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  1. Has anyone compared the saltwater Edge to the NRX in 8 to 10 wts?
  2. Has anyone been to and compared the DIY opportunities on North Andros and Long Island?
  3. Hey mightyrime in reading your Laguna report and recent posts I noticed you offered a SA 10wt Tarpon F/I fly line. Is there any way for me to buy this line from you given I do not yet have priveledges on the BST forum?
  4. Thanks guys. Larry has just gotten my wife's attention. While the spotty distribution of redfish would be a challenge to wading, the presence of alligators, no matter how shy, has taken the DIY without boat option off the table.
  5. Thanks for the insight Ted
  6. Lower. Also, Can these expansive flats be surveyed for fish from a road or shoreline?
  7. Thanks for reply. Is there an optimum place to stay for access by road to the best flats?
  8. Anyone do a DIY wading trip for reds?