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    I enjoy surf fishing for Stripers of New Jersey and Nantucket beaches.
  1. Roberts Bounder
  2. Anyone who has purchased one has snapped one. Made in Mexico. Avid is made in the USA. Upgrade and never look back.
  3. How is the Striper fishing shaping up on Nantucket?
  4. Just jumped back into the Stripersonline world to see if anyone is talking about Nantucket.  Seems like a very limited crowd. I know, I'm missing the big blues down on IBSP. I see the daily post by Betty and Nick's. I'd be down there if it weren't for two arthritic hips. Going over to Nantucket end of June. Looking for  folks who want to chat about their June experience.   Have you been over recently?

    1. AckStriperGuyDD


      Late June/early July is fantastic for Bass and Blues on Nantucket.  Where will you be staying?

  5. You got bent over
  6. I crush all my barbs with vice grips. Slips right out of the fishes mouth. Shame on me if I don't keep the tension on.
  7. It means you can give the people in Deal the finger...
  8. 100%
  9. #20yearmoratorium
  10. I had a VR175 and a VR125...nothing but problems. Sold them both right before the aftermarket was flooded with them.
  11. 100%
  12. Relax everyone. They don't have enough personnel to police it. You'll still be able to drink. Trust me, the kegs will still be buried in the sand and the cocktails will flow.
  13. They don't have enough people to enforce. Drink up, you'll be fine.