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  1. But you have to take the mask off to toke up. Doesn't that defeat the purpose ? lol
  2. Braga Bridge
  3. #1 advice............Let the paint dry for at least a month before going into commercial sales. Lol
  4. Ray also collects Japanese flotsam and jetsam
  5. To find out "What am I missing" just slap on three ounces and give it a rip. Most likely you'll find 4 to 12 "
  6. Like a Little Chief with a hint of diesel. Lol
  7. I'd check. Website says What kind of fish can we catch? We fish for salmon, halibut, striped bass, sharks, bat rays, ling cod, rock fish, and dungeness crab
  8. Google Varmac Chrome Reel Seat with Ferrule
  9. They will repair any panel for 15.00
  10. Tom's like a cop in a doughnut shop. As long as no one reports a crime he's going to ignore them. Lol
  11. Those Chinese bodies we gave you came out real nice. I hope you sealed in the PCB's
  12. That would put a lot of high priced lawyers out of business
  13. You should know where this is
  14. Cause your going to be spending considerably more time in Walmart than at the beach