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    I enjoy surf fishing for Stripers of New Jersey and Nantucket beaches.
  1. Bill, your work never ceases to amaze me. They catch fish and hold up fish after fish after fish after fish... I'll be placing my Nantucket order shortly.
  2. I heard they're going to start arresting people for fishing/being on the beach.
  3. Never going to happen. We need the entire fishery to collapse and another moratorium implemented.
  4. New Jersey...the sweetheart of the Union!
  5. When they first came out I purchased a VR125 and a VR175. The reason why I purchased them was because I wanted a lightweight, bailless reel with a higher rate of retrieve than the VS. I fish for False Albacore a lot off of Nantucket beaches and the VR line seemed perfect. Unfortunately, shortly after starting to use them the gears starting grinding, the reel was turning the wrong way. I sold both. I wish it was different for me. The VR50 would be perfect for False Albies. Amazingly, Van Staal only recently started offering the bailless conversion kit on the VR50,
  6. Yes, there are people who haven't had problems but there are waaaaay too many people who have had problems to roll the dice on them.
  7. Stay away from the VR line. Nothing but problems.
  8. I use small vice grips to make sure it is mashed down.
  9. I heard there is a list so you can get there early, sign in on the list and go party in the lot. The college cracked down on drinking and partying while on line so they had to use this method to keep things legit.
  10. Thank you, Inshore. This is a big help.
  11. and catch nothin'!
  12. Mine too! Got mine from Beckmans on Long Island. All it does is catch fish...
  13. Sometimes it's time to throw fists. Punch him in his ****ing face and I bet he never bothers you again.