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  1. Hey guys. How is the boat fishing off Greenwich, Cos Cob, Rye etc, all year round? How does it compare to something like the Canal productivity wise? Any worthwhile fishing down there? TY.
  2. Ive always like these but they are like $80, and I dont think they have the protected finger tip no?
  3. Doesnt the braid destroy the rubber on these?
  4. Hey guys. I've been unplugged from the gear scene for a while. I havent looked at the latest gloves in ages. I was curious what folks are using these days for casting gloves with a protected finger tip for braid etc. I had the Stormr Cast gloves previously. While they served their purpose well for protecting my finger, they were terrible quality. The seams fell apart on trip 1 and they leaked like a sieve. Zero hand warmth etc, and they smell! What are you guys using? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Scoob. I did not know about this knot. Interesting. Cant beat the Palomar though for simpllicity in the dark.
  6. http://tides.mobilegeographics.com/locations/956.html
  7. Oh ***! I was wrong all these years. You are right. Her father is another actor called Bill Murray hahaha
  8. On Saturday if felt like there was a slack tide for 1h at the change, both on the dusk and dawn switches. There was hardly any current?? Normally it's only slack for ~15min. Why is this? What was different this weekend?
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