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  1. The theory was that the gov't lab was experimenting on a biological way to kill Russian livestock. Some naturalists/environmentalists I spoke with believe the proliferation of ticks is to blame. Some of those same people said the extirpation of the carrier pigeon (a tick eater) may be a root cause. The mad scientist in a gov't lab is a far more interesting theory. I feel a scriptwriting project coming on.
  2. Curious. Was this a factory loop or a knot you tied that failed? I ask because I had a factory made fly line loop fail due to a big fish pulling the factory made leader loop right through the fly line loop.
  3. Thoughts and prayers to BFD. The Sanibel reports kept me warm in winter. God bless.
  4. Car toppin' must be a bitch.
  5. I agree with that statement in theory, but I don't typically get an eagle eye view of the school. Most people around here fish a pogie school in hope that there are predators underneath, but typically that's not the case. A happy pogie school could have stripers beneath or on a far side of the school. Without a school showing specific signs of distress (fast movement, boiling surface, observing splits in the school) they are always tight. I do agree with you that they can get tighter under predation, but I have also seen schools being hunted by many big fish that didn't show the obvious signs of stress.
  6. So sad, yet so true.
  7. Try making your pogie stand out in the crowd - higher or lower in the water column than the school or 20 yards away from the school.
  8. It has been my experience that pogies are always bunched up. When they are threatened by a predator, they move quickly to escape, sometimes they erupt on the surface in an attempt to flee. They are definitely bunched tighter when under attack.
  9. Yes, Matty from CapeFish Clothing. He sold me on sniper line for the flats of Barnstable. It worked great. I now have Rio Costal QuickShooter, but I haven't done any flats fishing. Matty has a lot of technical knowledge and OTW know-how.
  10. That's a sweet setup. Matty sang the virtues of the SA Hover line. After a RIO loop connection failure on a big fish, I will only buy SA or Orvis (same manufacturer). Nice custom rod from fellow SOL member.
  11. Way to go xp800. What's your rod, reel, and line setup? I've got two 8wt. and one 9wt. I think I may get a 10 rather than another 9. I caught the one below on a live pogie but would have rather caught it on a fly.
  12. 1. No one talks about their feelings (other than anger). 2. No safe space. 3. Lack of diversity. 4. No one considers the fish’s point of view. 5. Tim S. leaves the seat up.
  13. Trolling for salmon may have its charms, but I'd bet it makes for boring TV.
  14. A good pick of 24" stripers around structure and the occasional school of 40' class bass under pogie schools. It's not nonstop action, but there are big fish around.