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  1. 15 hours ago, Mike Fixter said:

    Okay all you knowledgeable wizards.................If you speak at the slot limit meeting  who are we speaking to?   At the meeting, the public is invited to ask questions of both CDFW and the Nor Cal-Guides and Sportsmen’s Association.  What are their credentials etc..... They are Guides who depend on Stripers for income. and the dummys that make fishing in California such a pain in the ars.  How do they relay/communicate everything we present to their superiors/Fish & Wildlife commission?  The same way as when you want to communicate with your state representatives.   Do they take notes?  No everything is already decided so no notes needed.   Is everything we say recorded?  Yup and your name and address too.  How is all this valuable input documented?  A person in Pakistan recording it onto a stone tablet.    On Monday I will try contact F & W's PIO  & see what they have to say.....Mike You would have a better chance of catching a 20" perch at Pescadero

    Good luck


  2. 23 hours ago, norcalkat said:

    I suggested 25" to 35".  


    My thoughts are a female matures at 24"-28"  So it gives us at least a chance of one guaranteed spawn from a female.  Males max out most of the time around 38"  and out populate the females 8-1.  So if you keep one in that range most likely it will be a male.  Meanwhile the fish over 35" are kept to improve our population.  Females do not spawn every year, they have cycles of 2-3 years.  So the older fish are key because they can produce 2-4 times more eggs than a mature 24"  


    here is a little tidbit for you guys, do you know why the Ca. Halibut legal size is 22"?  Females mature at 21" so it at least guarantees one spawn.   

    Nothing is guaranteed

  3. 21 hours ago, Mike Mendez said:

    This is my personal interpretation...


    The sand crab "take" limit is 50.  I usually have no more than 10 crabs in my pocket at any one time, so it is my opinion (others may disagree) that using a non-hydraulic sifting device (e.g. net) is not a problem.  If you read the new regulation exactly it excludes using bare hands which I'm sure was not the intent.

    You are wrong. You need to read the whole section starting with

    Title 14, § 29.80 - Gear Restrictions for Recreational Take of Saltwater Crustaceans

    (a) General Provisions.

    (1) Saltwater crustaceans may be taken by hand.

  4. On 7/13/2022 at 3:07 PM, Mike Mendez said:

    Another unconventional rig is the sand crab sifter I built using a PVC pipe, wire mesh and a plastic crate.  When the wave recedes, I kick sand into it and sift out crabs.  It is much lighter than metal rakes and I keep it by my side with my right foot inside.  I also added a ruler decal on the handle to measure fish.


    I took this photo after I built it.  It's still going strong into year 3.


    Milk Crate Rake.jpg

    Just be aware that since the emergency regulations were adopted the Method of take has been changed and other appliances was removed.


    Note the absence of the words "or other appliances" in the 2022 revised rule.

    2018. Gear Restrictions.

    Hand-operated appliances: Spades, shovels,hoes, rakes or other appliances operated by hand may be used to take sand crabs and shrimp.

    2022. Gear Restrictions.
     It shall be unlawful to use anything other than the following hand-operated devices to take sand crabs or shrimp: spades, shovels, hoes, forks, rakes, devices that use suction commonly known as slurp guns or clam guns, or rigid pipes used to prevent the collapse of holes when digging for sand crabs or shrimp. It shall be unlawful to use any other devices to take crabs or shrimp, including any hydraulic devices.

  5. 17 hours ago, riggler said:


    Since the end is closed it has to be the latter, not a candle thing

     I have been trying to get ahold of the previous factory owner to get the story on it

                                                                                                     Thanks for looking

    Ain't going in pipes with that handle on

  6. 4 hours ago, Double_D said:

    I live in Contra Costa County our DA is socialist Diana Becton who got her funding from George Soros she is light on crime and anti-gun, and the Sheriff of CC County is David Livingston he leans FARRRRRR left they will Charley Bravo any and all CCW permits ..... I have a 32-state CCW not good in CA, but, when the house and senate flip and they put an ALPHA MALE back in the White House the Reciprocity Act will get passed they my CCW will be good in CA. 

    By that time California  will have outlawed ammo.......:laugh:

  7. 1 hour ago, cityevader said:

    Sigh...Wish i could simply pick up a box of ammo and pay the cashier.


    ●It's minimum a 20 minutes per person, for EACH that's in line at the ammo counter.

    ●First, if you don't already have a gun registered with the state you're denied the sale of ammo.

    ●While that background check/NICS check is going on, your clear voice and face are required to be recorded the entirety of the transaction.

    ●Driver's license and birth certificate are photocopied...yes, I failed to get a "real ID" and must carry my birth certificate around in case an ammo deal arrives.

    ●Brand, type, and quantity of each and every type of ammo purchased is individually registered with the state with your separate signature for each brand/type/quantity.

    ●I don't know when the local, city law they passed takes effect, but then, proof of gun insurance policy will be required for ammo purchase.


    ●to make it worse, BassProShop limits ammo to two boxes per person per day...whatever quantity that box is, the limit is two...need more than two li'l boxes? Then repeat the above every day until you have enough ammo.




    ...anybody have it worse?



    Meanwhile off to the side, the smash and grabbers are loading their black bags and running out the door...... Yup Cali justice

  8. On 6/20/2022 at 4:45 PM, TopStriperAngler said:

    Thanks folks. Those plastic medicine cups sound like a great idea. 


    Measuring by weight is pretty foolproof and easy too. I started doing it for mixing two part casting resin to cast plugs in molds. So I've got the 1/10th gram scale and am used to using it. Plastic cup goes on scale. Add a gram of the hardener and 1.2 grams of the resin and good to go. Multiply up as needed. 


    I used to just eyeball volumes by putting lines of epoxy/hardener on aluminum foil. That worked fine too but a plastic medicine cup would have been much better.   



    If you get a couple 5cc syringes you can drill a hole in the top of the hardener and epoxy bottles. this serves as a port to withdraw the amount of epoxy and hardener you need while allowing you to get the exact volume. It also serves as a place to store the syringes. Much easier than trying to pour out a exact weight,

  9. On 6/17/2022 at 0:19 AM, Hookedup2640 said:

    We are not all programed to express our selves to your liking. The title I posted did get your attention., and if the reel I specified did not have issues I think Abu would have kept it in production. 


    No it didn't I was just perusing Kamala Harris's reading list and noticed a link to the thread. little did I know that I would stumble upon someone complaining about  a high speed reel. Normally not a big deal unless you want to make a big deal out of

  10. 13 hours ago, bass11 said:

    Leave the rod home and go out and dress like a tourist on an early high tide or very low minus tide.  Observe where the fishermen are fishing and try to figure out the structure they are fishing.  Observe their techniques used to cover that particular structure.  Take pictures with your phone so that you have a record of the spots and can return to explore them.  If they feel like engaging some bewildered tourist and engaging/enlightening them, well so much the better.  I'm not saying it's like recon behind enemy lines, but a little friendly conversation and observance can go a long way towards shortening your learning curve.:D  And always wish them good luck upon parting.

    If you follow this advice just make sure you are not observing a bunch of guys that just moved here from the Mid West..

  11. 2 mins ago, Hokahey said:

    thank you all for feedback . I wanna say even though our situation with striped bass and  dfg is in the crapper I believe if we start and continue to promote catch and release ourselves and lead by example we can still make a positive change or at least keep enough fish around for when we can get a change to regs from dfg . Just by leading by example and releasing fish other people will question themselves like maybe they should release fish more .

    Cool.... Now how about some striper recipes ?