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  1. Good luck
  2. Nothing is guaranteed
  3. You are wrong. You need to read the whole section starting with Title 14, § 29.80 - Gear Restrictions for Recreational Take of Saltwater Crustaceans (a) General Provisions. (1) Saltwater crustaceans may be taken by hand.
  4. Just be aware that since the emergency regulations were adopted the Method of take has been changed and other appliances was removed. Note the absence of the words "or other appliances" in the 2022 revised rule. 2018. Gear Restrictions. Hand-operated appliances: Spades, shovels,hoes, rakes or other appliances operated by hand may be used to take sand crabs and shrimp. 2022. Gear Restrictions. It shall be unlawful to use anything other than the following hand-operated devices to take sand crabs or shrimp: spades, shovels, hoes, forks, rakes, devices that use suction commonly known as slurp guns or clam guns, or rigid pipes used to prevent the collapse of holes when digging for sand crabs or shrimp. It shall be unlawful to use any other devices to take crabs or shrimp, including any hydraulic devices.
  5. What do you want boss ?
  6. 40NLD2 Several ways to Sunday
  7. It's just the kids college fund
  8. "when I get to RI I’ll make a few casts tomorrow and report back." You will be making history my friend....
  9. If you do decide to refinish it I would strip it first.....
  10. No one has ever fished one like that..... Let us know what you find out
  11. What would make you think they are not a gamefish .... Asking for a friend
  12. Ain't going in pipes with that handle on
  13. By that time California will have outlawed ammo.......
  14. Nail heads showing.....
  15. Meanwhile off to the side, the smash and grabbers are loading their black bags and running out the door...... Yup Cali justice
  16. If you get a couple 5cc syringes you can drill a hole in the top of the hardener and epoxy bottles. this serves as a port to withdraw the amount of epoxy and hardener you need while allowing you to get the exact volume. It also serves as a place to store the syringes. Much easier than trying to pour out a exact weight,
  17. No it didn't I was just perusing Kamala Harris's reading list and noticed a link to the thread. little did I know that I would stumble upon someone complaining about a high speed reel. Normally not a big deal unless you want to make a big deal out of
  18. This thread should have been titled "Abu Garcia Mag reel Owners Issues"
  19. Shimano 2014 Super Aero KISU Special SD 450g *Gear ratio : 3.4:1 *MAX Drag (N/kg): 19.6/20 Most don't have drags....... Kisu are small
  20. If you follow this advice just make sure you are not observing a bunch of guys that just moved here from the Mid West..
  21. To answer your question on paint. Krylon Fusion
  22. Cool.... Now how about some striper recipes ?
  23. Turn them inside out and fill with water. Pour in a can of Aluma Seal Stop Leak in and you are all set..... BTW If you got your money back you didn't get scammed