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  1. Blue and white offset is Chuck
  2. It's obvious Bill..... You got the line on Seriously check the bail. They can have a large effect on the line bunching at top or bottom
  3. Thieves are inherently dumb. Confuse them...
  4. Heavy on the Blacks
  5. Great post by CastbeyondtheSidelines........... formally known as
  6. Yes and it was fortunate I did. As you know the overhand knot is the one Cal Caster used when attempting to fish the Farralon Islands. And while the Hopkins did fly for some time it was attached for a somewhat lesser time. In fact a time only measured in milliseconds. ( I may be over estimating here ). I would also submit that in judging a man's words, you must examine them to the fullest. Thus I enter into the record the weight selection chart for the hammered Hopkins derived from The Wayback Machine website for 1980. I report You
  7. No not a God. I think he was the only graduate of Cal Casters Special Education Salmon School
  8. If you want to catch a salmon in the surf near San Francisco use a Krock or a Castmaster and cast at the bait. If your very lucky you may catch one in your lifetime. Don't forget to release it if you leave the treble on those lures. You could try bait under a float at the pier at Horseshoe Cove. That's a 1/4 lifetime spot. If you want to cut the time down from a lifetime go to Benicia and cast spinners off the bank. None are impossible but some are improbable
  9. Scope was the brand name. I have seen reference to 2 models 781-011 and 781-010 both in 3x-9x40
  10. The true story "behind" the legend..... Unfortunately he had not noticed the gull standing in back of him flying off with his anchovy firmly gripped within his beak ++ and off into the sunset it flew. Thus this species was named " the Laughing Gull "
  11. Some of us have
  12. Covid victim, soon to be Democrat voter........
  13. Alvey....
  14. Speaking of blow up's any one heard from Tharsheblows ? I'm kind of worried that he might not have quarantined it in the box for 14 days or whatever the virus's lifespan is on Antimicrobial Silicone