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  1. Payment received. Thanks Recoil Rob and thanks SOL!
  2. Sold to Recoil Rob pending receipt of payment.
  3. Sold to Short Cast. Thanks SC and Thanks SOL!
  4. Sure. Sounds good. I'm PMing my e-mail address for PayPal.
  5. How 'bout $300.00 shipped with PayPal? It is a beautiful custom build by Dream Weaver Custom Rods. First or second generation (St. Croix couldn't confirm as it was purchased when they were phasing out blank sales). Fuji Titanium Alconite K Guides and hook-keeper. The build is top quality, the wrap looks great and it only weighs 9.75 oz. Unfortunately, it has my name on it. Price is negotiable within reason. As the original St Croix decal is on the rod, it is my understanding from a conversation with St. Croix that I had when the rod was built that the blank carries a lifetime warranty. I sold two similar rods to "Blank Disc" in September, check with him for a reference is you wish. I can PM more pics if you wish. Thanks!
  6. I have a really nice custom but unfortunately it has my name on it. A custom sock is included. Please let me know if your interested.
  7. Where are you located? To better cover shipping and PayPal would you split the difference and go $375?
  8. Yep.
  9. Price drop to $475.00 shipped within CONUS and payment via PayPal.
  10. Price drop to $400.00 shipped within the lower 48 and payment via PayPal.
  11. Sold to ChazerOne43. Thanks! and Thanks SOL!
  12. Unfortunately, you're just a little bit too late. I sold it to ChazerOne43, but thanks for the offer! Dan
  13. Where would it be shipping to?
  14. Unfortunately, I can't go that low and still cover shipping and PayPal. I would be willing to split the difference though. How 'bout $175?
  15. St Croix Legend Inshore 7' MH Spinning Rod LIS70MHF, 1/2 - 1-1/4, 10 - 20. - Very Good to Excellent Condition. Retailed for $350 new. The Legend Inshore Series preceded the current Legend Tournament Inshore, but is very similar to the current series with St Croix's SCIV graphite and FRS, IPC and Art technologies. The guides have zirconia rings and titanium frames for corrosion resistance. I've cast slighted above 1-1/4 with this rod and it handles the 1/2 nicely. $225 shipped with payment via PayPal.