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  1. John are you still on active duty or in the Reserves, if you are you want to look into fishing 4th cliff in Hummerrock, its owned by the military, you must have a military ID to fish this area, I fish it at the start of the season, lights out and it for military only:) let me know if you have any ?

  2. That’s how I started too,Livelining pogies and herring with the old guys on the pier.....I learned more from from them than anyone else and honestly I would fish with them even though I knew I could do better in other places because of how much I learned from them..........we did some big bass too......Very fond childhood memories.
  3. Let’s just say I know if I swim a mag darter on the edge of a bar and even if it’s slow I can pick fish all the time.....and a guy shows up with a Kmart special and guppy sr pencil he caught bass with in the canal during a blitz but he’s trying in the Boston area because it’s closer to home...........I’m not gonna risk letting that guy know how im picking fish up here.......Let them throw they’re 9” pencil and go fishless. I put in too many years to let some guy hop on my back and get on the cellphone and crowd up the spot I found.....I also run into a few anglers each year who I can tell are “serious” and I share info with them and I enjoy it because they RESPECT the sport like I do and provide good company......John
  4. I see it more times than you would
  5. I’m in view of the Boston skyline so there aren’t many places to go without bumping into someone lol, I also saw a insane amount of googans this year......I guess that canal bite got em all interested in the sport.....
  6. Since I’m primarily fishing Boston Harbor from shore I like to keep the area’s that I can reliably catch fish to myself or my tight network of Surfcaster friends.......In order to do this even if I’m on a hot bite I will pack up and leave or fish like an idiot if another guy shows up. I do this because we all know how packed places can get and most of these areas are right under peoples noses and they have no idea how to fish them, especially in a close proximity to the city.... There are even certain areas that I won’t fish in the day because of the view from the roads......Am I crazy?......John
  7. I joined In 2013 so I’m very late to the
  8. I used to fry em up myself they are great.....Also good grilled.....Bass love em chunked or livelined as well.
  9. That’s understandable.... In 2014 we had a crazy snapper run in Boston Harbor and I remember seeing a very “diverse” group of people keeping buckets full Day after day....easily thousands kept a day from castle island was as easy as throwing a little spoon every cast almost.........But per usual no enforcement of regs.
  10. Why anyone would need to keep 10-15 bluefish is beyond me.........
  11. Closing this
  12. I’ll take the top silver plug for $40 shipped.......Shoot me a pm with you’re PP addy.
  13. Thanks for showing the plug but I will pass.
  14. That’s good.......They literally just didn’t show up one year and haven’t been present since 2013 with any consistancy from shore in the Boston Harbor. Before that I could catch blues everywhere.