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  1. This is a hunk of meat!
  2. Haven't tied in two weeks but I cranked one out last night. Long and very sparse hollow on a 4x long hook. Just love how these swim, bass cant resist.
  3. My first attempt at a beast. Around 16 inches long
  4. So finally went our for an hour, my first outing of 2018. Tossed a small fly, couldn't resist it. It def payed off.
  5. Sorry about that. For somereason it saves my last message so I tried deleting it, seems like that stayed. Again sorry about that lol
  6. Awesome, yes get there and cast, and use a small surf candy. I'm a 1 minute drive to the beach so I usually go everyday. Well not in this cold. If you need help casting let me know I can show u a bit
  7. I fish Long island especially north shore on the fly rod almost exclusively. unless im in the south on my friends boat lol. but i usually tie on 40lb mono 30% which i use as leader on my conventional setup, then add 20lb floro 70% and that makes my leader. i usually fish an intermediate fly. you can catch all those species with no problem. well bluefish i tie 40lb direct. start working on your casting very important. if you need help you can pm me. i learned the traditional way, learn yourself haha. i wish somone helped me out a bit.
  8. That is a perfect fly, I'm pretty sure you can add more in the tail section if you INSIST on adding bulk, but you got that down way better than me hahaha. I would leave it like that, that fly will catch fish!
  9. Hook broke while tying the black fly, so I just attached to a bigger hook so unintentional extended hollow haha
  10. Everyone's favorite snake fly just in pink.