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    I enjoy surf fishing for Stripers of New Jersey and Nantucket beaches.
  1. That's what fists are for...don't be afraid to throw 'em!
  2. will hold 10,000 yards of braid and it'll never let you down!
  3. Send it back to Penn. They'll refurbish it.
  4. I have both. Love my X's but you'll be happy with either.
  5. Me too...this stuff happens all the time.
  6. I wish we could shoot them!
  7. I had two VR's and sold both. I caught some bluefish and all of a sudden the thing is grinding like crazy. No thanks. Don't fall for the VR trap. Get a VSX and never look back.
  8. VR's are crap. I had two and sold both. Don't fall into the VR trap, buy a VSX.
  9. Once the water gets in the waders, you're dead.
  10. Montauk Rocks
  11. Zeebass are much heavier than VS.
  12. I'm a Fox Lures "Big Bait" series kinda guy. They catch fish and hold up fish after fish after fish after fish...
  13. Me neither...
  14. Yeah but the fishing would be off the charts!
  15. The only thing that will turn this around is a 20 year moratorium. You want to see fishing like you've never seen before? Only catch and release for the next 20 years, enforced by fines of $5000/fish, loss of gear/boat/auto and 6 months in jail!