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  1. A lot of these fish are coming in hooked in the “face” rather that the mouth so now that I think about it they are probably turning last second......also they’re mostly rats.
  2. This is so frustrating and it’s happening a lot lately to me, Only with the mag darter though. I lose 2 bass per bass I land and I checked the hooks and they are sharp, I backed of on drag during the fight and I’ve began giving a good 2 or 3 good pumps on the hook set which has helped a bit but not much.....anyone else have a similar issue?...thanks, I’ve honestly never ran into it before.
  3. Honest to god I haven’t seen any blues over snapper size in the Dorchester Bay Area of Boston harbor in 5 years.......we used to have so many they were a pest, it’s a little concerning.
  4. how do you do it?.......looking for the best way.
  5. I personally can’t work a pencil with a high speed reel......
  6. Will pm shortly
  7. Respectfully offer of $32.00
  8. I was thinking that some of the freshwater bass crankbaits in a Shad pattern would be decent.
  9. Thanks again for the replies, do you find a m Re immitative approach works best or throwing a standout type presentation that catches the fish’s eye?
  10. Thanks for helping me out, anyone use albiesnax on bass?
  11. Every fall I have swarms of these around me and tons of bass on em, My approach is usually a tin or a pencil, Which does do alright but I feel as though I’m missing out, How do you fish bass that are basically just inhaling micro bait is my question?
  12. Looking for some of these to use as teasers
  13. Anyone got any info, just heard about it.
  14. Offer 25 shipped for blitz seeker if you’re like to split.