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  1. Not a problem, thanks for looking
  2. Hi Uncle Mike ! 16.2 oz on my scale. Reel is a solid tank
  3. Final bump then closing it down , thx SOL
  4. Bump #3. $500 shipped USA 48. Retails for $600. Saving $100, my loss is your gain.
  5. Bump #2 $525 shipped firm USA 48. Lowest price anywhere
  6. Bump $580 shipped
  7. Selling a brand new in box irt300 with custom slotted spool and rubber power knob. Typical IRT reels have the drilled spool but I had them make one for me with slotted slashes, much nicer imo. Reel has never left my house nor seen water. Box comes with the service kit and all accessories. $600 shipped USA 48
  8. Nice, gotta love old Fin-Nors. I’ve been collecting myself but the Ahab conventional series. The last of the Made in USA Fin-Nors unfortunately:(
  9. Bump still looking, like to grab one for the fall run. Must be bnib, would also consider trading a new torque 5500s or a bnib silver IRT3000 for one as well. Your call
  10. All good man, yea I’m surprised. I wound up with my own concoction as always with a custom larger Eva type A knob. No drilling involved either
  11. And that’s exactly where I posted it to begin with …
  12. Ugly stik tigers are the toughest value out there. If you can grab an elder model that came with fuji guides grab one !
  13. I’d go down to 50lb braid, it’s diameter is closest to 12lb mono with most braids @50lb breaking close to 65-80lb anyway. Save the 80lb braid for my conventional trolling reels
  14. Sold to Harry the Kid ! Thanks Harry and SOL !