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  1. Gotta love Sofia Vergara
  2. Nothing on the torque 2 5500 if there are any penn football or egg shape knobs that fit straight up ? Hell I’ll even throw an Eva on there as an option.
  3. Hi not to grave dig an old thread but will Penn ever make a direct replacement rubber type egg knob for the new torque 2 5500 reels ? I love mine but also like the comfort of big egg knobs over aluminum. Thanks
  4. I have a mint condition TFO Gis1065-2 10’6” 2-6 oz. mint condition . Located in East Brunswick nj. Paid $260 for it last fall used maybe 3 times. $200 local pickup
  5. If this was a silver one I’d run to you in a flash to get it ! Great price and thank you but I’m holding out for the silver color.
  6. Bump , still looking
  7. Those might work only if they’re made of uv protection vinyl. I’ll Keep an eye out for them. Thanks
  8. As the title states, looking for some small rod building USA flag decals for some builds I have going on. I know some online venders have um but shipping is slow. Let me know , thanks , -Lenny
  9. No prob. I’ll hold it for you till next Sunday 7/19 for you to decide. If not I just may keep it for the same reasons as you. Let me know thanks
  10. 1.5 not so bad . 2-3 sails . I’m located in East Brunswick nJ right off Rt 18
  11. How about a 2pc tfo gis 10’6. Used once not a scratch model GIS SCS 1065-2. Paid $250 but will let go for $200 pickup
  12. Man if you were in NJ I’d snatch this up.
  13. Sold to Morning Wood , thanks Sol & Wood