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  1. 3M Auto Glass Urethane Windshield Adhesive Next
  2. In short it says Fa-Q Doo Doo
  3. If you are quick you can grab it on facebook.....
  4. The only time was when I hired that crew of Mexicans...... Never again....
  5. They say 14k without Sudsy's discount........
  6. Screw warranty's and durability. Would you use one to power your aircraft ? Well being out in the middle of the pond in your boat knowing no fire extinguisher can put out a lithium battery fire would give me pause... Despite the many advantages of lithium-ion batteries, a significant safety drawback is the possibility that these batteries can overheat, catch fire, and cause explosions. Fires involving various lithium-ion battery products have increased at an alarming rate, resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities
  7. I sent him a PM which he has not looked at yet so here are the measurements. they are 3' high
  8. Be back home Tuesday and will let you know then
  9. Ya I was trying to give you a break on the shipping by eating the 7.00 (It costs 17.00 to ship) so I don't think so. It's tight everywhere
  10. Judging by the amount of interest you can at least field a Korfball team
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