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  1. Honestly in the Boston area I catch 5 times as many fish as I used to but they average 15”-20” or so.......the 30”+ fish become scarcer every year. And I haven’t caught a bluefish in over 5 years and they used to almost be a nuisance....I don’t know what to think anymore.
  2. Sad to say but I think the canal getting closed would be a good thing.......let all the googans/ Instagram spot burners have to work for a fish or study some water and tides etc...and most of em will be done as quick as they came.
  3. I can’t stand how many more guys I see fishing across Mass......obscure spots I never would see a soul at now get flocked....And god help you if someone sees you catch a fish! social media has really jacked up fishing. I can’t imagine being local to the canal and having those hoards decend upon me,I think I’d rather not fish.
  4. Happens..........
  5. I picked up his blueback and skipjack pattern dart this winter and it looks sick, they cast decent as well.
  6. Love Alan’s and I just picked up a 5” rg in the bst that I’m looking forward to fishing.
  7. Probably has to do with the types of water I fish, usually nothing more than 8-10 feet on the flats using long fan cast’s to locate fish, I might give em a shot almost using them like a vertical jig off some piers this year.
  8. Looking for the more natural colors, thanks in advance.
  9. I’d also like to add that I absolutely cannot seem to catch on rattle traps or any other lipless cranks in the salt.
  10. I’ll take it for $34.00 shipped, sending pm, thanks.
  11. Open to any color, thanks in advance.
  12. Bass is missing a fin
  13. 100% every time I see boulders, moving water or a submerged tree limb(freshwater) I can’t help myself.
  14. I usually toss schoolies if they’re still green just because I figure it’s better to just get a green fish back in ASAP and save the revive for worn out or bigger fish.