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  1. Ive seen this happen wayy too often. But today had my blood boiling watching two idiot kayakers kayak fishing right in the middle of manasquan inlet with boats flying by and NOT wearing pfd!! Ive kayak fished for a long time and also fish on my boat. Ive never not worn a pfd while kayak fishing because too many things can go wrong if a wake comes. If those two guys are here in this forum wear your damn pfd’s!!! people like you are ultimately going to cause restrictions on kayak fishing in the future because lawmakers will come up with anything to reduce issues.
  2. Other than the drive teeth failing, this is amazing!!!
  3. Use Gardner bender duct seal
  4. Pick up truck and a truck bed extender. This is way better than car topping. Takes me less than a minute to unload/load and get on going.
  5. Id like to see if something is swimming around me 0-3ft in the water
  6. If you’re able to get in touch with the person you purchased it from, download the bill of sale form from the dmv website and have seller sign it. I dont think i can share the link to it but if you search it on google. Itll pop up in search list
  7. You don’t need to register it in both states. Just renew the florida one misread the post. Yeah you need a receipt to register the yak.
  8. Had to get a new ff due to this. No way in hell i was gonna not wear a polarized sun glass. I wore mine and tested out fishfinders in the store to determine which one to buy. There are some fishfinders that are terrible with polarized glasses
  9. If i could put a 13ft and a 12ft both on my scion xa back in the day you can put a 12ft kayak on a civic. Paddling a 10ft for foshing is not going to be fun at all
  10. Switched to an actual boat. Back pain is gone lol. Selling both of my hobies this year
  11. I did this for 3 years with 2 yaks. It does not take 5 minutes lol. Ya gotta keep readjusting the strap every time one side goes up and then loosening it all out once the strap fills up the buckle on each side. Im so glad i built a 16ft shed for the yaks. Putting it up on the ceiling was the worst idea i ever made
  12. I used to have my yaks up on the ceiling like that at my old place. Getting yaks up and down there on straps is horrible
  13. Haha!
  14. Got it fired up today. Removed all wires and put it back together, screaming now but now found that lower unit is shot… looking for a new one now.
  15. I have the same case, that thing is not waterproof at all…