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  1. Considering this interview was in 2015 I'd say you were on to something lol
  2. You can add a device by either pig tailing to another box or using a duplex box. The question is, are there already a max number of devices on that breaker. If so you can't.
  3. Lying Linesider as Donald calls him. But, but, but He heard it on the internet, lol
  4. In a word Hellno. lol
  5. Cat eyes were Guzz's thing you pilfered. I'm offended you even mention them. lol
  6. I get it. Your the type of guy that dumps it out the window at 65 mph Cause he likes to see windshield wipers working in his rear-view mirror
  7. You guys really have ice back there ? I've only seen it on TV.
  8. If your going to pee into a bottle in the car and have it leak. You might as well just pee on the floor.......Wonder no more. lol
  9. I beg your pardon. It was not a 1/16 over 9 3/4.
  10. Well done Multi. See what a little encouragement can do for ya. Even put them on a cutting board this time. It just goes to show you that excuses like " the water is too rough or Cold or to warm or the structure is gone are just that, excuses. Special shout out for braving the Pier cause even our resident Sumo (BigNevadaBob ) seldom goes without a bodyguard.
  11. OMG ! No there was no change to the structure. Its just the same as it was in 2016. Nice Patio Perch BTW. Do you mind me asking, Did the person that gifted you the salmon in June provide these scrawny specimens ? lol Oh ya, Welcome. You can forgo the requisite joke
  12. Google silicone seal gaskets amazon. you will probably find a size to fit
  13. I'm not touching that one as a courtesy to a family oriented site. lol
  14. Woodfold Corp is a source for better accordion doors. Hardwood, Vinyl, Aluminum. We used to use on some elevators
  15. Only if you put something close to their mouths