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  1. No sense of adventure ?
  2. Wings and an ancestor with Billy-goat heritage. Bugeyes and heavy Hairraisers preferred
  3. No fish in the canal ? A famous West Coast lure builder and fisherman extraordinaire has this to say on FB " I will not fish the canal. Canal is like fishing a aquarium, every novice pulls a pb from there." Are you guys sure there are no fish ? lol
  4. Probably better of with 1322 at 1-5 oz if your going to do any bait fishing although if this is a first rod there are cheaper options to experiment on. lol
  5. You never fished till you fished the
  6. We were up in that area around the 1st of May. Next time Fixter and I are up there were going to have to pick your brains for rockfish spots that old folks can navigate
  7. You just need a 2.250 Braid spool. lol
  8. See above ^
  9. Those wavy lines are a pattern used on the 4-5/8" South Bend King Andy Lure introduced in 1951 and gone by 1953. Hook placement wrong. Maybe someones copy
  10. I think you need to look farther north most of the local tribes used reed I believe
  11. Take it It's yours.
  12. What year is it Mike I might be interested
  13. History And Status of Introduced Fishes In California, 1871 – 1996
  14. Damn that was nice of Shannon to let you hold her fish..........
  15. Well its 3 years later and they are back at it trying to get rid of our stripers. “THE LAST STAND” ATTN: ALL BLACK BASS, STRIPED BASS AND OTHER NON-NATIVE SPECIES ANGLERS!!! MUST ATTEND EVENT JUNE 12th 8:30 am to 4 pm Commission Red Lion Hotel Redding 1830 Hilltop Drive Redding, CA 96002 Last week at the Wildlife Resources Committee Meeting the department of fish and wildlife and Commission decided to push forth thru the committee to REPEAL the STRIPED BASS POLICY from 1996. Second to ADOPT the NEW DELTA MANAGEMENT POLICY which calls for strict protections for salmonids and listed fish only! This is the first step for removal and destruction of our delta bass fisheries and more! If repealed and adopted it will allow the commission to direct the department towards INCREASED bag limits and REDUCED size restrictions! We need your help to attend this meeting and speak your voice to continue the STRIPED BASS POLICY of 1996 and protect this fish and our industry. There will be no more protections for Stripers! We will be announcing 3-4 locations with PAID TRAVEL BUSES to help get people to the location in Redding! These locations will be Martinez, Rio Vista, Sacramento and Yuba City/Colusa areas Item 9 on the agenda 9. DELTA FISHERIES MANAGEMENT POLICY Today’s Item Information ☒ Action ☐ Discuss a draft FGC Delta Fisheries Management Policy and potential repeal of FGC’s Striped Bass Policy. Summary of Previous/Future Actions  Delta Fisheries Forum May 24, 2017; Sacramento  WRC discussion Sep 20, 2018; WRC, Sacramento  Further WRC discussion Jan 10, 2019; WRC, Ontario  Today’s discussion May 16, 2019; WRC, Sacramento Background FGC adopted a Striped Bass Policy in 1996 focused on restoring and maintaining striped bass for recreational fishing opportunity (Exhibit 1). In Jun 2016, FGC received a regulation change petition from the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta and others requesting to increase the bag limit and reduce the minimum size limit for striped bass and black bass in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) and rivers tributary to the Delta. The expressed intent of the petition was to reduce predation by non-native bass on fish that are native to the Delta and are listed as threatened or endangered under the federal or California endangered species acts, including winter-run and spring-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley steelhead, and delta smelt. While the petition was formally withdrawn prior to FGC action, FGC requested that WRC schedule a discussion to explore the issue more comprehensively, including a review of the existing FGC policy. WRC directed staff to hold a half-day forum focused on the State’s vision for managing fisheries in the Delta for the benefit of native fish species and sport fisheries, implementation of the State’s vision, and soliciting stakeholder input on potential actions FGC could consider related to this topic. Held on May 24, 2017 in Sacramento, the forum was publicized and open to the public. The forum included a state agency panel discussion, an overview of FGC’s policies and regulations for sport fisheries in the Delta, and a full group discussion. The discussion included two presentations by representatives for the original petition, consistent with direction provided by FGC. One of the recommendations that emerged from that forum was FGC adoption of a policy for fisheries management in the Delta that would provide science-based guidance to balance native fish needs with sport fishing opportunities in management decisions. The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta offered a proposed draft policy which, together with stakeholder input, formed the basis for the initial draft policy. At its Sep 2018 meeting and again in Jan 2019, WRC discussed the draft policy. In Jan, WRC directed FGC staff to review the comments to date and suggest revisions to the draft policy; those revisions are shown in the staff-revised draft policy in Exhibit 2, along with explanations for suggestions not integrated, for discussion today. Item No. 9 COMMITTEE STAFF SUMMARY FOR MAY 16, 2019 Significant Public Comments (N/A) Recommendation FGC staff: Review staff-recommended changes to the draft policy; solicit input and provide direction for any further revisions; and provide an opportunity for public review and input to refine the draft before WRC advances a recommendation to FGC. Exhibits 1. FGC Striped Bass Policy, adopted Apr 5, 1996 2. Draft Delta Fisheries Management Policy and response to comments, revised May 3, 2019 Committee Direction/Recommendation (N/A)