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    I'm a layed back guy who loves fishing, BBQ'S and weight lifting. I am a family man!!
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    Love surf fishing . Love football, baseball, hockey and all, BUT FISHING IS MY FIRST LOVE.
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  1. oh wow i didnt know that
  2. Hey all happy friday!!!! Quick question i will be fishing at SH alot this year what beach A,B,C,D? ETC can i drive my truck on? Just curious if there was a particular one
  3. just got my night pass yesterday!!! ;0)
  4. oh really... online?
  5. do they accept cash and credit?
  6. Hey all, do you know where and how much it is for the night pass to fish sandy hook? I called the visitor center and it goes to voicemail. I am looking to pick it up tomorrow. Please let me know
  7. Thanks so much for all the info
  8. 20lb test braided for Lures, im thinking for chunking i will use the 10'
  9. Aewsome, thanks for the info. It really helps
  10. Hey guys, me again!! sorry for the all the questions but getting back into the game again and i can not fell more enthusiastic. Is there a book or something that can help with what color lures are better say at night, day, rough water, rain etc? Just wanted to get my gear going. I will most likely be fishing at night and early am alot
  11. Great i am looking at the Tsunami Airwave Elite.. 8'- i think this will do the trick for striper fishing!! I am going to keep my eye open for 10' also
  12. Hey Guys been fishing on and off for years but been behind the balls lately. I am looking to really go all in on surf fishing. Its a love that never died for me. So will be dedicated to this alot. With that being said i was wondering some suggestions on a good surf fishing rod 7' 8' etc and brands. Let me know what you all suggest and use. Thanks again all!!
  13. Hey guys i actually went with the Portarod with the Locks
  14. Looks badass
  15. Awesome thanks. I am liking the 5 holder