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  1. Hopefully TD is well on the road to recovery, but they may have a way to go. I was hoping that this post would be dead by now. Maybe I shouldn't be piling on, but it seems to me that more than some of the issues have nothing to do with the new system. I'm sorry, but short shipping without notifying a customer, is human error. Not returning phone calls, human error. Not returning e-mail messages, human error. If the staff is overwhelmed dealing with the fallout from the system change then it should be all hands on deck (management included) and temps should be brought in or additional people should be hired.
  2. For what’s worth, the guy at my local tackle shop thought the new Lexa would be out in September or so and that it would worth be waiting for over the current. Some attempt at sealing to match the Tranx?
  3. Yep. I love SFT. been going there for years. The deals at today’s big event weren’t quite as good as I’d have liked, but there was a good crowd. Ish was a cool dude. He talked up the Daiwa Lexa and I might have bit if they would’ve had the 300. The 400 felt too big. Mike helped me and I ended up with the Tranx 401. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Jason, but I really need to learn to how to catch Smallies since I live so close to river so I might get him or Mike to take me and my grandson out.
  4. LOL. Even funnier after hearing the the details. Thanks for your quick response. So it looks like I'm going for the Tranx. Now I just have to decide which handle/gear ratio. I may even pick it up tomorrow since tomorrow is BASSAPALOOZA at my local tackle shop - Susquehanna Fishing Tackle. Store wide sales, door prizes and a chance to fish with Ish Monroe, Russ Lane, Shaw Gribsby or Jason Shay (I never heard of any of them, but I guess they're big name pros. One of the owners competed in the Bass Master's Classic. I hope it doesn't take me too long to learn how to use a bait caster. Oh and I keep forgetting to ask you if you used the weights or took them out or actually did change them depending on the reel. Thanks again for all of you help. I'll update you when I get a chance to start using the rod.
  5. Scoobydoo - After reading your reply, I checked out the Revo Beast 40 and the Concept Z3 since I had no idea what they were. I decided that I had enough spinners and really should consider a baitcaster. I have never owned one, actually, I've never had a reel with level wind. I used to have an Avet SX and a Penn conventional, but never really got proficient casting them and eventually sold them. I checked out the Tranx 400 and the Daiwa Lexa WN 400 and watched your video (Thanks! Great stuff). I eventually (not sure why it took so long) came across your making snow video and was impressed with the distance you were able to get with the Concept Z3. From an earlier video it looked like you weren't too impressed with the Z though. So all this leads me to ask, would you recommend the Z3 over the Tranx 400 or Daiwa Lexa. Obviously, you get good distance and like the Z3. What ever I get I will also get a conventional rod to use on my paddle board or on my occasional party boat or charter boat adventure. Thanks!
  6. Don't overlook bass rods. I caught my first fish in the surf, a fluke, with a Loomis SJR783-2 GL3 (6'6" 3/16 - 5/8 8-15 lb) and a Spheros 3000. Up until that point I was mostly a trout fisherman, so I did what I knew how to do, slowly drift bait with split shot. In this case I used a bloodworm and retrieved it slowing through the surf next to a rock bulkhead. I've been hooked on surf fishing ever since.
  7. One thing for sure, as a result of this thread, I'm afraid to order anything for now.
  8. I tend to agree. I only used it one or two times and it's been a couple years, but I was throwing from 3 to 6 (max) and a clam. It was great for where I was fishing in North Wildwood, NJ - a gradual sloping beach where a bit of distance was needed. If I recall, it was set up for a VSX200.
  9. Cool. Thanks for looking.
  10. Fuji TKBAG Titanium Alconite Guides. Not quite sure about price, in part because I don't know how much it will cost to package and ship. It really is a nice build. And I only used it a couple times. The pictures aren't the best, but they might help.
  11. I have a Breakaway "11 9" custom built by Nick and a Rainshadow SUR1266F RX7 custom by Dreamweaver Rods. Both are spinners and both are in great shape shape. Unfortunately, both have my name on them. I wasn't planning on selling, but I might depending on the offer.
  12. Will do. I'll have fun comparing. The way you described it, sounds like it's easy to cast like the St Croix's. I prefer a slower rod especially for bait. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your impressions of the new St Croix's.
  13. Thanks scoobydoo! I went for the 11 footer. When the price dropped from $320 to $304 on a certain website, I just couldn't resist. It's interesting how the price went up to $412 shortly after I hit the button. Even $412 isn't too bad given the list price. I'm sure I'll be trying all of my reels. There is something to be said for having an ultralight set up especially for plugging, so I may stick to the VR50 or a Stradic with lighter line for lures. I like using heavier line and the lighter reels don't quite have the capacity needed. I used to have a 10'6" 1-4 Legend with low-riders, but sold it and went to a custom 10'6" with K guides, it's just can't handle the weight I need for bait. And I do have the 11' Legend with low-riders, but it's still does quite handle the weight needed sometimes and the longer top section is a pain to transport. I was always able to get respectable distance with all three of them within their range. I don't think I saw a big difference in distance between the two 10'6" set-ups. Thanks again!