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    I'm a layed back guy who loves fishing, BBQ'S and weight lifting. I am a family man!!
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    Love surf fishing . Love football, baseball, hockey and all, BUT FISHING IS MY FIRST LOVE.
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    Account Executive

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  1. Exactly!!!
  2. So i spoke to over 100+ surf fisherman prob in the last month and got a bunch of mixed answers on this. I thought i would ask you guys too!! Right now what would YOU use to surf fish primary Live Bait? If so what? bloodworms, Bunker etc? Lures? If so what? Ava's, EEL, Bucktails etc? Alot this year LOVE the bloodworms this year!!!
  3. Hey Guys, hope everyone is safe and healthy!!! I am pumped up to go out tomorrow am. Been hitting some spots and been ok to say the least. Looking forward to hitting back on some new spots tomorrow. Everyone good luck!!!! Tight Lines
  4. very upset. Was going to be my 5yr daughters first expo event.
  5. Guess never mind i found it ;0)
  6. Hey all, can someone provide the link to purchase online a night fishing pass?
  7. Not a bad deal
  9. I agree i am going to try to go out as much as possible
  10. Thanks Cartopper
  11. Thanks Goldy
  12. Hey Everyone!! So the last couple months i have not been able to fish. With being laid off, just moving, and my knee surgery its been crazy!! Great news is i have a new job for the last month and it pays more and closer to home. Anyways i fish the surf at sandy and wanted to start going again like i did 3 days a week. Just wanted to ask whats hitting now stripers still? Whats the bait look like still on eels or bunker chunks? Just wondering. thanks again
  13. wow my eyes are burning
  14. The sand eel bite seems to hit for me in the early morning and middle of night