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    I'm a layed back guy who loves fishing, BBQ'S and weight lifting. I am a family man!!
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    Love surf fishing . Love football, baseball, hockey and all, BUT FISHING IS MY FIRST LOVE.
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  1. thank you everyone
  2. how would you retrieve? fast? slow?
  3. Yea i threw a few croc spoons but nada.. maybe just a off day. I will do some more research and pick brains
  4. Hey everyone, so went to sandy hook to surf fish from 5-9am. It was rough water, heavy wind blowing in so casting was rough. Not 1 bite not 1 hit. I felt like i was doing something wrong. I threw poppers, diamond jigs,Needle, Ava's. I even tried the bay side but too much seaweed. Like i said im a newbie and learning. Any suggestions what what i should of thrown out there? Bucktails 3oz? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. so pretty much on cloudy days anything works?
  6. awesome thanks for the info. I might go out tomorrow am and i saw cloudy so i was trying to get an idea what to bring with me
  7. Hey Guys, Good morning. Quick question, whats a good color for either a needle or popper lure for stripers on cloudy days? Just wondering or even what lure would YOU use for cloudy days?? Any advise would help. Newbie here
  8. thanks for the info
  9. thank you everyone for the info
  10. oh wow i didnt know that
  11. Hey all happy friday!!!! Quick question i will be fishing at SH alot this year what beach A,B,C,D? ETC can i drive my truck on? Just curious if there was a particular one
  12. just got my night pass yesterday!!! ;0)
  13. oh really... online?
  14. do they accept cash and credit?
  15. Hey all, do you know where and how much it is for the night pass to fish sandy hook? I called the visitor center and it goes to voicemail. I am looking to pick it up tomorrow. Please let me know