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  1. Completed extension , now tie down to the top of a 8/0 hook and finish the head with more hollow ties.
  2. Fishawk II You cut your own off a spool. Get some 60-100lb whatever your comfortable with ( no matter the extension gets stiff once it's wrapped , glue material) cut all your extensions , 6-10inch , again whatever your comfortable spinning the bobbin on or looking to extend the fleyes size to. Take all your cut extensions and pack into a straw so they are firmly in place and somewhat straight now.. Take the packed straw OR PVC tubing , anything you can fill tight with the extensions AND drop into a pot of boiling water for just a minute or two. Take the packed straw , or PVC tubing and run under cold water... The extensions will come out pin needle straight..
  3. Hilltop , heavy knotted tapered leader and keeping it short. 10-12wt rods. There not made for long pretty casts, 50-70ft , special situations when a large fly will GET CRUSHED!! 30-50lb class bass on 10-14inch BUNKER or herring.. And these BEASTS WORK.. If you need pics of many many bass over 30 and few into the 40s they are around to be seen.
  4. I will be tying the BUCKTAIL BUNKER, answering ANY questions I can , bringing a bunch of flies to see and talking about BUCK TAILS , textures , AND How to cure your own at home!
  5. Definitely not my pattern, they are all Surf Candies . This was the fly Bob was replicating and he does a fantastic job . Great ties. For realistic Sand eels the ones below are my favorites.
  6. Hilltop the biggest of the three was tied on a 9/0 OWNER longshank , the other 2 on 8/0 Universal Predator X Partridge. Seadogg those foils are Deer Creek Silver Sides , someone gave me a few , I personally like the FLEYE FOIL SILVERSIDE (spearing ) better . I used them because I was asked to. The Fleye Foils plain silver hologram finish gives a more natural look in the water IMO. Thanks guys for commenting.
  7. If anyone would like to see some flies , talk fishin and see me tie up a couple buck tails. Keep your eyes on the coastal flyrodders web page for Feb 21 . Maybe Pete will drop in here and give what info on time and direction that is needed. Here is a few examples of what you can expect to see .
  8. These are a couple Peanuts and a white bulkhead that did very well for a friend last week.
  9. Those with the JC sure do look cool. I used to make them like that as well. Remember tho that small baits have BIG features . The most distinct being the EYES. You really can't beat the foils with all the features of a natural bait in just one tying sequence. This was one I sent to a friend.
  10. They are all great . Very nice
  11. All the Fleye foils work even taking the Sand eel foil and trimming will give you a nice anchovy. Or try wrapping paper ribbon foils , trim a little tab and tie in . Cover with some epoxy or resin.
  12. Local66 , whenever you'd like I will gladly send you some surf candies tied with Tuffleye Core. I pay for my resin and all materials , if used correctly they are not tacky and very durable.
  13. Harborview860 I been using Iceabou , DNA holofusion , Uv minnow belly , niceabou and angel hair for the middle stripe . I mix materials on some but the bottom line is I use one clump tied under the hook shank,,, good clump of angel hair on top of the hook shank,,, and a clump of whatever color back on top of the angel hair. Tie in the foils , tie off the thread .. I use a thin coat making sure to penetrate the material on the first coat of Tuffleye core and finish the Fleye with a slightly heavier coat. So I turn the light on twice, wipe off any residue , and apply a coat of TOPCOAT by Tuffleye ONLY, no Sally Hansons or Hard as Hull. You can probably use them but I stick with what was made to be used with the product system.
  14. The foil is what does the work. I use a light coat of Tuffleye first. Then apply a slightly heavier coat on the second. One clump of material under the hook , a clump of flash on top and one more clump of material over the flash. So basically flash in the middle of two clumps of material.