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  1. You should edit the title of your post to " Warning for PM buying with Paypal Friends and Family payments".......
  2. Early Europeans said you could walk across the river on the backs of the salmon and not get your feet wet. Early Europeans also said if you sailed west you would sail off the edge of the earth..... He's out there fishing salmon six months of the year. He wonders why the salmon are declining. Most people don't know why salmon die after spawning. Cause they don't eat. I guess he don't know either. Someone tell him that “Essentially many of the activities that operate in immature salmon to allow them to maintain their health, grow and mature are turned off after maturation, and without maintenance they pretty rapidly ‘fall apart’.” OMG I can't watch any more of this Water District Commercial
  3. We used to have a lively forum when Cal Caster, Theresheblows, Letthemrun, Castbeyondthebreakers, Cancelled Caster, Alvey Caster, California Caster and Queerqueg were around but you guys complained too much and made Tim get rid of them. Now you are complaining about needing new blood. lol
  4. Just google White lead pigments for sale. Don't eat it, it does not impart knowledge as paint chips used to do......
  5. Ill bite. Leader it ??
  6. Wanna Race ?
  7. LS 69 Gliders Chuck Carlow Put a wanted post in the BST
  8. The only other thing I have to say is ...... WTF are they going to need an alignment for ?
  9. That shop has a major press if they re-arched the springs to begin with. Pressing bushings out and back in would be a cakewalk for them
  10. All things are "possible" some are more possible than others......
  11. You have 2 front bushings and 2 rear that come with the shackle kits that's about 150.00 in parts maybe less
  12. Famous like Forrest Gump ?
  13. Looking at the wiring job I'm not sure I want to know .....
  14. I have been noticing a lot of the new guys have been breaking the rules lately. With that in mind we wish to remind you all that if you post finished plugs.... and then state " I am going to test swim them this week, I sure hope they swim " you will be placed in Manzi's custody for reeducation and that's not going to be pretty.....
  15. Bunch of east coast meow meows.......... (P.U.S.S.E.Y.s)
  16. He is still conferring with his top adviser .... and Corn pop speaks slowly
  17. kalin's triple threat crappie wire keeper jig 1/16 # 2 and 1/32 # 4
  18. Zman headlock jigs
  19. I love your humor ........ Crustaez with a natural Presentation. I can picture perch slashing through schools of
  20. That leaves letemrun out......
  21. It means getting more line on one side or another.
  22. If that 1:30 guide was at 12 or 10:30 the line would tend to pile up on the left. If you continued the guides fro the 1:30 position in the clockwise direction the line would want to pile up to the right. What more can be said..... lol