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  1. i guess to some extent i was a bit worried about the flat spot, i did a bit of research and read some things on it. thanks for the info man
  2. ehhh idk just not a big fan of the idea i guess.
  3. a bit skeptical about the whole turning a 2 pc to 1 pc
  4. last bump, thanks guys
  5. hahah creative to say the least!
  6. 2 pc
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SurffisherMike In addition the Fiberstar 1269 and 1329 are very versatile blanks that can both go down to 2 1/2 - 3oz and go higher than the 1088 That would be a bit more i deal i guess, unfortunately they are a two piece and I am looking for a one piece set up. I have several issues with ferrules in the past. Could be carelessness on my part, but I'd rather not risk another rod.
  8. BIG pikies
  9. I am looking to throw a lot of GRS plugs as well as bigger plugs this year and I was wondering how extending this rod by a foot would effect how the rod handles and throws. In the market for something new this season and was thinking this was a good route to go. Can anyone shine some wisdom on the subject? Fishing a 706z so kinda need more than 9 ft and dont have the money for a CTS
  10. bump
  11. if youre looking to split id like to take a look at the conrad
  12. im in
  13. Would love to get my hands on either one of these. Colors I am looking for, Scup/Porgy, new Blackfish color, or the olive. Looking for new plugs. Thanks!
  14. 2015 Ward Melville Fishing Club Expo, thanks for the chance
  15. im in. would love the spare 706z spool. thanks so much and great way to spread the cheer. merry christmas to everyone