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  1. That was Great! Thanks
  2. Now we can be Jersey guys. Good by! Toddman was correct years ago.
  3. Almost time for bob G to drop the hammer again here.
  4. Didn't they make Christmas tree rigs along with spinners and fish finder bait rigs?
  5. How much does he have on the game?
  6. FV Fisherman's View?
  7. Never know. Could even come from some fisheries mismanagement board or council. No probably not. Has not happened before.
  8. No one would have guessed that. WOW
  9. Two come to mind and now another shows up
  10. But they can't add 2 +2
  11. I would think more than one hen for a flock that size. Looks like a dozen!
  12. The whales are not in the harbor. Duh!
  13. Yup. MSY how's it working so far? Their best is not good enough. Let's deplete the resource.
  14. Because it's BS and no one can do anything about it. You could put 1000 opposing people in those meetings and "they" will still do what they want.