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  1. Hey tim I wanted to remove the post but it doesnt allow me. That's why I put sold. Can you please remove this whole post please. thank you. I forgot I couldve just messaged you instead of leaving it. Thank you and sorry for the confusion.
  2. Long island. Nassau county. I work in queens aswell. May be easier or not
  3. Need to sell all of this. Accurate bv300 price is reduced at $350.
  4. $380. .... REDUCED TO $350 I have a NIB accurate valiant 300. Also included is a brand new extended lever arm original part from accurate still in plastic bag. It was loaded with 30lb daiwa jbraid, and had 20lb mono topshop. I removed the topshot as it was coiled ugly. Reel has been sitting on a slow pitch rod in my garage for months and never used. I was in the hospital for most of the season and never got a chance to use it. $170 avet sx 5:3:1 in RED. Brand new in box. Never used or touched. Opened only for pictures. $50 used for 1 full season. In amazing condition. tsunami slow pitch jigging rod conventional acid wrapped. Rated 1-4 oz
  5. It's because I uploaded them photobucket at that time and now u dont need photobucket as it deleted all pictures lol. It's been such a long time
  6. Haven't tied in two weeks but I cranked one out last night. Long and very sparse hollow on a 4x long hook. Just love how these swim, bass cant resist.
  7. My first attempt at a beast. Around 16 inches long
  8. So finally went our for an hour, my first outing of 2018. Tossed a small fly, couldn't resist it. It def payed off.
  9. Sorry about that. For somereason it saves my last message so I tried deleting it, seems like that stayed. Again sorry about that lol
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