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  1. I use both conventional and spin for the TnW. I don't see any difference in rods really. I use heavy braid, especially near structure. I cast it out and paddle.
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  7. Bob, looks great. Only thing I don't like is the hatch in the tw. Aren't you concerned about leaking?
  8. It shouldn't affect performance. If its cold and you want to get it out you can warm up the area with a hair dryer and push it out if you have interior access. If not wait until its warm out, put it in the sun with black plastic bag over the area. It should come out.
  9. I had a 6500 and never used it. Sold it to a buddy for fishing bluefin off a boat. I wanted it for bluefin from a kayak so I picked up the 5500. It's a lot lighter. I still haven't used it yet but glad to hear the gear stripping was faulty parts. A buddy who mates on a charter said they had ruined a couple. They probably had ones from the bad batch. The reel do feel extremely rugged.
  10. I'm looking for a rod like this. Where did you find it for $80? Thanks much.
  11. All kayaks have hull/serial numbers. I have two electric kayaks, both registered in NJ. Renewal is $12 a year. There are kits available where you provide the labor and it's ready to go. Mounting on a SIK would be very easy.
  12. Good luck with that one. I use to use Eagle/Lowrance products and when I was a retailer I sold a ton of them. I can no longer recommend the products as there are some flaws that the company hasn't fixed. Eventually the transducer plug will rot away and require the purchase of a new transducer. Also some units have flaws and they'll replace it the first time on warranty but not the second for the same issue.
  13. What brand/model suit? Some have typical spots where they leak.