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  1. They're around, migrating up river in April/May. Read some stories about targeting them in Lawrence on the Merrimack. Not interested enough to try it out.
  2. Agreed. An American Martin's (Martes Americana) tracks top out at 2.5" where a Fisher (Martes pennanti) tops out at 4". The American Martin's range does not include PA whereas the Fisher's does.
  3. Been to Ireland twice for a total of 30+ days.
  4. A friend with Irish roots whose birthday is today informed me that she was celebrating at the local taqueria with the riposte, "Margaritas are green".
  5. Agreed! But it sure beats European Competitive Carp fishing shows. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz.
  6. LOL!!!
  7. Who needs food when you are drinking Guinness.
  8. Oh yeah, that's why there are fine Irish restaurants all around the world.
  9. They released it online earlier this week. River fishing got me thinking about heading to western MA for trout. The Otter Creek Classic in VT is always a good time.
  10. Every battery has a limited life based on the number of times it is drawn down and recharged. Additionally, batteries can be damaged from overcharging, plate damage and sulfation. If your battery consistently fails to hold a charge, it is probably time for a new one.
  11. So the USCG can locate your body.
  12. Having a VHF is great for weather, especially weather alerts. Tune into 13 if you are fishing in commercial shipping areas or harbors with a lot of commercial traffic. Otherwise, a hot bite via kayak is hard to get to before the bite dies, so I'm not sure how valuable the VHF will be, but it is always great in case of an emergency. With the proliferation of Carcharodon Carcharias in some areas of the northeast, I think a VHF on your person is a good idea.
  13. Net instead of a gaff and circle hooks for bait is fine by me. I'm sure most people on this site their hand for stripers. I save the gaff for blues.
  14. Giant Squid.
  15. There are a bunch of quasi-public docks in Boston Harbor that, but for summer and weekends, are underutilized. You can always walk down to a float with no boats and cast away until you get the boot. I'd bet no one gives you the boot before 8 a.m. on a weekday, if at all.