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  1. All the bass I used to keep(fully C&R now) has green crabs in em.
  2. Also curious....
  3. What kind of shorts do you wear?, I usually just use old gym shorts but I’m looking at something a little more quick dry and I would appreciate any recommendations, thanks.
  4. I’m not pretending....those pesky bass just keep getting in the way of the elusive blue! I play by the rules.
  5. So I could be trying to catch “ bluefish” but be catch a releasing some bass instead?
  6. If a moratorium were placed on Striped Bass we could still fish right?, so long as it was C&R. I catch plenty of river herring as bycatch when jigging macs and I throw em back so if I’m correct a moratorium would be great wouldn’t it?
  7. Can’t beat the little feather jigs on panfish and really anything predatory in my opinion.
  8. I’ll grab this.
  9. Length?
  10. I’ll pass thanks for the reply
  11. Wha What’s the length?
  12. I’ll take it pm me
  13. I’ll take the bigfish, it sinks right?
  14. Read the most important fish in the sea......
  15. Dope pm me you’re info and I’ll get the PayPal out