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  1. 10/4 thanks
  2. Is there any more information on that picture? Where did you find it at? That joker looks really familiar, like ex employee familiar. I am in Seminole county
  3. Get there brand socks. I wear the same boots and for hotter climates ( I am in Florida ) they keep your feet dry and definitely stay put and don't creep down. Not so cheap though.
  4. I'm not sure on the percentages of which I pay,but my personal income will be a right off for the company as well as most all other expenses that have gone thru the bank. I dictate what I pay myself and really how much tax I want to pay. Your right offs give much leeway in how much of your money you can keep and this is were a former IRS nazi corporate auditor turned good guy is priceless!!!!
  5. Not exactly,you need to pay yourself or any certificate holder a salary,but you don't pay any corporate tax on any money in the bank. It passes thru to the owner of the corp. and any profit for that tax year is basically what he will pay his personal taxes on. With a good accountant this is the way to go. It does add a lot more liability to the owner due to he is the corp. a C corporation issolates the owner or shareholders from most liability.
  6. Pot brownies or some of the other edible stuff they got out. Do some research,chit works 100%
  7. Do you believe that the government could forcibly confiscate every legal and illegal gun in the country and not start a civil war?
  8. 1. Inside = no,it gets really gummy. 2. Outside,light spray and wipe it off. 3. DO NOT GET IT ON RUBBER HANDELS.
  9. If it is a four stroke check the engine oil. Some of them have low oil sensors and will do what you describe if the oil is not to a safe level.
  10. 31 Is that good for a Florida country boy?
  11. Where in Florida?
  12. They both will darken real light colored leather,for a fact. The oil seems to darken a bit more than the cream. As far as the leather being able to breath,this has never been a issue on any of my boots I have used this stuff on.
  13. +1 for the obenaufs. Best I have found for leather. Along with the oil get the heavy duty cream,which I think is the best of the two. Liberal coating of the cream and touch up when needed with the oil.
  14. Based on your conduct the past couple weeks,I am going to have to go with stupid and uninformed.
  15. I just seen another poll with close to 17000 votes so far and trump is at 92% go figure