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  1. My favorite glove right now is the Showa Atlas 300. These don't abosrb fish slime, have great grip wet or dry, protect from bass hand/fins/barnacles, and best of all run me about $4! I've given up on trying to stay dry. Throw in the wash and hang to dry when they smell.


    Doesnt the braid destroy the rubber on these?

  2. Hey guys.  I've been unplugged from the gear scene for a while.  I havent looked at the latest gloves in ages.  I was curious what folks are using these days for casting gloves with a protected finger tip for braid etc.  I had the Stormr Cast gloves previously.  While they served their purpose well for protecting my finger, they were terrible quality.  The seams fell apart on trip 1 and they leaked like a sieve.  Zero hand warmth etc, and they smell!


    What are you guys using?  Thanks.

  3. I find myself posting less and less.  I imagine an online community like this should be equivalent to walking into a bar and sharing a brew and some fishing stories with like-minded fisherman. 


    What would you sit down to talk about?  "Hey, I caught this beatiful 39 incher this morning and here's a pic on my phone".  Now imagine half the bar cursed at you for not C&R'ing?  Would you visit that bar again? 


    Ok so maybe I talk about something else.  "Hey, I fished the Canal this past weekend and the fishing was great", and the other half of the bar starts throwing peanuts and yells "Spot burn, GTFO!". 


    Ok so now I'm really asking myself what I'm doing there, and I say "I'd like to try some new spots on the north shore, any ideas", and no one says a word other than one guy going off about how FaceBook is ruining the planet.


    Ok so what's left?  I'm about to leave and and I figure gear is probably a neutral topic and say, "I'd like to buy my son his first reel......", and I'm interuppted with a great response, only to find out it's "Hey, look at my $2k setup, and look at my shiny stuff with this cool label".  Sigh. 


    I dont know guys.  Something is getting lost in all this. 

  4. Don't forget the weight issue if you go big . Make sure the floor is up to it . I'm on a slab so have no issue . Figure to buy

    Tank,stand,sump,protein skimmer,return pump,heater and lights . Then you will need live rock and substrate. Last choice will be lights ,they will depend on reef or fish only . The longer you let a tank mature the better off you will be in the long run. Biggest mistake is overcrowding and adding fish to soon . You can buy saltwater from a quality fish store or mix your own . You'll need a r/o unit for that.


    This is why I said I used to have a tank.  One night in my 100+ year old apartment we woke up to a huge wood cracking noise.  The floor had pulled away from the wall due to the weight of the 125g aquarium.  There was no real damage, but I had to promptly empty the tank and give it up.  I miss my tank. 

  5. Trust me, go freshwater and Cichlids.  They are beautiful, breed really easily, and are extremely hardly.  Saltwater will burn a hole in your pocket and you will have tragedy at some point. 

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