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  1. I just seen an add for a penn torque under $100 . It’s somebody else’s turn let me know what you get
  2. Facebook has been showing adds for a Stella reel for pennies on a dollar . Granted I knew they would be cheap China knock offs , but I was in the market for cheap fresh water reels for my spare/rental rods so figured why not. Well here is a pics of what I bought and what I got lol
  3. I’ve seen an add for these moonshine rambler rods . Has anyone had one of these rods in there hand if so what’s your thoughts
  4. I’m thinning the herd .. I’m only looking for value, then I’ll post in classified.. I have several rods an reels . My goal is to sell what I don’t use anymore to upgrade to what I want and use ..
  5. I have my 9.6’ paired with a saltx 6000. I might try the 4000 and see how that feels
  6. I guess I just got lucky . If you look at the boat in the pic he was putting out nets which could have push the fish right to me
  7. This was my first time fishing this area , the park ranger that was there checking on the birds watched me bring a few fish in and he told me he hasn’t seen blues being caught from shore in this area in years . He was a young kid so not sure how true the statement was
  8. My last topic was about my new purchase of a st Croix avid 9’ 1-4oz , I felt I couldn’t load the rod properly, resulting in poor casts way to stiff and I couldn’t fish it all day .. So this is what I did to solve my problem. I went and purchased a tsunami saltx 9.6’ rod what a dream to cast and fish all day long . I paired it with my saltx 6000 And couldn’t be happier! Anyone in the market I highly recommend . I love this rod so much that I really want the 8.6 version for my 4000 reel .
  9. I had it on top of my backpack. In the event of unhooking the fish it fell in the sand . The saltx handled it like a trooper . That’s why I bought this reel
  10. It was so much fun catching these on my 9’ triumph and saltx 4000
  11. I have the tsunami 7’ in medium and a mh . I paired with a 2000 and 3000 evict and I absolutely luv these rods . I fish them fresh and salt water . And for some reason the sea foam color draws a lot of attention lol
  12. What’s the difference between the st Croix legend 2016 model and the 2020 other then price ?
  13. I had the same problem last year . It was the braid , could have been old stock