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  1. I like it a lot actually, but it has some quirks which can be remedied. I know some had issues with the prop spinning, I have not yet but I know they have fixed the issue with a pin, so at least theres a solution. I did have some side to side movement, just added an extra washer to the pin that secures the drive and now its rock solid. Lastly the rudder is on the smaller side so turning radius is not super tight. Ive seen guys attach cutting boards to the existing one or just make there own, but it hasnt really bothered me enough to do it yet. I dont know how it would hold up to someone who goes out a lot, but for the few times a month I go its more than enough.
  2. 40 with a pescador pilot purchased when they came out a few years ago. I dont get out on it nearly as much as others in here, but it serves its purpose. Had thought about upgrading to a hobie but prices will keep me in the pilot for the foreseeable future.
  3. Closing this to try elsewhere
  4. I also just picked up the nomad mid length. Ive been using a cheap $20 cortland net I got at the fly fishing show years ago, but now that I mostly fish with trout speys or euro nymph rods the extra length handle makes netting much easier. I too keep it on my belt, I tried to get the fishpond holder but no one had one in stock so I grabbed the umpqua version. I just attach a lanyard to it in case I drop it so it doesnt float away.
  5. Ah bummer just realized I didnt add that. Thanks just updated
  6. Purchased these together about a year ago, never used. Going to stick to my climber. All straps and harness included. 3 30” sticks $175 for everything. Located southern nassau county Long Island
  7. I actually got out to colorado springs when I turned 30 (same wife) and fished with anglers covey, I believe it was cheeseman canyon I fished? I remember turning into Lake George and driving up the dirt road. It was awesome and a driving reason I wanted to get back out west, but I had only been fly fishing a couple years at this point so it was more of a vacation with the wife than a fishing trip, so I only did a half day wading trip. Another place Id love to get back to and just wander. The managers at the lodge in MT said they didnt have any bears down where they were down in the valley, maybe it changes when it gets cooler.
  8. Pics don't even do it justice. What was a place I thought Id maybe see once, I already warned the wife Im going to make it a bi-annual trip. I want to rent a car and explore other areas, or even head south into the top of Wyoming.
  9. Yeah I sounded like the typical New Yorker "Hey moose, HEY! HEY! STAY OVA THERE!" So long as everyone knows where everyone else is and we don't spook each other all is well. Very cool sight though.
  10. I can relate, prior to covid I could head to roscoe or to the housatonic/farmington during the week and maybe Id see 2 or 3 other people the whole day. Now its pretty much packed whenever I get up that way. Its a big reason I started fishing year tound, to try and avoid some of the crowds. I actually prefer the smaller stream fishing. I really enjoyed meandering around behind the lodge in late afternoon fishing all the little different cuts and off shoots, I can only imagine getting to hike in or walk along up into elevation for the feeder streams, maybe one day if I can get back Ill rent a car and try my luck.
  11. Yeah the people driving my shuttle were saying how crowded its getting, around 35k in Bozeman. I said you could take 35k out of my town and you wouldnt even notice. But even long island now is way more crowded than when I grew up, so I can only imagine how it must seem to them.
  12. Similar, Ive always talked about getting to Montana so she wanted to make sure I got there, 3 little kids makes it hard to get out normally so Im very grateful.
  13. That's a bummer. May have just been guides choice? My guide was a kid from jersey who moved out there a few years back and basically lives out of his truck, and we threw streamers the entire time hunting for biggins. I threw hoppers at night, river was low while I was there, super easy wading and warm enough that I just borrowed boots and wet waded.
  14. Wife gifted me a surprise trip to madison valley ranch in ennis MT for my 40th. 2 days guided and then self guided at night before dark on the Madison river behind the lodge. Cant recommend them enough. And yeah, Montana lived up to its hype.
  15. Sold to kevinj.