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  1. ~Price Drop $35 shipped
  2. 2 penn conventional’s and an abu Garcia kingfisher…..all mechanically sound and come spooled…..the two conventionals are a made in USA 309 level-wind and a made in USA Long Beach…..the level wind is spoiled with lead core and backing the king beach with mono ….the handle on the kingfisher is damaged but otherwise is mechanically sound……$40 shipped usps takes the lot…….thanks for looking.
  3. You get them……thread closed.
  4. Price Drop~$35 shipped takes the lot….usps.
  5. *each spool is partially used* I used to top off my inshore combos with about half of a spool of powerpro with mono backing……should be about half left on each spool….I don’t need them so figured maybe someone could use them……thanks for looking. $40 shipped for the lot.
  6. Price drop $40 shipped usps priority.
  7. Both in good working order ….one reel is penn 309 level wind made in USA and the other is a penn Long Beach 60 made in USA……levelwind is spooked with leadcore and backing and the long beach is spoiled with 30 lb mono……$50 shipped usps priority for both reels….thanks for looking.
  8. Sorry I’ve been away for about a week……if you can wait until next weekend when I’m back in MA for me to ship you got it.
  9. Could you do $28 shipped?…..the shipping runs me $9-$10 for a flat rate priority box.
  10. Yes it is.
  11. Works fine….great little reel asking $30 shipped usps priority……thanks for looking.
  12. One reel is a 309 level wind and the other is a Long Beach 60……asking $50 for the lot shipped usps priority. Thanks for looking. Both function fine and the level wind is spooled with leadcore.