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    Love fish. It's a drug and I can't help it.
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    Fishing, hunting, fishing, fishing and more fishing.
  1. are you interested in any trade?
  2. ok thanks again
  3. Is this a one piece and is the price negotiable
  4. Is the rod a 2 piece cause I am looking for a one piece
  5. Is the price negotiable, rod in good condition and whenever you can if you can load the pics
  6. How much
  7. How much
  8. Sorry looking for a 1-3oz. My fault I should had been specific.
  9. I am interested in purchasing a 11 ft 1 piece vaportrail that is in good condition.
  10. Going to retract my offer. Good luck with the sell
  11. Max I can go is 300 final offer
  12. I would make in offer but I'm in NJ and this rod is exactly what I'm looking for
  13. This will be my last year purchasing a permit. Thanks