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  1. For the State Parks, the Disability has to be a Veterans Administration (VA) approved Service Connected Disability. As an example, loosing an appendage after being out of the military that is not directly connected to your service would not qualify you for the FREE Mobile Access Fishing (MAF) permit on State controlled Parks. Loosing a limb during Military service from gunfire, etc. would quflify you with VA proof of the Service Connected Disability. Please note, some municipalities do issue a FREE MAF permit to any Honorably Discharged Veteran, no disability required. These change from time to time so call the municipality or check on line first.
  2. Both answers are correct. But for Saltwater, you will need to have a Saltwater Registery card. That is FREE regardless of age. The Saltwater Registration runs on a calendar year basis. The on line form is printable and it must be carried with you while fishing in tidal waters and off the coast. The link for registration and/or reapplication is below.
  3. Thanks Lou, I also did that down in LBI. The locals were very nice about issuing a Mobile Beach Permit. Trouble is the distance and limited air refilling, but it will have to do for me now until the State gets it's act together on it's own State Law! And yes, you can apply for a 3 day permit with the on-line form and mail it in, but include the fee of $50.00 for each 3 day permit. Apparently even if you are fee exempt, and that is basically my issue. I appreciate your responses, stay safe. Regards, Captain Bill
  4. I normally am the type of person who would do that, except time is of the essence. I need some help and my Son and a friend was available to give me assistance for the days applied.
  5. That's what I was told when I called back the IBSP Office; "to apply in December." I'm going to do that, but it just does not make sense that you can get a full year (if available, which it's not) but you can't get a limited 3 day permit. Or does it? I'd like to see th Department send me an explanation of their interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a handicapped State plackard, and a VA service connected disability designation. It makes me think of the old addage; "I'm from the government, I'm here to help."
  6. From the NJDEP Parks and Forest web site: "Due to high demand, Island Beach State Park’s Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permits are sold out for this year! We will make an announcement on face book when start selling 2021 MSF permits in December. Thank you to all our visitors who bought 2020 permits!" Ok, so earlier in the year after buying Mobile Sport Fishing Permits for years at $195.00 I went down to the Island Beach State Park Office IBSP and did find out they were sold out. During the year, I received a service connected disability from the Veterans Administration. The Mobile Sport Fishing Permit would have been free, but there were none to be had. I only basically fish in the Spring and Fall. So, I seen where a 3 day permit was available with an application, so I filed for 2, 3 day permits. I indicated my diasbility and all the vehicle information etc., on the forms and mailed them. I did receive a call back and was told, I could not get these 3 day permits because I did not include $100.00 for the 2 separate fees. One would think that if you can get a year long permit at no charge because of your Veterans disability status, you certainly could get two (2), three (3) day permits. I was told to apply in December when the 2021 Moblie Sport Fishing Permits become available. Go figure! No permits, unable to walk the distance, no fishing this fall at IBSP.
  7. For New Jersey, anyone who wants to check up on the number of hospital releases in the ast 24 hours as well as other stastical Covid data can use the following link. The information is continually updated. Then, click on tab at top cetner which starts with Hospital Census. Stay safe, Captain Bill
  8. He's not that good of a friend then. Move on and like Howard Stern's Father use to say to him, next time: "Don't be stupid you Moron."
  9. Retirement is very solid - not worried about layoffs at all for me. However, a lifetime of work, saving, preparation and investing is essential.
  10. Regular fly tying head cement works or you can also try clear nail polish or as you said; super glue. If your not concerned with color, for added strenght after applying super glue, while still wet, sprinkle some baking soda and dab with a tooth pick for a very hard finish.
  11. Yes, he's done this before. He even tried to stop WWI with a pandemic, but folks got somewhat of a reprieve as they were already busy killing each other by the millions. However, for the last several years he's been very busy spreading AIDS to kids in Africa, at least that's what a friend of mine told me. Back in 1976 we were way ahead of the virus game as we had back then a vaccine (swine flu vaccine) for a disease that did not even exist yet. Oh, how we yearn for the good old days.
  12. I'm following the recommendations, using common sense and not freaking out. Calm down, we will get over this eventually. My only disappointment is in local, County, State and Federal Agencies not being sufficiently stockpiled for hospital, health workers and first responsers. I seen a bunch of Governors complaining last night, shame on them for not being sufficiently prepared. Shame of Governor Murphy for not having sufficient State stockpiles. Instead we got a Sanctuary State! I researched some American based stocks that have been good solid companies as well good dividend payers over the years and I'm into the buying mode. It's time to buy when the marked is very low. This is not a get rich quick thing, it's a 5-7 year plan.
  13. It depends on your expertise and knowledge of firearms and where you live. If your in New Jersey and don't have a firearms purchaser identification card, your in for a long wait and much longer if you want a hand gun. So my first recommendation would be, if you have the firearm ID card, get a pump or automatic shotgun, 20 gauge is sufficient, load with buck shot and use a lighter pellet like number 4 Buck (less chance of shooting through walls) and it will deal massive enough damage. Also, an 18 1/2" barrel would be easier to handle and you won't be needing anything longer for TP protection. Lastly, if the TP invaders are unarmed and are just asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - give it to them. A roast beef or lobster sandwich is another story.
  14. People that eat bats and cats? You have to take this information with a grain of dog.
  15. Well folks, do you think in 8-9 months there will be a surge in babies being born with all those people staying home?