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  1. Two years now tying the hollow beast flies and I final tried spinning the bobbin on the mono. This technique of Bob's is fun , fast and effective . After now trying it I see why he has always told me it's the easiest and best way to make your extended bodies on mono. Not only can you make them as long as you'd like you can go down as low as 20-30lb test for a serpent like action enhanced to the back of the Fleye. Recently I had 4 of these to make and after cutting the thread and pulling the mono out of the vise like I HAD BEEN tying the extensions I realized the body was just to short. I wanted to add another two collars. So I decided why not give the whip a try just to add acouple collars. I had those two collars done before I could have finished one if the mono was in the vise and wrapping the tread by hand. After doing the two collars I went on to begin another extension starting this time with the extension in hand and using the whip technique. It cut the amount of time spent in half from start to finish! Give this a try for your next extended body I'm sure you will find it fun , fast and effective as I have.
  2. If anyone would like to see some flies , talk fishin and see me tie up a couple buck tails. Keep your eyes on the coastal flyrodders web page for Feb 21 . Maybe Pete will drop in here and give what info on time and direction that is needed. Here is a few examples of what you can expect to see .
  3. Completed extension , now tie down to the top of a 8/0 hook and finish the head with more hollow ties.
  4. Fishawk II You cut your own off a spool. Get some 60-100lb whatever your comfortable with ( no matter the extension gets stiff once it's wrapped , glue material) cut all your extensions , 6-10inch , again whatever your comfortable spinning the bobbin on or looking to extend the fleyes size to. Take all your cut extensions and pack into a straw so they are firmly in place and somewhat straight now.. Take the packed straw OR PVC tubing , anything you can fill tight with the extensions AND drop into a pot of boiling water for just a minute or two. Take the packed straw , or PVC tubing and run under cold water... The extensions will come out pin needle straight..
  5. Hilltop , heavy knotted tapered leader and keeping it short. 10-12wt rods. There not made for long pretty casts, 50-70ft , special situations when a large fly will GET CRUSHED!! 30-50lb class bass on 10-14inch BUNKER or herring.. And these BEASTS WORK.. If you need pics of many many bass over 30 and few into the 40s they are around to be seen.
  6. I will be tying the BUCKTAIL BUNKER, answering ANY questions I can , bringing a bunch of flies to see and talking about BUCK TAILS , textures , AND How to cure your own at home!
  7. Definitely not my pattern, they are all Surf Candies . This was the fly Bob was replicating and he does a fantastic job . Great ties. For realistic Sand eels the ones below are my favorites.
  8. Hilltop the biggest of the three was tied on a 9/0 OWNER longshank , the other 2 on 8/0 Universal Predator X Partridge. Seadogg those foils are Deer Creek Silver Sides , someone gave me a few , I personally like the FLEYE FOIL SILVERSIDE (spearing ) better . I used them because I was asked to. The Fleye Foils plain silver hologram finish gives a more natural look in the water IMO. Thanks guys for commenting.
  9. These are a couple Peanuts and a white bulkhead that did very well for a friend last week.
  10. Those with the JC sure do look cool. I used to make them like that as well. Remember tho that small baits have BIG features . The most distinct being the EYES. You really can't beat the foils with all the features of a natural bait in just one tying sequence. This was one I sent to a friend.
  11. They are all great . Very nice
  12. All the Fleye foils work even taking the Sand eel foil and trimming will give you a nice anchovy. Or try wrapping paper ribbon foils , trim a little tab and tie in . Cover with some epoxy or resin.
  13. Local66 , whenever you'd like I will gladly send you some surf candies tied with Tuffleye Core. I pay for my resin and all materials , if used correctly they are not tacky and very durable.
  14. Harborview860 I been using Iceabou , DNA holofusion , Uv minnow belly , niceabou and angel hair for the middle stripe . I mix materials on some but the bottom line is I use one clump tied under the hook shank,,, good clump of angel hair on top of the hook shank,,, and a clump of whatever color back on top of the angel hair. Tie in the foils , tie off the thread .. I use a thin coat making sure to penetrate the material on the first coat of Tuffleye core and finish the Fleye with a slightly heavier coat. So I turn the light on twice, wipe off any residue , and apply a coat of TOPCOAT by Tuffleye ONLY, no Sally Hansons or Hard as Hull. You can probably use them but I stick with what was made to be used with the product system.
  15. The foil is what does the work. I use a light coat of Tuffleye first. Then apply a slightly heavier coat on the second. One clump of material under the hook , a clump of flash on top and one more clump of material over the flash. So basically flash in the middle of two clumps of material.
  16. Must be that time of year!
  17. I have had that problem once and what I did wrong was pull the syringe out the back of the tube to far.. I was not able to get it back in like yourself without pushing really hard and loosing some resin. So, I think you have two choices. Stand the tube up right for a good 20mins with the plugger pointing down to allow the air to rise to the tip. Then press and push out only air rather then waste the resin. Or option two is to sit down to tie a fly , just press the syringe back in really hard collecting the resin that comes out on to a paper plate or index card. Once you get the syringe back in some , back it off and put the cap back on. Use the resin collected on the plate and apply to the fly wit bodkin thus not to let it go to waste.
  18. I know peeps can't stand it when I say this , but whatever!! Every vise does one thing HOLDS THE HOOK! This knockoff 50$ piece of metal has held thousand and thousands of hooks the past three years and for 20plus years before that! It's the only vice I have ever owned.. Hope all of you are well and enjoying the summer. Later
  19. All of what your saying is great as long as your fishing in very shallow water and enjoy catching small fish. In a ton of other situations if you don't got the meat your not catching anything .
  20. Seadogg , I can't sell flies or indicate anything to do with it on this site. You will have to ask around and I am sure someone will lead you in the right direction. The chasing silver flies flash is more like bears den flash enhancer, Iceabou or Buzfly NICeABOU. then flashabou .
  21. Materials are as follows , white buck tail mixed with Chasing Silver Flies flash tied on the underside of the hook. On to the top of the shank first I tied a clump of chartreuse NICEABOU , 2 very thin olive dyed grizzly hackles , and covered that with a mix of dark olive fish hair and shrimp tan NICEABOU. The Fleye Foils were MED. Sand eel and covered with first a light coat of Tuffleye CORE . Then completed with a second slightly heavier coat of Tuffleye core.
  22. It all depends on what your after . I have been sending flies to peeps fishing off the cape and there catching 25-35lb bass. Started with smaller 20-30inch class a few weeks back and the past two weeks it's been larger fish. These are what there using.
  23. No hairspray EVER!!!!
  24. Get the new Popfleyes Book FLEYE DESIGN.. It covers the Hollow Fleye and the way Bob explains how to make them is easy to understand. If your having trouble with flared collars wrap the thread over the reversed hair till it flattens out. Then UNWRAP one turn at a time and carefully watch the hair begin to stand back up. Once you have the angle of flare your looking for move on to the next collar. As far as rinsing finished flies really all you need to do is wet your hand and stroke back the fibers till the fly is saturated . Hang vertical to dry and that' should do just fine . I just wet them down very quickly NO HOT water , I don't believe it changes a thing and really the idea is not to collapse the fibers completely but to leave them flared. Thread or mono is just a personal preference , whatever works best for you is what you should be using.