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  1. So far this thread has answered two of mans most vexing questions 1. Is there such a thing as a stupid question...... 2. Is there a difference between a Coat and a Coast
  2. So were having a Coat Hat Fling Cool
  3. Watching contrails in the sky Watching TV on a windless summer evening
  4. Really ? I mean we have a lot of Mexicans in California.....But they have a lot more In Baja
  5. Well they could be shortlined........These guys lie. lol
  6. True it is a Striped Bass...........False that it is raised in the ocean in California. There are no Ocean farmed Stripers in Ca. Santa Monica Seafood gets some bass from Mexico ( Baja California) and the rest of their Wild Stripers are Longlined off the Virginia / Maryland coasts
  7. Ya sure you betcha
  8. http://sloaterosionob.******.com/2010/04/meeting-anouncement-dpw-update-on.html
  9. prononce lol
  10. They normally don't waste time on small time abusers
  11. Good going Kev
  12. Or an AK
  13. What's the matter Never see a chimp with genital warts ?
  14. Plenty of perch around and a few small stripers If you like mercury you came to the right place.......enjoy
  15. Folks have you ever considered the effects of fishing in the Mercury laden California fog ?