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  1. USPS: 9505511241381049470337
  2. Yes I’ll get that to you ASAP it went out yesterday, sorry I completely forgot last night.
  3. And I can send you specs in the AM as far as measurement.
  4. Thank you.....I will package the rod up tommorow morning and get it out hopefully tommorow absolute latest thursday....and I will get you the tracking...... PayPal: shoot me the shipping address please.
  5. Alright I’ll do $400.00
  6. Ive had this sitting for awhile so I would counter with $430.00 just because of the cost to ship the tube will be about $30.00.....hell of a deal for this rod.
  7. You got it, pm on the way.
  8. Unfished condition, $30.00 shipped USPS priority mail.
  9. You got it pm coming.
  10. Price drop to $500.00 shipped usps.
  11. You got it, pm coming.
  12. $28.00 shipped usps priority.
  13. $48.00 shipped takes the lot.....USPS priority..........
  14. I’m in MA an the rod throws good all around I’ve used everything from guppy pencils to sp minnows to smack it poppers to smaller bucktail’s......I will have to get back to you for the builders name but I found him through this forum. I am willing to ship.
  15. Yes and also helps a lot if you pair the rod with a BS/ZB Reel to use as a bit of a walking stick while wading.....