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  1. Stay out of the inlet period
  2. Its not a no wake zone in the manasquan inlet lol
  3. I know how to use a compass.... its mainly for getting to a specific fishing spot. thank you all for the feedback, appreciate it
  4. Tried looking this up on google and couldn't find any info about this so hoping someone here has feedback on this. How far offshore does a fishfinder's gps work until it stops working? Does it work all over the world? Just wondering if i need to get a separate GPS unit for my boat if the fishfinder's GPS will not work at a certain point.
  5. No one should be harrassing the fisherman for following the rules. Dont like it, yell at whoever made the rules. If someones yelling at me for following rules ill tell em to go f themselves.
  6. Lol ur not a local if your shore house is somewhere you go just when its warm
  7. I havent taken off my ff or unplugged cables in 3 years. Leave it the way it is unless you need to take it off. Before that i was taking it off and ended up corroding the connections n all. Leaving it on is fine
  8. What i really want is a kayak/boat transformer travel to the spot as a boat and once youre there it transforms into a kayak lol
  9. theres a place very close to daytona beach (sandy point progressive sports) that does hobie kayak rentals. i rent them every time i go there with my wife when visiting her family in Ormond Beach.
  10. ive launched the OK Torque in the ocean. you launch the kayak like how you would launch any kayak paddling past the waves then once youre in flat waters you turn around and drop the motor in. the only problem with this is the plug isnt sealed well and it gets corroded over time. I had to replace the plug after two years because the prongs broke off from corrosion. dielectric grease doesnt help at all. The OK torque should only be limited to freshwater use if you don't want the plug to corrode.
  11. Original wheels with the green additions on the end for sand. Id like to try pulling my yak with that new sandtraz ctug wheels and my wheeleez at the same location sometime then we can put this to rest. I cant imagine a non balloon tire not sinking into sand and getting stuck... the flashbacks!! Ugh
  12. I dont want to be the one that says youre wrong about the ctug cart Being awesome but it was a big improvement switching from the ctug cart to a wheeleez. I was able to breathe when i got back to my car. I didnt Need a horse’s strength to pull the yak. If you get the ctug cart and use it on sands like the ones you walk into at sandy hook youre gonna wish you had a wheeleez lol i still have my ctug cart and use it on hard surfaces at boat ramps, jbay, grass, etc but never never on sand again
  13. Large scupper cart- used it on 13’ revo and outback.
  14. Id rather flip the yak and feel like youre pulling 25-30 pounds than not flip The yak and pull something that feels like 200 pounds after a long day of fishing!