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  1. Sold to fish-on. Thanks fish-on and SOL!!
  2. Sold to fish-on pending payment.
  3. How bout splitting the difference at $275 to help with shipping and PP?
  4. Price drop to $300 shipped with PP.
  5. Have you found one? I have a new one that is only about a month old. I haven’t used it yet, but there are a few scratches on it that I noticed have I got it home. Due to the warranty I was going to sweat the scratches.
  6. Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf TNBA30-335G - 2 pc 50/50 11ft 2-8 with case - Like new, used once or twice. Very versatile rod, just not fishing enough to keep it. See excellent review in the link below. $325 shipped with payment via PayPal.
  7. Sold to Joeuns. Thanks Joeuns and SOL!
  8. I’ll post one as soon as I’m able.
  9. Sold to Joeuns pending payment.
  10. Thank You. PM on the way.
  11. I’ll post one as soon as I’m able.
  12. Sure. I’ll give joeuns a bit to respond.
  13. Would you split the difference at $215 to help cover PP and shipping? Thanks!!!