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  1. I’d be interested, have any old run mag darters?
  2. What’s the weight?
  3. I put a strip of tape and a bit of mono on my x series 150.
  4. I could be bangin fish everyday cast on sp’s and mag darters, Throw on a mag minnow and it’s like there’s no fish there.....
  5. Used is fine, thanks.
  6. I’ll admit I skimmed it, I bet the charter guys will lose there SH$& over it with the amount of business they would probably lose.
  7. Anything’s a step in the right direction I’d say Tim.
  8. I guess I’m a little traumatized from a time I decided I wouldn’t need my loaded Cordell and sure enough fish breaking 20 yds past my cast and if I had that plug I would have had fish for now I cram 3 plugs in every tube( will admit It did get frustrating untangling plugs in October when I was on fish but it was so cold my fingers weren’t working). I try and have 1 of every thing I think I might need ie.... a big topwater, a small topwater, a big swimmer and a small swimmer and so on.
  9. I’m definitely someone who carries way to many plugs!
  10. Mass should adopt the rules that are lined up for Virginia.( Thread in the main forum).
  11. Rather than buying the lower quality reels every couple years invest in a VS, You can get a great deal on a used one in the forums if you keep an eye out and you’ll basically only be paying double what you would for the other reels but get a product that will last a lifetime if it’s maintained.
  12. Wonder if anyone modifies an sp to wake like a Redfin and still have the castability?
  13. That works for me.