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  1. Sold to Liam Ha for $320. Thanks Liam and Thanks SOL. Thread closed.
  2. Can you meet me in the middle at $320?
  3. Sure. It’ll take me a little while to free up from my wife.
  4. I believe that it's pretty much right on but I really haven't fished it that much and not at all on the low end. I was fishing 3 or 4 plus cut bait.
  5. $390.00. Only used a few times, all but new condition. Payment via PP FF only. Not interested in any trades. UPS Ground Shipping included.
  6. By hand, the rotor on my upgraded 150 doesn't flex any more than on my Saragossa 6000. It's difficult to say for sure, but I think it actually flexes less.
  7. Mine looks wavy to me. Thanks to all!
  8. I tried comparing but I still can’t tell.
  9. Regarding the VSX2 rotor replacement. Does anyone know how to confirm that you have the upgraded rotor and are they replacing the entire rotor or just the line roller assembly? I just received VS150 X2 back and I can't tell what was replaced.
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