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  1. Here is a few pics of my buddies yak. They didnt get the seat so if its seat-less theirs a good chance it may be his
  2. We got them on fresh bunker chunk snagged right from the water. It was dead low tied and the bunker poured in for hours. It sounded like rain there were so many flipping.
  3. So I took the girl out and I catch the short and she gets the 40 incher. Go figure. Her biggest bass, caught and released to see another day.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to this whole forum thing but I guess an introduction is a good place to start. My name is john and I am from eastern Monmouth county, New Jersey. I am 24 and a senior at Rutgers business. I am an avid fisherman and have made the switch from freshwater to saltwater about 4 years ago. I fish every chance I get and am very avid about it. I generally fish bass in the spring and fall from the shore, and do land based shark fishing in the southern part of the state in the summer. I have recently bought my self a yak so I am anticipating getting on top of the fish this year. I'm hear to learn a few things and refine my skills. I look forward to speaking with you all!
  5. That is the best fishing cornfield I have ever seen lol
  6. Just bought an old town predator 13 kayak and am looking for ideas. Currently have a scotty bait board, 3 rod holders and an anchor trolley line. Any other must haves?
  7. Like sudsy said not specifically for the yak.But I worked a kayak show this year and one of the vendors had a 2hp trolling motor on his predator so it can be done.
  8. Thanks for the ideas everyone! I think I'm going to spend the next month making all the feathers I need for the amount of gear I'll be bringing out. I think I'm going to invest in a rudder to make tracking easier. Took it out in the river by me and the current makes it hard to stay on point at times. And simple man the boat is crazy stable. I am 6'4 and about 280 pounds and I stood up on the thing no problem! I didn't have any problems with my seat other then flipping it back when standing up. Found my self in a tricky situation trying to lean back and grab the seat from behind while standing lol
  9. I have a paddle leash and yak attack visi pole with light. I do not have a rudder, although now that you bring it up, it's probably a good investment. I'm also concidering a fishfinder. Humminbird or Lawrance. I was kind of leaning humminbird because the make a transducer specific to my scupper hole but now I'm hearing Lawrance is much more reliable. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks everyone! Laura says hello sudsy!
  11. From my personal experience lbi is great for browns. Fish the harbor in the earlier summer months and then you can go ocean side in the later months. If you want to drive a bit farther try cape may. I hear there are alott of toothy ones down there. Do some research on spots. Google earth has done well for me.
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  16. Had a pretty good run last spring. Here are some pics.[img=]
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