing. The posts are especially welcome during the winter doldrums when throwaway posts like "What brand Q-tip do you use to clean your reel?" are used to generate discussion. P.S. I'm creating a list of throwaway topics for January 2020. Example: "Gudebrod for flossing?"
  7. "Roosterfish are the Elizabeth Hurley of fish." - Frank Smethurst
  8. Well, if we're done blaming the kayaker I think we should add: 1. Intoxicated boater; 2. Boater that doesn't know the rules of the road; 3. Boater/Jetskier who thinks its fun to harass and wake a kayaker; 4. Boater who just doesn't care about anyone but himself ("Eat my wake." "You scratched my anchor!").
  9. If you are fishing live macks and not getting any action, try a different spot every 15 minutes.
  10. Figuring it out yourself is half the fun.
  11. Certainly a lot of talent in Golden Gate Park.
  12. I read that, but I did not remember she was from San Francisco. I did mention her to my family as they prevented me from checking out the GGACC. Looks like a similar club exists in Oakland. I would love to see more clubs like that around the U.S.
  13. I stumbled across this club during a recent trip. It was founded in 1938 and still going strong today. The URL to the club and a video of the 1938 ceremonial opening is attached.
  14. There was one on my neighbor's lawn this morning. My city has an ordinance against releasing projectiles by mechanical means, so bring your machete.