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    I enjoy surf fishing for Stripers of New Jersey and Nantucket beaches.
  1. Relax everyone. They don't have enough personnel to police it. You'll still be able to drink. Trust me, the kegs will still be buried in the sand and the cocktails will flow.
  2. They don't have enough people to enforce. Drink up, you'll be fine.
  3. No ****!
  4. Yeah, bring it back and buy a VS. Nothing but problems with VRs.
  5. The used market...
  6. These VRs are riddled with problems. Thankfully I sold both of mine before the bottom dropped out of the market.
  7. 100%
  8. 20 year moratorium #shutitdown
  9. #nomorefishing #endallfishing
  10. Winner, winner chicken dinner!
  11. That's what fists are for...don't be afraid to throw 'em!
  12. will hold 10,000 yards of braid and it'll never let you down!
  13. Send it back to Penn. They'll refurbish it.
  14. I have both. Love my X's but you'll be happy with either.