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  1. I respectfully offer 190 picked up - let me know soonest thank you.
  2. Will take this handle at asking $80
  3. Looking for a lefty zeebas - lmk what’s out there thank you.
  4. Looking for 08 Stella 10k let me know what you got
  5. Is it custom built or factory ? I’m located near ccc so easy to meet you if available. Dm me your number please
  6. Looking for a century 1506 - please advise if anyone looking to part with one.
  7. Hey where are you located ? I’m interested in both - I’m located in CC near canal. Pleased to hear soonest.
  8. If Otto’s wasn’t selling brand new 15 saltigas at $638 usd I would possibly do this..$450 is my best and final if you want to close otherwise I wish you luck in sale.
  9. If no one takes I’ll throw in an offer - $425 cash if near CC. Lmk
  10. Do you have the right hand retrieve shaft ? If so I’ll take this at $530 pick up today at cc canal. Please advise.
  11. Ok I will take it for 415 shipped to mass. Please send over you PayPal info and I will send tonight.
  12. @newportrockhopperI can offer 350 shipped to ccc area - please let me know soonest.
  13. I’ll take this. Please shoot me a pm so we can figure out payment. Let me know.
  14. Where you located ?
  15. Maxcuatro - you won’t have any issues..