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  1. Similar to the Banana sinker. We would use to Mooch for salmon
  2. Maybe cause they were all skinny men once upon a time....
  3. You are not going to find a ceramic ring. You are going to have to replace the tip.
  4. Anything you can imagine, from cocaine bundles to gay nude beaches. Welcome to the land of fruits and nuts lol
  5. Flash Sportfishing or BassTub do run some 1/2 day trips.
  6. Similar to many like the Cascade 60 yd made by Montague I believe. The 60 being yard capacity probably,, Google 60 yard casting reels..
  7. That's funny. I was always told the Jersey guys couldn't get hard.......
  8. Spooks are fun to use and easy to make. here is how I do them. These spooks are AYC , 7-1/2 " x 1-3/8" Diameter and will end up weighing a little under 3 ounces. the 1st two pictures show how I through drill. In the Third picture you will notice the drill is offset about 1/8 ". This is the key to a spook. If the nose loop not offset drilled you might as well say "Howdy Partner" As long as you drill the tail 1st and then chuck the tail your drill should intersect the 1st hole. I use a 3/16 drill on the the tail a 1/8 on the nose. Here you see the through wire inserted I trim the nose and tails with a band saw and sand smooth. I use 3/16" SS pop rivets for the nose and knock off the head for spooks or darters Because I used a 1/8" drill on the nose I now can countersink it with a 3/16" bit just the depth of the SS pop rivet. This will give it a shoulder to rest against and the loop will not pull through the wood like they tend to do on a darters sloped face. I just use a metal V block to drill the belly hook and weight holes. One day I was playing around with a half set cup of epoxy and stuck a foam brush handle in the center of it. After it set up I got to looking at it and decided it would make a good jig for locating eye holes. As long as the diameter is the same as the plug you can insert the handle in the belly hole and flip to drill both eyes. I gave them a couple dips in propionate Installed .200 in the belly and .400 in the tail primed and took for a swim. tail is just below surface and water level runs through the eye and the nose loop is just above the surface. Works amazingly well with my 9' St Croix. Some day I may finish them and they will look more like like this.
  9. That's an old Walker Turner driver lathe. I have one a little larger. They have double row bearings front and back. I would suggest checking and cleaning and re-lubing them
  10. If you look at the early spooks you will find a low line tie. I would argue anything else is a spook by another name lol
  12. Speaking of blow up's any one heard from Tharsheblows ? I'm kind of worried that he might not have quarantined it in the box for 14 days or whatever the virus's lifespan is on Antimicrobial Silicone
  14. Tom must have been too busy on his YT channel ..............
  15. Petrolisthes cinctipes maybe
  16. Murres or Sooty Shearwaters. Some kind of small bait anchovies or krill. May not be anything under them but not bonito for
  17. Speaking of lottery.... What are the chances of F&W seeing a Federally Protected Endangered species being removed from the water never mind hoisted by the gill plates ? I'm glad I didn't post my picture with it on the internet.....
  18. When you get a prescription the dr should include your Pupillary Distance on it. The nose does not lie in the center of your pupils always. If it does not you will need three measurements. Pupil to pupil, Left pupil to nose and Right pupil to nose. A ‘single’ pupillary distance number is the distance in millimeters between one eye’s pupil to the other eye’s pupil. A ‘dual’ pupillary distance number is the distance in millimeters from each eye’s pupil to the center of your nose. A single PD will be just one number, while a dual PD will have a number for each eye, marked ‘right’ and ‘left’. (Some prescriptions may have ‘OD’ for the ‘right’ eye, and ‘OS’ for ‘left’ eye.)
  19. See post 6 Noob.....
  20. It's called sonoluminescence. Mantis Shrimp use this every day. What's there to understand ? template/Real World Examples of Sonoluminescence.html
  21. lensesrx is where I have been getting mine for 9 years or so. Like everyone says, know your numbers and have a current prescription.
  22. Fixed it for ya