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  1. 10 dink small mouth And lost my PB small mouth atleast 4lbs didn't see any surface breaks on the outgoing tide.
  2. I am gonna try my luck on the river in Haverhill today. I will be very happy with a couple little guys.
  3. Is it even worth fishing the Merrimack from shore these days or should I just go to the beach
  4. Anyone having any luck in the Merrimack River? Haverhill area
  5. Gonna try my luck tomorrow from the shore in Haverhill. At this point I'll be happy with a schoolie but a small keeper would be great as well lol.
  6. Haven't been out this year.. Live right next to the Merrimack River in Haverhill.. Are there any numbers in there yet?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by FishJoe the river is very hit and miss i have taken a few smaller guys in the rockport area, but i would hit there before the river at this point our very first day out about a month ago at the mouth.. I caught a 23" and my buddy caught a keeper 28". At this point i feel like it was all luck lol.. Using clams you see them biting and moving the rod but they just don't wanna take it all the way. Their smart.. Its like they pop it in their mouth and just spit it out I gotta land myself a keeper tomorrow and feel good about myself...
  8. Got skunked on my last 4 times down at plum island in the mouth and at Sandy Point were gonna try Rockport tomorrow, anyone been down there recently?
  9. yeah i am gonna grab one Tuesday can't wait for delivery..
  10. How much is an SP Minnow at Surfland Bait & Tackle anyone know?
  11. you guys seen this article? Got damnnnn http://onthewater.com/unbelievable-aerial-photos-striped-bass-schools/
  12. Was down at the river in Haverhill yesterday night (kicked out) from rain.. Guy caught a couple and a 32" keeper
  13. We started off at Sandy Point today which wasn't to bad with the beach goers.. There was a lot of room to fish out back but alotta seaweed = managed to land a few so did my buddy. We decided to try something else so we tried leaving but some prick parked illegally and blocked us in for awhile.. He even had the balls to key up my buddies car. We told a ranger who was there and he took his license plate down. We decided to try the mouth and man was that a bad decision.. Absolutely no room on the beach.. People fishing right beside each other crossing lines. We called it a day soon after that. Summer is officially on... Gotta regroup and find somewhere to set up shop.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by northeastern What part of the Merrimack? (No spot burn jw towards newburyport or further up river)? I've heard good things about the ocean side if the island. I was on the water today but still no fishing. Really enjoying the boat and she's running solid. Plan to fish Sunday and Monday Further up in Haverhill but yeah the Ocean side has been doing real good from my experience and reading the reports. 1 keeper and a bunch of unders between me and my friends. Monday cant come soon enough!
  15. Hit up the merrimack river and got skunked.. Unless you have a boat its pretty much a joke now imo. Lost 5-6 weights & hooks (waste of money). It's nothing like 05-06 when u were able to throw out a chunk of clam and catch a few fish on the same piece. with that said, going to plum island monday for the day!